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  1. YandereKermit

    Tips for the USS Dallas

    From what I've been seeing, IFHE is insane with 152mm guns! Thanks a lot!
  2. YandereKermit

    Tips for the USS Dallas

    I will definitely keep that in mind (even though I still have no idea how HE penetrations work).
  3. YandereKermit

    Tips for the USS Dallas

    Thanks for the reply, turns out my captain only has 6 points The skills I am currently taking are Priority Target, Adrenaline Rush and Demolition Expert, not sure if they're the optimal skills but oh well. 14 points captain sounds like such a long grind for me haha.
  4. YandereKermit

    Tips for the USS Dallas

    Hey everyone, I just started playing this game and I've fallen in love with the American cruisers. However, while the Phoenix and the Omaha have treated me well, I've been struggling with dealing effective damage as the Dallas. I really enjoy the dpm this ship can pump out, but the range of 14.3km is a bit too short against tier 8 ships. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, YandereKermit