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  1. CPTKushi

    How to stop getting Premium Time

    If 30 days premium is the worst you have to worry about then you're doing pretty good in this world!
  2. CPTKushi

    Random Prime LOOT Drop in!

    I got 9k dubs, slot and commander + the 5 days, already have Atlanta and Alabama
  3. I think Eugene would be a good captain.
  4. CPTKushi

    Does Viribus Unitis need buff?

    I did a secondary kill on a DD in mine
  5. I enjoyed it even more when they introduced deadeye.
  6. CPTKushi

    Windows 11

    Free? More free stuff! When will it end. First free stuff in WoWs, now Microsoft is giving us a free OS upgrade! I like free stuff.
  7. CPTKushi

    Mod cheat..

    :Pratt is my nemesis, that guy makes my blood boil whenever I see him.
  8. Didn't they do an NFT for their last 24h stream?
  9. CPTKushi

    Why spend money on containers?

    So you paid money for those containers or did you perhaps receive them for free?
  10. CPTKushi

    Anti Torpedoes' Incoming?

    seaQuest DSV had its torpedo interceptors. Maybe they could add them somehow?
  11. CPTKushi

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Wasn't this at 17% earlier?
  12. CPTKushi

    ichase is gone now too?

    Jingles is live on Discord, confirmed as leaving
  13. Wouldn't WG have to pay a huge amount of money to license anything Olympic related? Or be a sponsor of the Olympics?