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  1. Royeaux

    Marine Corp Birthday Patch

    I wasn't curious. I was following up on your comment that the CAF has gotten pretty much zero recognition.
  2. Ise did have dive bombers and did deploy them on an assault on Task Force 38 which had 17 Carriers within it. "Surviving Japanese pilots returned with tales of a stunning victory. It was reported that practically the whole U.S. Third Fleet had been sunk and that the American carrier force was left in shambles." -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formosa_Air_Battle#Aftermath The reality of the situation was of course very different and most of Ise's strike package was wiped out.
  3. Royeaux

    Marine Corp Birthday Patch

    Google says RCN is a Cable television company as the first result too.
  4. Defending does not seem to be an optimal counterplay. Nobody wants to just be a target.
  5. Royeaux

    Marine Corp Birthday Patch

    It doesn't even get recognition from google, the acronym brings up the Confederation of African Football.
  6. So I'm guessing standard Destroyer operation procedure against a BB wont work. But whatever the correct procedure would be, I don't know. Especially with Kearsarge coming out and perhaps the Tone in the near future, what is the counter? What are the counter measures? Would there even a chance to practice against one when there's no guarantee you'll ever face one with RNG MM?
  7. The best way to counter a ship is to actually know how the hull type plays.
  8. I think Hybrid Battleships should not be premium exclusive, since it creates a blind spot in a game where most players can't learn how to play and counter an entire hull class.
  9. Royeaux

    New ships (Dev Blog)

    The real USS Kearsarge was a weird Battleship with doublestacked turrets.
  10. This game used to be called World of Battleships. I don't think the players were wrong for not wanting to play Destroyers since they were objectively worse ships than everything else, but that does not make it the player's fault for Wargaming's balance decisions. Player's shouldn't have to force themselves to like the Destroyers back in the Alpha. And I can't agree Destroyers hold back the game, because who would want to play a ship with no advantage against any other hull type apart from maybe speed?
  11. It sounds like a problem of they failing their job in the first place, which of course will put any decision in contention with the community. If Leonardo da Vinci marched into the Louvre with some paint and started "fixing" the Mona Lisa, of course it's going to provoke a reaction. People react for a reason, I think it's wrong to blame people for reacting.
  12. But has not the actions of Wargaming reflected that verbal contract for the past 12 years? Ships like the Imperator Nikolai I were not immediately nerfed to fixed the problem, they were removed from the shop.
  13. Then why did sub_octavian say Wargaming generally would try to not nerf premiums as a policy? Was he a liar? And why have so many Premiums not been nerfed if he was lying about Wargaming's general approach?
  14. From what I gather, it's always been some form of informal gentleman's agreement that was never on paper. Nevertheless this was the guiding principle within Wargaming since maybe 2010? The idea that Wargaming would generally not nerf Premium Ships has existed for a considerable amount of time.
  15. I've seen many discussions lately about the change in policy when it comes to nerfing Premiums. For context: Now I've seen some that have pointed out that it was some kind of moral failing on part of the players for accepting Wargaming's policy of not nerfing Premiums. That Wargaming's policy was always impossible to begin with and that players were entitled for accepting it. But this policy was not set by the players, it was set by Wargaming according to Sub_Octavian, so I was wondering if players consider the policy of not nerfing Premiums as some kind of original sin by the developers. Did you guys on the forum always have issues with this policy and wanted it revoked so that Premiums could be nerfed? Was there always a large player movement to remove this policy in World of Tanks all these years too? Was freezing premiums always a mistake?