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  1. Hellroach

    Yamato Secondary Build

    If you get the secondary specced skills and modules, they shouldn’t be primarily for brawling(due to her ingame cheek weakness). I’ve got a fairly secondary specced Yamato with 10.6km secondaries minus Manuals, but I took BFT AND AFT with the secondary module to slow down DDs from closing to guaranteed torp range and to somewhat augment my AA. The secondaries are fun to chase and harass people with, but if I want true secondary battling, I’ll take a far more useful ship.
  2. Hellroach

    Potential huge change to commander skills

    And thusly do the Ägir and Siegfried get shafted due to being “not Scharnhorst and Gneisenau” under the cruiser label. What a way to kill my desire for them. At least the Smol and Colbert aren’t going to be such long range firehoses any more if this goes through. I do note that most of these new skills are effectively our signal Corp getting hold of our Commander training book and sharing the magic. In fact if I have a 21pt Commander on a ship, I do t think it’ll be worth it to equip those flags, unless the resupply cost is, you guessed it, doubloons. Looking back at the firehose comment above, anyone ready to freak at the fire starting potential of the pyro gang? Especially look in the Battleship section for how other arsonists will get buffs to the HE spam towards Battleships for negligee returns to AP damage. And torpedos will again become true nightmares, especially when dropped from above with the CV skill that subtracts 15% from your total defenses. Have 20% reduction in Torpedo Damage? With this new CV skill, congratulations! that number is now 5%. BTW, the skill “Threshing” is across the gunboat skills. Who puts IFHE on their BBs and gets worthwhile returns at the cost of half fire chance? Adrenaline also got a seemingly useful, but really trash upgrade since it now buffs AA similarly to gun reload the more damage you take. When it hits worthwhile damage percentage increase, isn’t that when nearly half the AA is gone from a ship? Overall, this seems like too much overhaul for too little gain. My prediction for this IF it goes through as shown, is that we’ll be reliving the complaints of the CV/AA rework over this. At least CVs might be dropping useful fighter cover.
  3. Hellroach

    ST 0.9.9; New permanent camouflage for Bismarck

    Lacks proper golden decor and skulls to be proper Gothic. The Imperium would like whomever designed this to speak to their local Inquisitor or the nearest Commisar of the Militarum for assignment to th nearest re-education encampment.😉 In all honesty, I want to withhold judgment until the economic numbers and hit box for the cathedral is shown. If the camo where no original superstructure existed is effectively a hologram and all shells that pass through do no damage, I can see people getting it, and many people raging in the forums about no damage over pens to the superstructure as they watch their shells go to church. Is this a subtle statement about the Church Militant, and if so where’s Roma’s new camo to display her Miter?
  4. While I see both sides highlighted, I more lean towards the latter opinion. Mercenaries may be something Wargaming will force on us, so I’d say might as well work on drafting the necessary legislature to moderate it. For the lower leagues, especially the bottom level, I say let them come in. It can be a great way to both get a decent player in to boost your play while also acting as an in-field recruitment pitch to join your clan. However, once the Clan reaches the lower half of the upper leagues, such as Typhoon, then Clan Battles MUST progress with CLAN MEMEBERS ONLY!! In Squall and Gale, Mercenaries can be recruited, but at cost to the actual Clan members earnings, and in Storm, Mercenaries can only be recruited after a certain time of Clan Battle segment has passed, and there must be a limit beyond what Wargaming institutes for who can be “recruited/hired”. These are my thoughts on the matter, and others may have better. Might as well speak out as an affected member by these proposed changes to help refine the end product.
  5. Hellroach

    Time To Step Up WG

    The problem that Wargaming made with having any CVs in the game is that they gimped the CV players by stripping the selection by half, then reinforcing that reduction and stale gameplay with the intro of German and British CVs at those SAME tiers, made AA nonsensical that people can’t really tell WHEN it works to the point many say it doesn’t, then made HE spam so necessary to get proper damage done-both for yourself and when you have a CV-, that while AA can still be a factor for ships that group up, HE spam forces the players apart lest they get hit by crappy dispersion making the incoming shells hit unintended targets, and the last CB season made CVs look utterly OP by blowing through AA specced, coordinated battlegroups for multiple runs, so with multiple CVs in a match, of course they are depressing to face, made all the more apparent when they invest their attention to particular people/areas for the game.
  6. Hellroach

    What is happiness?...

    When CV has a good strike lined up one me, only for it to either get blapped, or be “just dodge”ed. Playing the British CLs like DDs in CQ fights and watching people freak out. During last CB season had a match after getting my Mino where I was last man alive on my team and still had over 1mill tanked with several Stalins and support focusing me. Happened a while back, but had either a Henri IV or a Saint Louis ground himself on an island as I charged him in my Yamato, do a paint scraper torp dodge, rammed him, then proceeded to pull a consecutive drive by on a buddy of his with another paint scraper torp dodge. taking my Clemson into Tier IV CV fights and dodging their strikes. Getting those airplane kills with Japanese nonAA boat DDs.
  7. I’m kinda pissed that they(and the designers IRL if this is a true paper design) gave it the stock Izumo triple 155 secondary placement. If people thought the Izumo’s third turret was badly placed, at least it has decent firing angles over-the-shoulder and can fire forwards somewhat. If the centerline 155 starts firing, I hope that whatever it’s firing at is broadside to you, because looking at its placement and the hull design, if it tries shooting forward, it’s at a prime “Shoot Here for Citadels!!” bow in/angled position for any red player ahead of it. At least with Yamato, Izumo, and Shikishima they don’t have quite as easy a tell for when cheek shots are open as this thing is shaping up to have based on the mockup hull delivery. If they’d put that centerline 155 in the front above the super firing 410, slid the back superfiring 410s into its place, this would be quite the powerhouse, even with any armor/dispersion nerfing due to layout and almost everyone who acquires it would have fun with it IMO.
  8. Hellroach

    Nelson - Worth it?

    If you’re okay with being mobile and adhering to the British BB playbook, Nelson is a true beast. Her AP is overmatch accepting with its 406mm caliber, and her maximized Fire Chance is a lovely 50%. However, she needs her necromantic level heal because she is comparably cruiser level in armor, and she is just faster than CO. So long as you know your ship well(I recommend several battles in either/or Co-Op or Training Rooms for this purpose), Nelson is a really fun ship to play. Unfortunately against her, she is a VII, and will be most frequently mid or bottom tier. If you have the chance, get the higher tier ship first, then grab the lower tier, even if the lower tier promises more enjoyable play. Right now, having a higher tier vessel gives you the better position to adjust to the frequent changes the game brings because of the higher stats. If advancing through the Tiers isn’t as big an issue for you, then by all means, forgo the higher tier ship, and grab the one that you feel is more your style. After all, we can only advise here. The decision is entirely yours.
  9. Hellroach

    SC reward

    While I do congratulate you on your score from the SC, a part of me can’t help but cuss over your good fortune. Over the last couple of SCs I’ve gotten, it seems that WG needs to perhaps take a look at “personalizing” the SCs for randomized gain. Meaning that if I, for example, choose to select a container bent towards a resource gain as opposed to flag/camos, if I gain a randomized SC, I will gain a more resource friendly crate than say getting 100 Juliet Charlies. Those 100 flags are most definitely welcome, but it does feel slightly cheating to not gain even 400 coal from a resource selection and instead be granted flags. That actually happened my last Super Container, and it seems like something that could be looked at. Anyone else feel similarly, or is this more of a thing for me?
  10. Hellroach

    1,000,000 xp on shimakaze

    Personally I’d like there to be a system for XP accumulation where it gets allocated first towards your hull and such upgrades, then to your Commander as supplement Commander XP, then once he reaches 19pts, it goes to the bank as free XP. Now I totally understand this would NEVER get implemented because it would cost WarGaming more to create such a system than they’d get back for it, but to compensate their loss of revenue, it’d be an easy and simple fix to adjust the prices of Doubloons and Premium Ships to compensate, and make the grind that much harder. So all in all, it’d be a very consumer friendly system, but very charitable in the worst sense of the word for a business. And it’d make everyone’s head spin wondering why the hell their ships don’t show accumulated XP, until they look at their captains and FXP banks.
  11. Hellroach

    Gun Sounds/Ricochet Reverted back to old?

    The new sound effects for shell impacts IMO do provide me a service since I’ve ground out the British CL tree, which only uses AP for those who don’t know(but I wouldn’t understand WHY you wouldn’t by now), as it helps me fine tune the longer ranged shots to avoid nonpens/bounces hitting turrets and side plating at too acute angles. In general, I can see how it may be distracting for some players, but when those sounds can mean the difference between rapidly honing in on a weakened enemy’s vulnerability and calling off the attack as pointless, it does help immensely. At least thus far the sounds of impact are the same irregardless of caliber. Can you imagine the different sounds smashing players ears when they get hammered by light caliber guns, medium caliber guns, large caliber guns, torpedoes, and rockets all coming at once? That amount of sensory overload would do more to hurt the player base than the current system of differentiating bounces, nonpens, full pens, and citadels. But then again, this is a simulation/game. Imagine if you will how that above description of sensory overload might be welcomed if we were actually on those boats and the sound of shells in flight could be the difference of life and death? We got it easy, even with the current game. Perhaps we should complain less about the small stuff that matters little.
  12. Hellroach

    US Battleship split!

    Just based on the information given in the article, and knowing that this is “new” and “subject to change”, I’m hoping the speed stats are stock, that turn bleed off will affect them minutely, and that there is an upgrade for them. Additionally, again basing this on knowing these aren’t supposedly final numbers, even if the outer plating is only the dreaded full 32mm, hopefully these things have some of the most “RUSSIAN BIAS!!!! PLZ NERF!!!!!” level armor for their belts, citadels, and turrets, meaning they only really are damagable via regular pens while Cits are only dreams for the opposition. We also don’t have any real information on the upgrades for these ships as we progress through the grind, so the horrors of the given numbers may be resolveable. Their secondaries also don’t have any accuracy or RoF stats given, so it’ll be a toss up if they have the Premium US BB secondaries ala MASS, GEORGIA, and OHIO, or the boring secondaries of the tech tree. Additionally to all this, we don’t have much if any info if they’ll get preferential treatment to their consumables. Unlikely, but possible to make them more palatable to those players who don’t click with the Standard Doctrine that Tier 3-7 plays. I have little hope that these won’t be HE farms with their broadside firepower being their only positive feature, but as these are WiP, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel.
  13. Hellroach

    So Puerti Rico Hate

    Puerto Rico has been ingame long enough now and is relatively balanced enough that with its Dockyard fiasco over, and so many new things to gripe over, players only really give minor grumbles over players who have it. I personally have it, but I haven’t played it since the last Clan Battle season, and even then it was until I was able to get the Stalingrad that I used it for its Tier X +1 turret Alaska style play. For a few weeks after getting Stalingrad, I seesawed between them, but now if I want to take a Tier X large/battle/super cruiser out for a spin, I take Stalingrad for its better dispersion and bow tankiness. But despite having a close cousin of it to play with, I don’t take it out much because I’m spending far too much time doing Research Bureau grinding, which Puerto Rico is almost less than useful for. Thus, as a proud owner of the controversial Dockyard prize, I feel that many other owners and random players would agree that Puerto Rico is just one of many issues WarGaming has thrust upon us, and as it is in the past, we don’t really have much to gripe about as we brace for the next crapStorm headed our way. All in all, it’s a balanced Tier X cruiser that only really has a controversial debut to make it memorable. All that’s left are memories.
  14. Hellroach

    USN BBs

    The Americans used to have a gimmick called “God Tier AA”, shared among their cruiser lines. Alas, they have been “balanced” with the CV and AA overhaul, so now they only have their Super Heavy shells to ensure their broadside alpha strike is still worth something. Until Tier VIII, they also have the unique speed disadvantage that if a div took the time to hone their sailing, could bring to light just why the American BB line was known as the “Standards”, with their uniform speeds and steering. Unfortunately due to the passage of time and a need to introduce new, exciting differences between the BBs of the nations, America has become the tired but true workhorse with nothing truly spectacular, but with reliable numbers. While some nations rely on their gimmicks to truly be effective: Russia with their balans gunnery and armor, Germany with their secondaries and armor schemes, Britain with their heals and HE, France with their speed and unique gun caliber and placement, etc. America has enough guns to hurt whomever they face, enough AA to make them fairly unappetizing to CVs, and decent enough handling to dodge what they can’t tank. While the other nations are becoming renowned for their gimmicks, America still stands unaided.
  15. Hellroach

    Yamato's Secondaries

    I have Yamato, and have specced her mostly for secondary work, but honestly, the secondary buff is well... secondary. I’m running her with both BFT and AFT primarily to buff her AA to decent levels thanks to the CV & AA rebalancing, and the additional increase in Secondary performance comes as an amusing side effect. I do run the modules slightly for secondary buffing again, but mostly enough that if a DD pops around a corner or gets lit by Radar, I can be alerted to the threat, and return to my original target. The range I have on my Yamato is 10.6, which is very good, but as far as IFHE goes, I had it before IFHE got tweaked, and pre-change, it was hilarious to watch my damage numbers tick upwards. After the change, I removed IFHE from my build, and focused on range, RoF, and increasing my fire chance. While I’m sure my build isn’t optimal, it is still useful, and a hilarious change of pace to watch as people react to a Yamato playing VERY aggressively, much more in line with German BB and the occasional Kremlin play. So many people are used to having Yamato be used defensively and far back lest they get cheeked, so when I take my Yamato for a countercharge, I more often than not will see the shock and consternation as my secondaries open up from extreme(read-GERMAN) ranges, followed by the 460mm guns lining up for high number, close range brawl shots.