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  1. Hellroach

    Your thoughts on the Puerto Rico

    For me, an owner of PR(First Dockyard vintage) and AK, the closest approximation I feel to how they play is much how Iowa vs Montana play. Yes, Monty takes a notable speed nerf to Iowa, but otherwise, the differences closely mirror how Alaska and Puerto Rico play. Alaska is an incredible Cruiser at Tier, and she has the bonus of getting to see Tier VIIs occasionally, unlike Puerto Rico who will more reliably see Tier IX as bottom Tier, and also face the Supership-TierXI-whatever boats. Both Cruisers are near equally tough when you take the time to learn how to pilot them and learn their armor angling, and both offer practically equal team utility, meaning that getting the additional rear turret doesn’t hurt/alter play style very much, unlike some lines that could be mentioned. When I first got her, she was new enough that during CB, she was a definite choice to bring over DM, despite DM’s monstrous RoF. It wasn’t until I got Stalin that I found a possible contender for non-BB BB substitutes for competitive play, and even in Randoms, PR was a joy to sail. While 12inch guns are in an awkward niche of performance for the game, PR’s extreme utility in offering Radar and Hydro, while maintaining a serious flight hazard and decent tankiness, makes her in my mind, one of the best Large/Super Cruisers in game, despite all the new kids on the block. Much like the American Line, while there are others who are flashy and have cool toys to wow you with, PR, and Alaska at Tier IX beside her, offer little more than reliable, consistent performance. Just take the introduction slow, but that Ship will carry you through thick and thin. I can’t recall the ship disappointing me, and any major damage I took was based on my misplay, not any fault of the ship. While I don’t spend much time with her, whenever I do get the chance, she makes it worth the memory.
  2. Noting this wording in particular, it looks to me that the old hated Ops, like Newport, will see an influx of VII&VIII’s participating, which might make those Ops a bit more bearable. If this isn’t correct, then back to the normal WG promised “X”, but added issues “A-5” instead pessimism, I guess.
  3. And I agree with your concern of “Here and Now” versus “overarching” scheme of things. As for my suggestion for the AA tweaking, it was meant as a start and foundation that players would note as different from before. If for some odd reason my basis were implemented, if DefAA were to remain, rather than having a damage boost, I’d personally have it as a tightening of the AA accuracy rates. So say Atlanta has a 85% rating for her long range and flak, a 90% for her short and midrange AA. With DefAA, I’d expect especially for her being an AA barge as best remembered(not so much now in-game), her accuracy would jump by 10%, perhaps with a flak damage boost similar to what currently is in-game. Unfortunately, with the mantra of “The First Strike always gets through!”, this does mean that the base AA would need changing. My expectation to make it “Fair”, would be to have a similar regenerating resupply of AA mounts that trigger when their range groups lose mounts. For the Plane Regen deal this new AA would get would prioritise short to long, especially since a 50cal or even an Oerlikon 20mm is much easier to haul out of a storage locker and replace than a Bofors 40mm, let alone the 5-38 main guns. My reply got kinda off topic from your issue, but overall, while we both agree that AA needs some change, I’m firstly looking for a workable base to start from. The forum has plenty of people with opinions, and the majority of the forumites are as clever as they are numerous. LWM has plenty of data to back up her statements/claims. I don’t, but I can follow most trains of thought without significant derailment.
  4. One of the big things I’ve always wondered about AA mechanics regarding the same gun on different ships, for example the Bofors 40mm. Why does the Texas have such lower values on it when the Iowa has the same guns, regardless of twin or quad mounting? I’ve personally felt that just have a base damage stat per gun type, say 100hp blasted per tick per Bofors cannon, and with the accuracy limitation decreasing the higher tier the player progresses. Thus, when the player gets access to certain AA elements, they can more easily discover how well certain guns performed within their caliber bracket. So sticking with the Bofors 40, after having the comparable mess the 1.1” guns they replaced, suddenly the AA stats jump and they player gets a feeling of boosted power against the flying menace. Sticking with the two previously mentioned ships, say the Texas has the Bofors in twin mountings, doing 200 damage per damage tick, but limited at TierV with a 60% accuracy rating. Those same guns at TierIX on the Iowa are doing 400 damage as quads rather than twins, and at the improved 80% accuracy. This would give the player a definitive feel of agency against CV squadrons as they can do easy maths to decipher just how much damage they’re doing to the planes. With the 5-38’s for the AAA, it can be the same style of maths, and in regards to flak, the accuracy of the guns would also determine with the missing percentages just how far away from the squadrons they’ll aim, rather than always directly in front of the CV’s squadron’s projected path so the flack would hit squarely amidships, so to speak. I’m not sure how easy it’d be to implement, but with fixed numbers for damage with Tier scaling accuracy, I think it might go some way to equalising the Surface vs Aerial war we’re in now.
  5. Hellroach

    Yamato secondary build: Change my mind

    I’ve played Yammie both as a SecSpec and as a mid-long range fighter, and she’s currently(since several patches back) best suited for stand off gunnery play. She’s an accurate BB, especially at her outer reach, and since she has the weird cheek vulnerability she is best played keeping the reds at arms reach. Personally, I never ran the optimised SecSpec like with GK on Yammie, just enough to alert me at the near max Secondary range when someone was approaching. Thus, my Secondaries could startle the oncoming red, and alert me to their approach so I could make the decision on if I should turn the 46cm mega blasters on them. Now that I have Shikishima, I’ve moved the Secondary Speccing to her since she has Secondaries that can be useful, and Yammie can be the Marksboat she’s supposed to be. Of course, if charging in Secondaries blazing is your thing, do it and what are your teammates gonna do about it? They wanna play sniper Yammie, let ‘em, with their own Yammie. Your Yammie is yours, and they can’t take it from you.
  6. My big concern, especially for the DDs with DPMBs, is how to implement this potential third ammo. Would it be in an additional slot ala Gold ammo in WoTs, or as a consumable? I’d guess it’d be readily available as either consumable or ammo type more than as an upgrade, just because the Gold ammo of WoT is just too easy for WG to bring about. Having the Gold ammo of WoWS being “effective AAA” would certainly tempt many players to acquire, and would fit WGs business operandi. As a consumable, not easily profitable, nor as an upgrade, even if most of the player base would fork over money for the doubloons to rearrange their upgrades. I, along with so many of the forum posters, have many ideas that would likely be welcome to alter the AA-CV dynamic to maintain fairness and fun, but knowing WG, it’s hard to believe any suggestions would be taken seriously if they can’t literally cash in on it. Regardless, thanks Lady Mouse of the Maple Leaves for all your work, extensive politeness online(even if your Khornate Canuck tendencies may demand compensation) and I hope to see what you and all others come up with in civil discussion here.
  7. Hellroach

    US BBs: Worthless?

    Minus having useful secondaries, the American Battleships are possibly some of the best Battleships in game because they have the least gimmicks to lean on, and while not the most flashy, their performance is some of the most steady. Of the American BBs, I only lack KANSAS in my inventory because while I play the 8s and higher most, I feel comfortable in near any of them, with minimal change in play style regardless of either commanding a Standard, or FBB. The only issues I have with them, are the new members of the Battleline with the unusually punitive 40sec reload, regardless of caliber, and even with those crippled ships, I feel disappointed in their performance thanks to the reload, but otherwise have no issue. Their armor is appropriate for the most part or tier, and while some have guns that are finicky at times, they perform quite well, if quietly. As many would agree, the American BB line is the old workhorse of the nations, not impressive by flashy options, but they are still Ol’ Reliable. The only REAL way they can be improved in-game is to have secondaries that can pen any superstructure or DD extremities they’ll face-or have better fire chance, something I’m sure the Mediterranean Nations(France&Italy) would advocate for if only to share the same pie.
  8. Hellroach

    Yet Another AA Post

    Since this is related to a question I’ve often wondered about, since the Preussen and most every ship in it’s battle range have DP secondaries or MBs, does taking the MB module over Sec/AA health provide any benefit to the DPMBs over the same weapons in a DPSec location, or would it be better to take the health over the module toughness? I recall being in the same position a while back, while AA was still potentially viable to build on, in a Fletcher where only my DPMB was my remaining AA after some HE spammers took offense to my denial of their CV attacking nearby allies. I’d ask this here since the sheer viability of building survivable DPAA is being discussed, and while it hadn’t been broached yet, many DDs share the DPAA guns that BBs mount, merely the DDs have them as Main Batteries rather than Secondaries, unless you’re the ballsy Haida, crazy Canuck she is.
  9. Hellroach

    Thoughts on Depth Charges

    In my personal opinion concerning DCs, if they were to get a reticle, or at least a “minimal launch/deployment range” marker, it should go to the forward launching ships. Every other DC equipped ship just drops practically off the stern with their launchers, then rolls off a few for good measure. The high tier Swedish(as prime example) on the other hand, they launch out around a quarter to half klick ahead of the ship, and with no learning change. It’s closest to going from Colorado to NorCar in terms of gameplay adjustment on the player’s end IMO. Having spent so long getting used to a rather homogenous play style that barely changes from Tier 3-7, suddenly having the speed and turn radii of NorCar can be jarring and lead to misplays simply because of the Tier change. With the Cruisers and BBs having the air strike ability, it’s so comparable to torps that using them is fairly straightforward. There’s a minimal activation point that the player needs to be careful of, and a max range that “technically” doesn’t match the port stats listed for the ships since it marks the closest point of the DC run. But overall, very similar to near identical use as torpedos. CVs, they have enough battlefield control that they don’t need DC bombers on top of their air wings, especially since if they spot a sub, everyone else will do the CV’s job for them. Of course, taking time in Co-Op or the training rooms to get acquainted with the DC system aboard your vessel should be the priority if the player isn’t certain how it’ll play out, but if WG does decide on reticle-ing Depth Charges, they should go to the Chaser types first rather than the rest.
  10. Being in the “Same Boat” as the OP, I figure them much the same as having both Vittorio Veneto and Roma. Effectively the same ship, just with differing ammunition choices. If having SAP rather than HE makes you happy, then VV/MP is the ship for you. If having big HE shells is your thing, but you have an aversion to the Royal Navy, Roma/GV have got you covered. Both versions of the Hull have minor differences to help with making sure each plays uniquely to the other, but if you have a dearth of Commanders, bouncing one from one to the other won’t change up playstyle enough to matter.
  11. Hellroach

    T9 Italian BB first impressions.

    Unfortunately, the Italian BBs aren’t in a very good position right now because much like the Germans, they’re built around close range engagements and brawls which runs counter to how the game is pushing players to interact. Unlike the Germans, they didn’t have a pre-rework heyday where they could be competitive, and the Italian secondaries -in particular the 90s- are insufficient for brawling properly. When the Italian Battleships do get good games, they’re phenomenal. Unfortunately due to their stats, such games are hard to come by on a regular basis. I do have both Lepanto and C.C., and they are good ships, just in my mind not really good like the non French Allies and the Japanese ships. The French and Germans are better than they were, but as far as Battleships go, the Italians have the overall worst lineup. If the Italian 90s got a small buff -either artificially increased pen like the Japanese 100s, increased fire chance and explosion blocks, or increased AA range- then I’d consider them a much better ship overall, compensating for the absurd inaccuracy of their big guns. The Italians got a lot going for them, but right now with the current game mechanics, they just aren’t quite good enough to be LittleWhiteMouse “Gudboat” classification in my mind. TLD;DR- the Italian BBs are good, just not good enough in current gameplay in my opinion.
  12. Hellroach

    What's the best AA ships for their tier?

    For a [edited] and giggles answer on which ship has good AA, anything not yet hit by HE-especially British HE. For realsies? CVs have some of the most reliable aura numbers with practically from the first ship in the line having both enough guns to matter, and a 100% hit rate. Few other ships have this level of aura DPS, and the ones who do usually don’t have enough raw damage output to make a noticeable difference unless another “strong AA” ship is nearby. Unfortunately, strong AA is only a factor up to the first three air attacks, regardless of what’s looking at you, because after that, you’ve either run to a blob of AA aura that can protect you, or you’ve been subjected to enough HE bombardment that most of your anti-air is already stripped that could make an appreciable dent in the oncoming air strike. The only way to have “strong” AA at this point is either to not get hit, or have WarGaming institute regenerating AA guns.
  13. Hellroach

    Dutch cruiser drogue chute delay is too long.

    Honestly, having the Chancellor’s meme boat “Dew Itt!”, and having gotten strikes off against mobile and stationary(or close enough) targets, the drop is best served against mobile targets in a similar way to torp spreads by herding the target to favorable positions and angles. Either, they risk the insane bomb drop and fires, or angle wrong against incoming AP/torps. This new air strike consumable has been proven similar to radar best used as a Div weapon, meant to scare the target into favorable positions for your Divmates. Sure it’s punishing to campers and the predictable unaware, but if care is spent on timing and small scale mind reading, even mobile targets are up for grabs. My biggest issue is honestly getting the distance of drop from target down, not from the bombs taking too long to fall.
  14. Kaga, with Saipan plane health, German skip bombers, German secondary range, dispersion, and pen. Nelson with Sinop outer, German inner armor, and Gneisenau 128 secondaries. Asashio with Kidd heal, Le Fantasque speed, Oland torp speed, and Orkan radar.
  15. Hellroach

    WG Take my money! A ship from Mexico

    If she does get the Chopper, will it take the place of Spotter/Fighter consumable, or will it turn her into the DDV we know WarGaming is dying to introduce?