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  1. LOKE1

    Santa Crates...Suck or not?

    I wish I would have seen the video earlier. I'm losing interest in the game. I did buy twenty regular crates and eight mega crates. I received one ship in a crate the viribus unitas. And one in super container which was the california. if I had realized the way the random picks worked I probably would not have spent the money. I play often so I don't mind supporting wargaming but It seems they were misleading.
  2. LOKE1

    Server Crash for Anyone Else?

    Got dumped twice. What a waste of flags
  3. None of this works for me. Just says file not found etc. One would think replays would automatically link and play with all this great tech.
  4. I see now. My clan got knocked down a league. Therefore no steel until we regain the next league again. Thanks!
  5. I'm not sure. I don't know all the rules regarding rewards.
  6. Our clan won clan battles today but no steel was awarded. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. LOKE1

    No More Super Containers?

    I got a SC today with 100 Victor Lima flags. I don't need the flags but it was great to get a SC.
  8. LOKE1

    Bionic Camo

    I have most of the bionic camo in my inventory but I can't seen to get it to the port and attach it to my ship. Figured it out.
  9. The camping and spamming is one issue that may drive me away from WOW. If they don't have a clear line of sight they shouldn't be able to accurately target ship IMO. I would like a touch more realism.