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  1. Rocket_Lawn_Chair

    Can't view submitted tickets, page keeps refreshing

    That did the trick, thank you.
  2. So I recently submitted a ticket about something labeled as "free" actually costing doubloons, the second time this has happened (and before anyway starts to criticize me for "not paying attention", I can assure you that I read EVERYTHING when trying to do anything that has to do with a purchase of any kind), but now I am unable to view my submitted tickets. The webpage just keeps refreshing over and over. I'm concerned that this glitch will cause me to be unable to answer any response to my ticket and I will have lost my doubloons because of the other glitch that caused me to lose them in the first place. So whats going on???
  3. Rocket_Lawn_Chair

    Disappearing doubloons

    This conversation seems to have changed into a contest to see who is the punniest... Personally, I think I should hold my fire so as to not get involved in a war of words... Off course, I wrecken that schooner or later, I will be anchoraged to be knotty and neFERRYous, and will begin to saBOATage all of your efforts by barging in and keeling your puns with my own as skiff I was trawling yawl on porpoise, though it appiers that I've already started... I guess I'm just cray-sea, boat I believe that my puns are titanic compared to yours, although I now sea that I may have gone a bit overboard...
  4. Rocket_Lawn_Chair

    Disappearing doubloons

    Thank you very much for the help.
  5. Rocket_Lawn_Chair

    Disappearing doubloons

    I have never purchased a ship that said it would cost doubloons, as the first picture shows. I'm absolutely positive that I have never purchased a ship that would cost me any doubloons. I would certainly have noticed if it did say so, as I pay very close attention to the cost of new ships and modules to make sure I'm not spending more credits than I'm earning. If it was there and I didn't notice it, I'd still want them to reverse the transaction. In addition, I think they should really put in place a system that will create a pop-up window (in-game) asking for confirmation whenever you try to purchase anything using doubloons.
  6. Rocket_Lawn_Chair

    Disappearing doubloons

    I have never seen any such options when purchasing a new ship. I have been VERY careful about this to prevent this exact problem from occurring. And yet it still happened...
  7. Rocket_Lawn_Chair

    Disappearing doubloons

    Also, where is this additional port slot option? Does it disable the ability to purchase extra slots using doubloons? If so, I have never seen such an option...
  8. Rocket_Lawn_Chair

    Disappearing doubloons

    I think it might be the port slot, I seem to have an extra one now... However I never intended to purchase one and I didn't see any window asking for confirmation of using my doubloons (which there really should be if there isn't already, as that would be a very easy way for someone to use their doubloons unintentionally). I still want my doubloons back, they can take away the port slot. Unfortunately I can't submit a ticket because I use my account through Steam, and I was never asked to attach an email address to my account. I'm currently waiting for an old WoT account to finish closing (an account I created on my iPod, but never used). That account is linked to my only email address, and it won't let me use it for my current account (I'm hoping it will once the old account is officially deleted). Hopefully I will still be able to get my doubloons back and rectify the situation at that point. I also happen to have another issue I want to submit a ticket about...
  9. Rocket_Lawn_Chair

    Disappearing doubloons

    Not out of stock of anything, and as I previously mentioned, I have no premium consumables on any of my ships. I never have.
  10. Rocket_Lawn_Chair

    Disappearing doubloons

    I have checked all of these things, but I don't have any premium consumables or any of that stuff on any of my ships. I just want my doubloons back >:(
  11. Rocket_Lawn_Chair

    Disappearing doubloons

    In the past I had 700 doubloons. Recently I noticed that I now have 400, but I have never used any doubloons to purchase anything. What happened? Can I get those doubloons back since I never spent them on anything?
  12. That's the other problem I've been having. Whenever I've tried to create a support ticket, it tells me I need to login. When I try to do that, it tells me that I don't have an account.
  13. The only air supply container that I have opened was opened before I had finished the first directive, so it can't be the one that I would receive as a reward.
  14. I currently have 290 florins and 39 crowns. However, since you can earn those from battles, I don't believe that those are a reliable way to determine whether or not I received the rewards for the first directive.
  15. I did not get any crowns though, so I still believe that I never received the air supply container, or its contents, for finishing the first directive.