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  1. Iron_Dreaddnought

    LFC - Returning to game.

    Hey y'all, active player coming back after a short break, life and stuff. Looking for active clan to sail with and contribute to. Just thought I would throw this out there to find an active fit. Looking for fun oriented, friendly, J.C. friendly group of amazing people, reach out if you want a new member! Thank you for your time. Matthew
  2. Iron_Dreaddnought

    Can anybody condemn the sinking of Yamato?

    THIS IS AMAZING. A wounded dragon, can still kill you.
  3. Iron_Dreaddnought


    Loving this ship, plays well, deadly smoke and a solid DD! With upgraded smoke you can hire and cover for sooo long!
  4. Iron_Dreaddnought

    Hood: Mehbote Review That Nobody Asked For!

    Deciding weather or not to get this ship, love it for the historical value, thank you for posting this!
  5. Iron_Dreaddnought

    Mouse Spends 8,888 Doubloons Three Times (So You Don't Have To)

    Thanks for this information on the loot breakdown, going to try my luck and see.
  6. Iron_Dreaddnought

    I get Rammed and I get penalized?

    Was wondering this myself, this makes a lot of sense!
  7. Iron_Dreaddnought

    Looking for Clan!

    Hello Captains and Recruiters! If you're looking for a social, active everyday player, I am your guy. Currently grinding ships. Primarily working on BB's. I am on discord and that is a plus, I don't have a mic right now but will fix that. But I can type quick ;) Never clan battled, but willing to learn. So in closing, looking for a casual, fun, social clan that is looking for an active, very committed, daily player. Oh and no drama, i'll leave my baggage at home so we have more room for OIL! DM me. Cheers! Iron_Dreaddnought
  8. Iron_Dreaddnought

    German Cruisers Review and How to Play Them

    Great information on playing the German Cruisers, some awesome tips here! Some good laughs too!
  9. Iron_Dreaddnought

    Interesting HMS Hood documentary from 2012

    HAHAHAHA! That's too funny
  10. Iron_Dreaddnought

    WULUF clan changes hands!

    Take care. Our thoughts are with you and yours.
  11. Iron_Dreaddnought

    Help Understanding how daily missions work?

    Thanks for this detailed explanation, very helpful!