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  1. admiral_kronokrusader514

    Easy dead eye fix....

    Have another idea. Keep deadeye's dispersion buff but deadeye now has the drawback of +100% reload time and +20% turret traverse time. The term deadeye denotes a marksman and to have good aim, I would assume you would have to take time to line up the target
  2. admiral_kronokrusader514

    Get Somers or FDR with steel?

    Neither, I'm a BB main but I am also a collector
  3. admiral_kronokrusader514

    Get Somers or FDR with steel?

    Should I use my steel yo get the FDR or the Somers before it is removed? What are the chances that FDR will get removed in the near future?
  4. admiral_kronokrusader514

    How to change what server you are playing on?

    Ah that makes more sense now. Thanks!
  5. I recently learned that Wargaming has introduced a single game client so you can access all servers in one place, but I don't know how to do that. I tried following the instructions listed here but whenever I click on the account icon, I don't see the list of servers indicated in the picture. I'm very confused. Any help would be appreciated
  6. 1. There should be ammunition capacity like in World of Tanks. Currently ships like Smolensk could just dump round after round of HE with impunity. However, with ammunition limits, rapid firing ships would have to be more conservative with their ammo. Otherwise, they'll run out of ammo towards the end of the battle 2. Currently CVs can have one squadron attack and the other squadrons have to circle around to make another attack run. I think what should be implemented is that multiple CV squadrons can attack per run. For instance, if a flight of torpedo bombers has three squadrons, you can have all three engage the target at once, or you can split some squadrons off so that those squadrons could attack the target from a different angle (basically the ability to do an anvil attack). 3. CVs should not have a factory that churns out aircraft within them. The planes they start out with should be the only ones they have at their disposal. That makes every plane lost really count and forces the player to be a lot more careful with their aircraft
  7. admiral_kronokrusader514

    USS Florida -- Tier VII Premium BB

    What book is this?
  8. admiral_kronokrusader514

    Controls don't work?

    I did. They just told me to send a video replay which I do not have unfortunately and I don't think I can reproduce the issue.
  9. admiral_kronokrusader514

    Controls don't work?

    Ship was still moving. It just wasn't responding to any commands at all
  10. admiral_kronokrusader514

    Controls don't work?

    The weirdest thing happened in battle. Idk why the controls just suddenly stopped working. As in I can't use my w,a,s,d commands, I can't use consumables, and I can't even type in chat. Only after I died did I get the controls back. Please fix this bug.
  11. admiral_kronokrusader514

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    I just realized today that the Mainz got pulled from the premium shop and I was going to get her at the end of this week. Will she be available again in the future?
  12. admiral_kronokrusader514

    Should I get kuznetzov or yoshino?

    I'm currently sitting on around 190k coal. I was wondering if I should save up for yoshino or should I get admiral kuznetov now from the armory. Thanks!
  13. admiral_kronokrusader514

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    admiral_kronokrusader514 NA server Alaska was my most memorable since it was the ship I played my first ranked season with.