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  1. ShadowyBandit

    Camouflage Contest – Recruiting Station

    Maiden Voyage camouflage: "Sail the vast oceans, and let this voyage be the first of many" or "Ad primum multarum". My inspiration came from WOWS being a worldwide game, with players from every country around the globe, and that the entire ocean is available to new sailors to explore. Name: ShadowyBandit Server: NA All the continents are not copyrighted and are free to use. Good luck to all! Hope the Latin translation is alright; used google translate. Version 1. First concept, which really tessellates poorly. Not final submission: Version 2, strange color palate. Not final submission: Version 3. Final version. Magnum opus: Color Scheme is the USN01 scheme, which turned out awesome. Completely unintentional logos centered on the guns looks pretty nice: And now Russia on the Smolensk :
  2. ShadowyBandit

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    o7 Saw you once, while you were in the colbert. Good luck and fair seas!
  3. ShadowyBandit

    Warships Leading Ladies - 3rd - 10th

    I like the brown blazer Dasha (British?). The look is clean, crisp, and respectable.
  4. ShadowyBandit

    Remember the 'Mericans - 27th - 3rd

    Low damage due to kills being dds.