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  1. HedHunter1

    WGs Russian Bias Rant Continued

    There are so many Russian bias threads, because there is so much Russian bias in this game. Russia received most of their radars from America, who was gained advanced technology (cavity magnetron) from Great Britain. Russia received the vast majority of their radars from America, the same exact radars they used, yet all tech tree Russian radars have a massive range of 12k. Tier 8 and higher British and American cruiser radars have a paltry range of 8.5k to a max of 10k, and not a single British heavy cruiser even has radar in the game. --- no bias here. I guess it could be argued that Russian ships NEED the 12k radar range because with Russian guns it is almost impossible to miss even a maneuvering destroyer up to 12k and that the destroyers and smoke using cruisers won't last very long so long radar duration is not needed. lets keep nearly all torpedo's as far from Russian ships as possible by giving them (by far) the longest ranged radars. ---no bias here LOL Lets give the paper ships of Russia laser beam like accuracy with hyper velocity rounds and extended range sensors, while at the same time we will nerf all rocket planes and bombers to try to make carriers unable to do anything but spot destroyers and smoke using cruisers for the Russian guns to more easily shoot. ---no bias here. Try to hit a maneuvering destroyer at 12k with 152 mm British or American guns, or 127 mm American guns from their destroyers or cruisers you will nearly always miss, while every single Russian gun (even their destroyers) will have little problem hitting. Even 203 mm British and American heavy cruisers will have difficulty hitting. ---no bias here LOL Why is it tier 5 Omaha's 152 mm guns have a velocity of 914 m/s, while all tier 6 to tier 10 152mm American guns have velocities from 762 m/s for AP to 812 m/s for HE. lol ---No Russian bias here LOL Give us the option to upgrade velocity and do away with a portion of the bias. I guess we Americans were too stupid to remember how we got those rounds to the higher velocities from the 1920's. Funny how the tier 5 Russian 152mm with 880 m/s mysteriously went to a velocity of 950 for their tier 6, 7, and 8 ships with 152mm guns. ---No Russian bias to see here. LOL perhaps when they come out with subs, the Russian subs will actually be able to list real naval battles in which they sought out and engaged the enemy, much like they can with their land and air based forces. Perhaps then wargaming will be able to change the fantasy Russian ship performance, electronics, and ballistics to a more unbiased state. but no, we are going to have paper Russian carriers ---no bias to see here. I would love to be able to recommend this game to all my friends, but I will continue to tell my friends that this game is way too biased towards Russian naval power that never actually existed during which most of this games time frame covers. It is an insult to countries that made sacrifices fighting actual naval battles to portray the "Russian naval forces" as superior, after all, if their ships actually performed like in the game the German and Japanese navy would have stayed in their ports. lol it wasn't Russian ships they feared.
  2. HedHunter1

    Bronze league ranked container loot

    The bronze container gives 5 special flags.
  3. HedHunter1

    uneven teams due to radar ships

    You are wrong. Nearly all radar ships are now taking up position behind islands during the first part of a match and popping off their radars to catch destroyers and other smoke reliant ships once they have deployed their smoke and stopped. These immobile ships are then instantly located, targeted, and destroyed by concentrated fire by all opposing teammates.
  4. HedHunter1

    uneven teams due to radar ships

    Not at all. The 19 pt. captain (think of it as a better trained crew because of this captain), is only giving the ship a minor increase of their current abilities and it makes sense. When only one team is able to fully cover all capture points with radar ships (which are hidden and undetected behind islands) so that when any enemy ship (usually a destroyer) begins to capture a capture point or decides to use smoke - then they are instantly detected by the completely undetected radar ship, targeted by all other ships and destroyed. If you are worried about wait times, switching one radar ship(from the side that has 2 3 or 4, to the side that has 0, 1, or 2) can be done virtually instantaneously. Another and even more logical fix would be to add line of sight to radar and sonar, so that the radar ship hiding behind an island couldn't detect a ship with radar or sonar if an island was in the way. Why should light waves be blocked by islands and not sound or radar waves? This would still give the radar ships an advantage(which having radar should), but it would stop all the radar ships from just hiding behind islands and using their radars behind island cover to locate destroyers and smoke reliant cruisers for their teammates to pick off. Another fix for uneven numbers of radars would be to allow chaff to partially disrupt radar by providing the ship with imprecise location not as large as smoke or of as great of duration. Perhaps having chaff incorporated into smoke using ships automatically or adding another deployable consumable would help eliminate the imbalance. I personally would be fine for radar and sonar to operate in line of sight, even through smoke if islands are allowed to block radar and sonar waves like they do in real life. It just makes sense.
  5. HedHunter1

    uneven teams due to radar ships

    You missed the part about this happening in "Random Battles" and not divisions. and it is a major factor because one teams' destroyers and other smoke equipped ships are too easily taken out. When one side looses all their destroyers because of this game imbalance, and the other sides destroyers can provide targeting info for the rest of their fleet and remain undetected - the imbalance has not made the game in any way fun. Think of it this way - Why does the detection radius change to your gun's range when you fire? Because WG found that the detected ships were at too much of a disadvantage against a completely undetected enemy. Radar and sonar should not be allowed to function behind islands. It is stupid and makes no sense. If W.G. is unwilling to have closer parity between teams, then they can easily add line of sight to radar and sonar to help mitigate their game imbalance. Why should islands block line of sight for light waves, and not for radar or sonar waves?
  6. Except the radar ships will run and hide behind islands staying invisible and undetected. You hope your 1 radar ship can locate their 4 radar ships so you can then see where not to go, but wait there's more. Your 1 radar ship has a radar range of 8.5km and the enemy's 12k and 10k radars can still hide behind isles and cover the full capture point while your radar ship still can't find the enemy destroyer when they capture the capture point your radar ship is trying to capture. If there are 5 radar ships in the game then there should be a maximum of 3 on one side AND NOT THE BEST 3 ON ONE SIDE! lol Look at it this way, you don't run one side with 3 carriers against one side with 1 or none. Parity, or game balance, is important and creates a much more enjoyable game. It doesn't have to be exact but it needs to at least be close.
  7. 9 out of 10 random games I have played have been lopsided because of the opposing team having way more radar ships than my team! WG desperately needs to fix this imbalance as it ruins the game. last game I played the opposing team had a total of 4 radar ships, while my side had 1.
  8. I purchased one commander (Taliya) for 150 Ironium, but it shows that I purchased 2 Taliya commanders for 300 Ironium. I do not want the second commander and would like my 150 Ironium back for the duplicate purchase.
  9. Random matchmaking games need to start taking into account radar. I have frequently been in games when one team has no radar equipped ships and the other team has multiple radar ships. This should not be allowed as the team without radar loose all their destroyers quickly while the other teams destroyers stay intact. Why is this allowed to happen in this game, and why aren't these game mechanics not taken into account?