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  1. So I noticed that when firing my Marco Polo, my detection goes out (Like it should) but to 21.1km when the firing range is 19km. Is this a bug or what?
  2. Am I the only one who wants Colbert for Coal Or Steel? I really want this ship but I don't have access to the research bureau yet. FREE COLBERT
  3. LATAM_LOL_11

    Winners — Deck Poets Society

    I tried posting a small poem I thought of on Instagram but to all of you that say that you don't want to share love to an inanimate object, In my view it is purely metaphorical and probably no one will see it. I'm just doing it for the fun of it. And yes I agree with you some people value their privacy but there is nothing to worry about. People on the forum should also be given a chance to participate.
  4. Hello fellow captains, Im currently grinding the Tier 4 Danae and I'm still trying to decide whether to go for heavy cruisers or light cruisers. I thought this could spark a discussable topic so I decided to post this. My only problem with the light cruisers is that they don't have HE but they are more maneuverable than the heavy cruisers. Does anyone have any opinions on both lines?