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  1. Double_Doody

    Sejong... Surprise!

    What till you get Jinan. 4x5 torp racks with speed load. If you turn quick, you can launch 30 torps at a target or targets.
  2. Double_Doody

    Venting My Submarine Frustrations

    Played some random battlrs last night that has 2 Subs and 4 DDs. They were the most unenjoyable games that I have played in WOWs. I am running around in a cruiser with hydro and radar and still never saw what killed me on over half the games.
  3. Double_Doody

    Super Ship SC.. What did you get?

    50,000 XP
  4. Double_Doody

    Can't Sell a Ship I Don't Want

    Be careful! I sold the Hipper away twice only to win it back each time. I keep it now just not to win it back again.
  5. Double_Doody


    In the map two brothers, I was going through the channel in a Mogami and got broadsided by BB which sent me up on the sand bar stranded but still alive.
  6. Double_Doody

    T7 Brawl Ships

    Sharn and Fiji
  7. Double_Doody

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    1. Belfast (have 43) 2. Musashi 3. Kutuzov 4. Kronshtadt 5. Julio Cesare
  8. Double_Doody

    Co-Op Update!

    I'm hoping that they add two ships more to the bot team and end the mercy rule.
  9. Double_Doody

    How did your bids go?

    120 million coin got the coal Bought the Napoli 17,600 dubs and no cigar Bought the Rochester Finished the Soviet DD tech line and got the tier ten
  10. Double_Doody

    Yes, you love her but she hates you.

    Hipper- I like just about the entire German cruiser line but she gives me a headache! I sold it away twice and then turned around and had her awarded back to me twice. Now, I keep her in her own little slip and rarely play her.
  11. Double_Doody

    Your most FUN ship in the game?

    Sharnhorst, Hidenburg and Kitakaze These are special to me because they were my first loves in each category.
  12. Double_Doody

    Pick ONE ship?

    The ship that I covered the most when I started playing WOWS is still my fav. Hidenburg
  13. I"lol go with first ship that I feel in love with and play it just about everyday still. Sharnhorst I play it like a heavy cruiser and it's the go to ship in Narai.
  14. Double_Doody

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    He had a sister also. Her name was Heidi Doody.
  15. Double_Doody

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    I won a bunch of money in a trivia contest by happening to know what Howdy Doodys brothers name was. Double Doody