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  1. Double_Doody

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    He had a sister also. Her name was Heidi Doody.
  2. Double_Doody

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    I won a bunch of money in a trivia contest by happening to know what Howdy Doodys brothers name was. Double Doody
  3. Double_Doody

    Unique Commanders

    If a Unique Captain has a skill set like gun feeder. Do you have to select it under the captains skills for it to become active? Might be dumb question but I never paid attention till now. Thx in advance!
  4. Double_Doody

    F. Schultz

    Thanks for the reply. I have already gone down the line and supposedly I have it. But it has a lock on it saying to gain early access you must complete the special mission.
  5. Double_Doody

    F. Schultz

    Anybody know what the mission is to unlock this German destroyer? Thx in advance!
  6. Double_Doody

    New things to see with the upgraded graphics

    When your ship gets damaged and you set repairs in action. I have seen what looks like welding being done on the top deck. It looks like a miniature sparkler.
  7. I had more problems with teams running the Benham than I have with the Georgia and or the Alaska.
  8. Double_Doody

    Ships you were surprised that you liked

    Same here... I always find time to play it.
  9. Double_Doody

    Any games over 300k damage?

    Mine is 320,449 in a BB Mass
  10. Double_Doody

    When the Clan Treasury isn't really one

    Our clan just divided all of our coal between all members at the start of the new year.
  11. Double_Doody

    i want to buy 1st premium ship

    My order of preference: (I have all four) Pommern Alaska Agir Georgia
  12. Double_Doody

    So after all that, does anyone use the Puerto Rico?

    I play her alot in clan battles. It's nice to have a heavy cruiser to go with the two BB's or one BB and a CV. I like having hydro and radar available and if laid out correctly. Four nice heals!
  13. Double_Doody

    Best Ships of All Tiers

    At teir 8, I'll take the Massachusetts with a secondary build.
  14. I will have to stay with my first tier 10 love! Hindy
  15. Double_Doody

    Blown Out of the Water

    On Two Brothers while running the gap in my Mygomi. Got broadsided by a Montana and blown onto the sandbar where I stayed until game ended.