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  1. HeIlaCopterRescue

    5 kills but no kraken?

    I would definitely submit a ticket
  2. Lets keep it constructive guys, I know it sucks but you have one of those days once in a while
  3. HeIlaCopterRescue

    You say you've been down-tiered pretty consistently...

    Good discussion in this post!
  4. HeIlaCopterRescue

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Lets try to keep the thread civil please
  5. HeIlaCopterRescue

    Hapa Cosplay

    I would love to see this
  6. HeIlaCopterRescue

    Bugged daily mission

    Can we not please? I'm just going to lock this thread as it's not going anywhere and it looks like the issue is resolved. To OP, you don't have to respond to each and every single person. If you think they are not helping...just don't reply.
  7. HeIlaCopterRescue

    Gift codes - What did you get?

    Not yet, just saw your post about it.
  8. HeIlaCopterRescue

    Gift codes - What did you get?

    those a lot better than I thought they would be
  9. HeIlaCopterRescue

    Laughs in Naval Superiority

    Let's make sure to post in appropriate categories, please.
  10. HeIlaCopterRescue


    Você tem que fazer sua própria postagem. Você não pode usar a postagem desse cara.
  11. HeIlaCopterRescue

    The World of Warships Ballistics Model - Solved

    Wow, thank you 901234, and those who helped out to figure everything. This is big and a game-changer for people who want to understand the ballistics better and have been frustrated. I think this is worthy of a pin here to give people something to discuss and look over.
  12. Ok guys, I am just going to have to lock this thread because it has gotten waaay off-topic and people are insulting each other pretty much.
  13. HeIlaCopterRescue

    I've tested positive for covid 19, but am all right!

    Hope you get better and god speed. Keep an eye on yourself, have people check in on you every so often. We don't know what this virus does or how it works.
  14. HeIlaCopterRescue

    Hypocrisy of the elite teams

    This is a great exchange, I did not at all expect the thread to go this way. Thank you Meann for understanding SF's position and thanks to SF for the calm and succinct post.
  15. HeIlaCopterRescue

    Forum Banner is Displaying wrong.

    It worked for the people in this thread, don't know why you are experiencing issues