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  1. Yeah, it seemed like such a simple concept, but with all the 'reasons' why it couldn't be implemented plus the people who went off-topic, it looks like the game gods will continue to cheat us out of damage that we've earned. So I'm calling for an end to this off the tracks thread.
  2. Asked & answered earlier. Read the thread.
  3. Since you haven't been able to comprehend (understand) my previous posts, I'll spell it out for you one last time: Ship damage + aircraft damage = (equals) Total Damage in the battle. That's a number that makes sense in a wargame. Now if we were talking about "mostly harmless fighters' just stooging around, then I couldn't care less. But torps damage us, & when we damage them, we don't get credit for it. That just seems wrong. Fix it. Don't fix it. Until I see some measurable improvement with the irritating things in this game that many people have complained about to make the play better, they won't see another pfennig from me.
  4. "mostly harmless fighters"? Where did I say anything about fighters? EVER HEAR OF TORPEDO PLANES? Do you even play this game?
  5. Semantics. The 1st results screen, "Personal Score", contains "Battle Performance" which it the total damage caused except for the AA results. Is that clear enough?
  6. No, we already have 'Battle Performance'. It just doesn't include all of it.
  7. So "Battle Performance" is not total performance? Why even have AA then? Or Signals to enhance them? Or the ~ or O option to concentrate them? Are they like putting honey on a kids fingers & giving him a feather to keep him occupied?
  8. Some ships & classes are better at some things than others. We all understand that. I'm just asking for some common sense here.
  9. What?? They can't add A + B & get C? I'm not surprised!
  10. I never said anything about damage to the CVs! Someone else brought that up. We're already damaging aircraft. Just add the damage in the Personal Score screen Battle Performance as I said, AGAIN, in 3 posts above.
  11. The Personal Score screen Battle Performance is the addition of "damage caused to ships" & the "Secondary battery." This is the Total Damage you are ignoring. What's so difficult about adding Damage caused to aircraft to it?
  12. If there was a terrible imbalance, I would expect them to try to fix it, or not as so often happens. But right now, CVs get damage caused by aircraft, & we don't get damage in the Total damage count against aircraft. If secondary damage counts, then so should AA damage.
  13. Support? Why would I bother those overworked guys with something they can't do anything about? And "rude"? Do you ever go outside into the real world?
  14. Maybe you missed the point. I expect credit in the Total damage report.
  15. Oh give me a break! Then you could "balance" DDs for not having 18" guns, too? And as to "broken" by design, then I submit that the design is what is broken. If secondarys count, then aircraft damage should too. How hard can it be? Ship damage + air damage = Total damage. Even the voodoo mathematicians should be able to manage that!