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  1. AdmNimitz41

    To the dufus in charge of the CNB.

    I wish I knew! I started this thread to get His/Her/Its attention, & try to keep some fun in the game. Instead they spend their time on "Bug" Hunt, & now Beasts, not to mention the pink bots that we've all seen! ; D
  2. AdmNimitz41

    EXACTLY 1000 secondary shells fired

    LOVE the Scharnhorst, but I got 593 ribbons in one battle with the GK last weekend. Most of those were from secondary's. Wish I'd taken a screenshot!
  3. CNB = the weekly Clan Naval Battles. Last week the objective was Ribbons where everything counts. Especially secondary's which is a lot of fun & promotes brawling. We also like it when the objective is Damage, because that's fair - we get what we've earned. But after only 1 week of Ribbons, we're going back th BXP which everyone hates because a loss for any reason cuts what we've earned about in half. Especially when MM puts bots on our team in a Random battle. How is that fair? Looking back through my clans records, I see that 44% have been for BXP. 35% were for Damage, & 21% were for Ribbons. Why? Do you get the "NOT FUN" part? If we stop playing, we stop paying, & how is that in the best interests of WoW? So if you're the guy in charge, please explain the "thinking" behind your choices for the CNB.
  4. AdmNimitz41

    PTS 0.10.4

    Same comment re: the 8000bxp mission. Otherwise the game played well, except I swear I saw a CV put out a fire, launch aircraft, & then the fire reappeared again!
  5. AdmNimitz41

    PTS 0.10.4

    MOGAMI: It has 3 2X turrets in the front, but I only see 4 shells in the air when firing a salvo. If I'm lucky, I only see one other person in Random after a 10 minute wait, so trying for the 8,000 BXP mission just isn't worth it. CoOp would take too long, & if the humans are sunk the game just continues. Then there's the "Early Termination of battle" message. WTH? The MiniMap does not seem to remember the previous magnification setting.
  6. AdmNimitz41

    Twitch Drops in 0.10.3

    "Inventory" WHICH inventory? Do we access it from here? https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory I do get container drops in the game, so I know I'm linked up, , but have no clue what inventory to access.
  7. AdmNimitz41

    Game stops logging in

    I can't get beyond the first black splash screen, but it looks like someone has found a way to fix their logging problems. Please look at posts 18 & 19 here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/237506-can-not-log-in/
  8. I have much the same problem & wrote about it in Bug Reports. I wonder if they test their updates on old computers? They probably don't see any reason to.
  9. AdmNimitz41

    Update 0.10.3 - Bug Reports

    When I click the Game Center "Play", The GC disappears & I see the black flash screen as usual. Then the windoze screen returns. Then warships does not start. I put in a ticket, ran Check & Repair, disabled Modstation, & deleted user prefs as they suggested. It made no difference. I'm aware that my computer is slow, but I was able to play at 4FPS before the update & now the game won't even start! I could understand it if the game wouldn't play, but totally failing to even load? That's on Wow, not my underpowered computer!
  10. AdmNimitz41

    Ranked brawl is just CV circle jerk

    Re: #1 I totally agree. #2: Mostly, the people are what keeps me in the game. I would like to see CVs forced to launch only when they are at full speed. To make it more interesting, make that full speed into the wind. This would cut down on the # of aircraft that they could launch per unit of time, or else force them to come out from behind the islands. And how is it that aircraft shot down is not damage to the ship? We pay to put on modules to counter them. We pay in damage that they cause to us. Yet aircraft don't count in the ship damage total. And how about fixing radar? When was it ever possible for radar to see through mountains? I would be willing to bet that, if WoW fixed some of the annoying crud that we have to put up with, they would see more people willing to spend $s on the game. Instead they spend coding time on things like Dockyard & Big Hunt & ignore us.
  11. AdmNimitz41

    Stats for Brawls

    I liked the 1 v 1 Brawls, even though my win rate was only 55% using the Bismark & N. Carolina. Best part was that the only dufus who could screw up & get me killed was just me! No one else to blame. ; D Wish we could have the same thing in T7, so I could use the Scharnhorst!
  12. AdmNimitz41

    Help me plan this Sunday's stream!

    That just puts them "in the same boat" as us, right? War is hell! They should play under the same conditions as we have to. 'Specially with 2 CVs. ; D
  13. AdmNimitz41

    Help me plan this Sunday's stream!

    OK, thanks. But it still seems that they could devise alternative strategies in either case? As I said, we have to play against them, so they should too. Especially the TWO CV thing! ; )
  14. AdmNimitz41

    Help me plan this Sunday's stream!

    I like this idea. WoW does not have fun tournaments for the lower tiers, yet they persist in "rewarding" us low tier ships for grinding out their campaigns, like the T2 DD Tachibana or the T4 Italian Dante Alighieri. What are we supposed to use them for? And just as a side note for future discussion, why the hell are the "ELITE" tournaments allowed to ban certain ships? If we have to play against them, then they should have to, also. Personally, I'd like to see them have TWO CVs on every team.
  15. Everything we do are naval battles, aren't they? "Clan Naval Battles" are weekly competitions, one clan vs one clan, that are played Friday through Sunday. Sometimes for damage, which is fair. Sometimes for ribbons, which is fun! Sometimes, WAY too many sometimes, for BXP, which is not fun or fair at all. Sticking a bot CV into a BXP battle for "balance" is stupid, but generally par for the WoW mis-managers who make the rules, but don't play the game.