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  1. Well, for me being quite new to WoWS, after playing WoT on PS4, the learning curve has been steep. Gave WoWS Legends a try and have totally lost interest in the PC version. To be honest, I’ve enjoyed playing WoWS, but my ability with a keyboard is the limiting factor. Also, people I play WoT with are now playing WoWS Legends, increasing my personal enjoyment. There are issues though. The player base, being new, and possibly the WoT mindset, makes numerous tactical and strategic decisions that make for “interesting” gameplay. Currently, there’s no CV’s, but that’s likely to change (cruisers with catapult launched fighters gives a hint), so playing as a DD is extremely fun and lucrative for me here, where it was very frustrating on PC.
  2. So far, there’s no CV’s. However, ships like the premium Yubari are advertised as having a strong AA suite, so it’s likely CV’s will be added later. There’s currently a small number of ships in the three tech trees (British, American, and Japanese only so far). The gameplay is similar, but because of the high number of players that are new to it, it can feel like seal clubbing at times. I’ve seen quite a few yolo destroyers (and even battleships). Had a division of battleships attempt to stay in a battle line while pushing a cap, only to wrap themselves around my division mates battleship, allowing the other division mate and myself to force feed them some torpedoes from our Wickes destroyers. Lots of Laughs. I like WoWS on PC because of its tough player base. But the console controller is easier for me to use than the keyboard.
  3. Harpoon_64

    Graf Spee Vs Exeter and 2 leander class crusiers

    I wouldn't mind seeing the floatplane fighter replaced with the historically accurate Arado Ar 196 scout plane. I rarely use the fighter. A scout plane would be more useful. The real life Graf Spee also had smoke.
  4. Harpoon_64

    What is the best way to play Hipper?

    This has been extremely helpful. I’m currently working up the German Cruiser line, and enjoying it in equal measure to the American CL line. The play style/tactic/method described here seems consistent with what I’ve experienced so far up to tier six. Keep moving, with lots of rudder shift, and plink targets of opportunity.
  5. Harpoon_64

    To DefAA or Not To... What are your thoughts?

    Recently, I've seen very little of CV's outside of tier IV. My tier six and seven cruisers (Dallas, Nurnberg, and Helena), with just the DefAA consumables (would like to swap the defensive fighter for a scout plane), have held up well against sky cancer in the few matches where there are CV's. Matter of fact, I hardly use the DefAA consumables, the standard AA handles it, but I do use hydro a lot. This may change after the April 1st update though, not sure.
  6. Harpoon_64

    HERMES I Like It.

    Picked up the Hermès using the earned “Fly, Fight, Win” credits. After my initial foray into CV’s with the Langley after 0.8.0 came out, and not enjoying it at all, I gave up on CV’s. Since the Hermès was essentially free, I figured, what could hurt. I actually have been doing alright, having fun, and contributing for my team. I only wish I could trade in the rocket and dive bombers for three squadrons of torpedo bombers. A YouTube contributor, “Wadres_Warships,” pointed out that the Hermès was developed post 0.8.0., and therefore has the new method built in, making it a little more forgiving. I’ll be keeping it.
  7. Harpoon_64

    Tier II destroyers

    I kept my Umikaze for fun play. However, the likelihood is good that you’ll be placed in a not so fun match. Just last night, I found myself in a miserable 3 v 3 game. But, on occasion, when the player count is high, you can end up in epic matches. Don’t let the CV thing give you angst. The matches are getting better as everyone adapts.
  8. Harpoon_64

    I want to buy a premium DD, but...

    Like you, I’m a noob. I have the Farragut, very fun and enjoyable. I just picked up the Sims, a little beast, and extremely fun to play. It’s also an excellent trainer. If you like the Farragut, you’ll likely love the Sims. The Kidd is tempting, but the potential for higher tier play, coupled with lower experience (both player and crew), may lead to disenfranchisement.
  9. Harpoon_64

    DDs lost their purpose?

    Not sure. I'm a noob myself. Came over from WoT on PS4. Some of the same issues were taking place there also. I've had the same experience once or twice in my Umikaze, but I've also had awesome tier III matches, making life hard for BB's. Also, been having fun in the Isokaze, Wickes, and Clemson. The tier IV CV's aren't as hard to deal with, and keeping close to a CL or BB discourages air attacks. Now, my Farragut is a whole different matter. Seeing the "Flying Shimakaze" video by iChaseGaming shed some light on a similar experience in a Tier VIII match. Alternatively, my best match in the Farragut was when I was bottom tier the day after 0.8.0 was released.
  10. Harpoon_64

    DDs lost their purpose?

    Actually, yes, on occasion, and a few times in the top three. The first goal is to support the team, not be the high score. Incidentally, my best matches (defined as playing well) are when I'm able to contribute. The current lack of DD players in the queue has resulted in less time I'm waiting for a match. Also, the CV craze has driven more players to the lower tiers, further reducing wait times. Win-win. I hear your point though. I do have plenty of matches where I feel completely useless also.
  11. Harpoon_64

    DDs lost their purpose?

    DD’s, in my opinion, have to alter in game priorities. I no longer rush to a cap, unless without CV’s. With CV’s in the match, I now screen close to teammates and provide smoke when they start firing, spot for them, send interdiction torpedoes, and target enemy ships with my main battery. If I’m at a cap, and the area is thick with enemy aircraft and ships, I back-off, after sending a couple torpedo strings in their general direction. Obvious they’re pushing that cap hard. Best to try somewhere else. However, this is touch and go. I have four crap matches for every good one.
  12. Harpoon_64

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    After the update, thought I’d give playing a CV a try. Watched a few videos with updated gameplay, and watched some with pre 0.8.0. After giving it a couple games, having to wait forever due to the high number of CV players in the queue, then watching my squadrons die. decided to give it up. In my opinion, this is a failed attempt at a flight sim. Go back to the RTS format, and possibly allow individual control (flight simulator) as an option for when the player decides to conduct a strike. The only bonus for me, someone who enjoys DD’s (or used to), is not waiting long in the battle queue. Sticking to lower tiers, and not purchasing any premium, until resolved. Finally, who in WG thought it was prudent to remove THE principle U.S. Aircraft Carrier of WWII, Essex class, from the game?
  13. Harpoon_64

    Farragut — American Tier VI destroyer.

    Just picked it up and started playing it. Very steep learning curve, but those guns rock.