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  1. Issue: the steel camouflage "Made of Steel" changes the sound of Shikishima's guns, losing her unique gun sound. This behavior is not stated anywhere in the armory page. Expected Result: the ship retaining her original gun sound when using the "Made of Steel" camo. How to Replicate: link a "Made of Steel" camo to Shikishima, apply it and use her main battery. The sound of her main battery will be different. Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yvz7PI6k4bA
  2. Lege_ranger

    Japanese CV Shinano

    I doubt WG would model Shinano based on her historical incomplete form, at least for a tier X CV. She would likely be implemented in her intended conversion instead, which would include the design changes from the lessons learned at Midway to improve damage control. The problem is that she was to be converted as a support carrier, instead of a proper fleet carrier. I don't see Shinano as a tier X CV with her loadout, she would at best be a tier VIII.
  3. For me, I prefer the original sound for Shikishima's guns. I was not expecting this bug when I picked the Made in Steel camo.
  4. The steel camouflage "Made of Steel" changes the sound of Shikishima's guns, losing her unique gun sound. Below is a demonstration with both the "Made of Steel" and the "Type 20" permanent camouflages, with no mods to control for possible conflict. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yvz7PI6k4bA
  5. Lege_ranger

    Angry YouTuber Review of the New Battleship Skills

    The other half is that the alternative 4pts skills are not as strong. Secondaries, Close Quarter Expert and the extra Repair Party skills aren't as impactful as Dead Eye, simple as that. Moreover, the goal should not be to leave sniper BBs without a good skill, but to make other playstyles competitive. It is also that Randoms favor sniping in part due to the higher team sizes making it harder to push, with or without Dead Eye. Competitive modes have smaller teams and can coordinate pushing comps, which makes Dead Eye a less universal skill. Only limiting Dead Eye to benefit AP is enough, I think. Adding longer reload or other stuff on a 4pts skill makes no sense, it should be worth that high cost in skill points, especially adding that you pretty much have to pick Concealment Expert as well. Otherwise, it will end as another Super-Heavy AP Shells case, where you just spend points to nerf yourself.
  6. Lege_ranger

    Angry YouTuber Review of the New Battleship Skills

    I wouldn't make it based on secondary range, secondaries are already too nerfed as it is. Not to mention how suddenly secondaries skills, modules and signals would be a detriment to those wanting to shoot AP with Dead Eye. For the range aspect, I'd just change from concealment to a fixed range, like 13 km or 14 km, so that new and casual players don't think it is the 17-18 km range without modifiers. I'm sure a few of the backline snipers are doing that out of confusion.
  7. Lege_ranger

    A question

    One of the recent patches (0.9.9) changed how the main battery turrets take damage. Penetration hits on a main battery no longer has its damage being on average 33% of the shell's damage, it is a fixed 10% of the shell's damage. The main battery turrets also had their health halved, but the overall increase in survivability against penetration hits was increased by 1.67. For a Musashi, it is as if the turret gained a stronger version of the main armament module at slot 1. Note that this is mainly true for BBs and heavy cruisers, as overpens still deal 10% of the shell's damage to the turret, both before and after that patch. For DDs and certain light cruisers, their turrets die faster against BB shells due to the halved turret health. A second note is that the chances of turret incapacitation increases based on the turret's current health in percentage values. The module's extra health acts a reduction on the chance of incapacitation, and so does the changes to turret damage on that patch. The main armament module is of really questionable value, especially if you already have the Preventive Maintenance skill on your commander (doubly so if said commander is Yamamoto) to prevent incapacitations. Turret destruction is pretty much a non-factor nowadays, aside maybe a few BBs like the french ones, making the module useful only to avoid incapacitations. I generally use the secondary armament module on BBs to preserve my AA, with some decent benefit of keeping secondaries alive in case someone does get close. Improved DCP may be of use, I haven't tried it to say. See for the original experiment.
  8. There were a few complaints before, but they used to get drowned among the more abundant Kremlin and Petro complaints. Thunderer's ability to annoy everyone with HE wasn't as problematic as the prevalence of those russian ships in the competitive meta.
  9. Lege_ranger

    Angry YouTuber Review of the New Battleship Skills

    A simple nerf for Dead Eye would be to make it only boost AP shells. No more -10% dispersion on HE, meaning the skill no longer punishes enemy BBs with accurate HE salvos whenever they remotely push into you.
  10. Lege_ranger

    Angry YouTuber Review of the New Battleship Skills

    This interpretation was what I got from observing the UI in the training room. While holding ALT, you can see the percentage of the two sectors. As soon as you activate a sector with the skill, the chosen side starts immediately at 125% and ramps to 160% five seconds later. Without the skill, it starts at 100% and ramps to 135% in five seconds. I have not tracked the actual damage on planes, as I have only tried the skill a few times, and CVs not focusing me for whatever reason. A more dedicated test could confirm if the UI is correct, or if the response from WG is. Of course, it could be a bug somewhere. If the intent is to nerf Thunderer with Dead Eye, we could just have the skill affect only AP salvos. No more -10% dispersion on HE. Because, frankly, HE is already very forgiving, no need to improve its accuracy. In fact, I think Dead Eye would be more palatable if it wasn't resulting in BBs shooting HE from 22km away against anyone trying to push. Removing HE from the skill's effect would help brawling BBs to not get melted that fast.
  11. Lege_ranger

    Angry YouTuber Review of the New Battleship Skills

    That's not how the skill works. The skill is a set additive bonus, not a multiplicative one (assuming the UI isn't lying). Aside from the extra flak (which doesn't seem tied to the Priority Sector), it does two things: It increases your Priority Sector final bonus from 135% to 160% (while further reducing the final percentage of the other side from 65% to 40%); It instantly sets the starting AA percentage (at 0s) from 100% to 125% as soon as you press 'O' (while setting the other side from 100% to 75% instantly as well); The second part is noticeable, as that extra 25% comes instantly, as if the Priority Sector had already got some preparation time beforehand. As such, your AA continuous damage is 25% higher at the start (125% vs 100%) and is up to 1.185 times when the Priority Sector preparation is completed (160% vs 135%).
  12. Mikasa, for obvious reasons. Also Shimakaze. Roaming around a little over 44-47 kts and launching 12 km torps traveling at 74 kts is amazing. I don't need to list the high tier BBs, I think. They are doing great.
  13. The only thing that may reduce the odds of flooding in this patch is the "Enhanced Anti-Torpedo Protection" skill, as the flooding chance reduction on the torpedo belt is the same of the torpedo damage reduction of the said belt. But I'm not sure if the skill works that way for flooding, it could be a damage reduction only. Statistics-wise, the flooding average could be a result of ships with weaker torpedoes getting more popular, such as the pan-european DDs and their anemic torpedoes. That is also assuming the statistics aren't counting torpedoes already hitting a section that is already flooded, as the extra speed from Swift Fish helps landing more torpedoes than before.
  14. :) And ah, that 18.3-19.2 km is for American/British/German dispersion, in case you're checking the math. Aside from the value said by the OP, he has a point in that many people are actually nerfing themselves by picking Dead Eye and playing so farther back. Each nation and specific battleships have a certain margin in which they can play farther back than they usually do without the skill before they end nerfing themselves, and it turns out to be a smaller margin than most people are playing at, about 2.2 km to 2.5 km for most ships if they were fighting around 18 km before Dead Eye. Yet, you see them fighting 4 km or even 6 km father instead. Also notably, Thunderer (and other battlecruisers) has the second smallest margin to play farther away and the second lowest effective range improvement, only better than the Russian BBs. That means you have little room to play Thunderer with Dead Eye before you nerf yourself, which, contrary to intuition, makes her one of the worst ships to use Dead Eye on.