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  1. bootysoup

    Mogador is fantastic...

    Plenty of non gimmicky cruiser killers; trading an actual dd for this hybrid is a detriment to your team vs decent players. No reason to play a gimmicky cruiser killer when battleships can sit comfortably at 15km +.
  2. bootysoup

    Why is the montana so bad

    I have republique, iowa was so good. This ship feels awful, repub feels amazing
  3. bootysoup

    Why is the montana so bad

    The guns are the things I hate the most. They always seem to let me down.
  4. bootysoup

    Why is the montana so bad

    was popular now its all yamato
  5. bootysoup

    Why is the montana so bad

    I mean it has good aa if that means anything anymore
  6. It's so outclassed by every other battleship. Why make a battleship with a huge citadel, weak guns, a dreadful shell arc, and no maneuverability? Literally the only thing Montana does is screw up your aim for when you play other battleships. Iowa is great but montana feels useless.
  7. Where is the mini patch that installed today, suddenly disconnect every 20 mins....
  8. bootysoup

    State of the playerbase?

    Nobody likes this cv rework, it has ensured players pick only good aa boats. Which results in this nonsense.e...
  9. bootysoup

    The iChase Case

    I think he's mostly right. I've only been playing 6 mos and have a full friends list. My friends list never has anyone on anymore and I've just come back from a break myself sooo :(.
  10. bootysoup

    Carriers and Ranked battle.

    There is currently no reason to spec aa on any ship. AA is inconsistent easily played around and way too slow.
  11. This strategy is wayyy better I guess. Nothing like 10 ships sailing in a wide circle and avoiding the middle of the map like the plague. Much dynamic...
  12. bootysoup

    game just not FUN anymore

    It doesn't just affect destroyers. The current game also presents the issue of game play feeling like 2 brick walls ramming into each other to see who will win. There is a lot less surprise broadsides and successful flanking. I find when I try to play my des-moines it now feels like a crappy moskva. I rarely get the opportunity to move into that sweet spot of range, I rarely see the broadsides of opposing ships, that juicy flank is non existent and holding an obnoxious position on the map just results in ships like henri or zao or any bb spamming shells from the other side of the map. The gameplay in general has been very dulled down and the strengths and weaknesses of ships is dulled down as well.
  13. bootysoup

    Aircraft carriers make boring games

    Guess its the only carrier to not respawn planes.
  14. bootysoup

    Update 0.8.2 - Bugs Report

    Also the clan tab does not do anything. Div friend has reported still not being able to access the armory tab. What is this lol....
  15. I have no idea why this suddenly started happening but 0.8.2 boots from game repeatedly and forces me to relog. There is no connectivity issue on my internets end as everything else functions normally. This is a connection between me and their game servers. Port seems to work just fine...