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  1. Gemlin

    Tier IV CVs

    I personally hated playing T4 CVs once I got the exp to get the T6s, I bought those and sold the T4. Im not going to play CVs in a pure seal clubbing situation
  2. Gemlin

    How do you grind a ship line

    I did the grind to T10 on Jap DD, USA CA and CL, UK CL, Russia CA. I now play for fun. Got to T8 in several other lines but lost the desire to go further. Did the UU for 3 of my T10 lines and lost desire to do more. When it becomes work, the ship becomes less fun. Im shocked on that I got to T8 on some lines because I wasnt intentionally grinding that line. On those lines my W/L ratio are better. I wasnt trying to force myself to get exp by taking large chances. Heck I made a huge improvement the day I quit getting obsessed with my win rate (hovers at 50%). Best thing I did... once you get sunk ... goto port immediately. Being a sideline coach just gets you worked up.
  3. Gemlin

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    Im at like 824 or something like that. Need to finish daily mission 1 which nets me 6 more and daily mission 2 which will add 10 more. By end of day I should be at 840. I should easily get the 1000 needed for Cunningham by the end of directive 4. I do have Albemarle also.
  4. Gemlin

    3rd set of directives

    Finished all the Directive 3 missions in 1 day, actually did more. Finished: Battleships: Dangerous Enemy 1200 secondaries -- Scharnhorst Cruisers: Destroying Modules 20 "Incap" --- Des Moines Destroyers: High Caliber 850 Main Battery Hits -- Friesland Destroyer The Enemy -- Destroy 24 ships -- Various ships, just played game and got it. Refilling the Royal Treasury -- 5 Million Credits -- Various Ships, just played game and got it The Wager XP (8500 exp?) -- One T10 game. I think I was playing the Minotaur
  5. Gemlin

    Weekend Spree

    Saturday was ok. Won more than loss Sunday was horrible. Teams were totas l blow outs. My teams guarded rear row and lemming trained. Played 10 games. Lost 9 in a row
  6. Gemlin

    upgrade ships to next tier

    No power creep
  7. Gemlin

    Armory not loading for anybody?

    Update your video card driver. Fixed my issue
  8. Gemlin

    Match making broken?

    Another thing Ive noticed is players want to make a lemming train. Ive had games where people are willing to give up 2 of 3 caps immediately. I keep telling them its a bad idea, the other team will flank you. I get reported. Lol.
  9. Gemlin

    Save the Atlanta! (...and Flint too)

    Nope. Maybe radio location. I use the captain on DDs.
  10. Gemlin

    Save the Atlanta! (...and Flint too)

    Ill just respec my captain for fire damage. No point in getting upset.
  11. CVs need to be very vulnerable. The instant DCP and 5 second fires need to go away. CVs need to have BB length fires and be easily set. If a DD makes s mistake ... it gets punished. If a cruiser goes broadside to a BB it gets punished. If a carrier does something dumb... you cant punish it. Can I get a CV strip it of planes and put guns on its deck? Not only would I be immune to fire but Id have some mean AA.
  12. Gemlin

    would you play WoWS 2?

    No I won't play any ship game with guided missiles. I wanted a WW1/2 game with guns only. I'm not too happy with guided torpedoes from subs. They should make them non guided and do like 24k to 30k a hit.
  13. I quit playing DDs not due to radar or CVs. 1. I quit due to the fact BBs snd cruisers want me to take caps and spot but they will not move up to support me. I see them on the bottom row of the map and or behind islands. 2. Team will want me to take cap A. I get in it, then only to watch all my support ships turn off to go to cap B. 3. I spot a enemy DD and no one shoots at it besides me. And Ive seen cruisers within range but they wont shoot. Guess they dont want to get detected. All 3 above gets your DD support killed
  14. Gemlin

    Free Removal Of Modules

    Click modules. Then click the slot and demount
  15. Gemlin

    how do you Donskoi?

    If you DO NOT like the don, you're not going to like the Moskva. Moskva is a early game bow in tank shooting at range, then mid gsme you maneuver. Did I meantion her side is nothing but a citadel with neon bullseye painted on it?