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  1. Gemlin

    RE: Leeroy Jenkins in the Armory

    You know if you don't like the captain, don't get him. He was already previously released in the game. I believe at the time of a USS Kidd event? (Leeroy Jenkins)
  2. Doesnt matter. Ive played games where a CV decided Im his focus. Yup not fun dodging but I viewed it as a challenge to do so. All the time he was chasing me meant my other teammates were not getting hammered by him or he wasnt spotting for his team....
  3. Gemlin

    How to Convoy

    How to Convoy. 1) - If you are attacker, getting all the random people on your team to concentrate on the transports, not the warships as primary targets (you'll win if they do this) 2)- Defender, getting all the random people on your team to scout ahead of the transports and elminate ships (protect the transports, you'll win if they do this) What generally happens is people get tunnel vision and get into farm mode and ignore the transports. Doesn't matter if you get a 200k+ damage if you lose the game because you were not paying attention to the transports.
  4. Gemlin

    To Slava or Ohio that is the question.

    Ohio is a more balanced battleship in terms of Armor Protection, Speed and Guns. Slava is a ship that plays very similar to the Thunderer. (You sit in the back and spam AP (in Slava's case) at broadside boats) Slava's armor is not as strong as Ohio's. Slavas guns are accurate, thats its thing.
  5. Can't pick a side, you click and it does nothing (Can't click join autobots or join decepticons)
  6. Gemlin

    Brief comment on Convoy Mode

    Easiest way, just have 2-3 routes per map AND NOT SHOW IT TO OPPOSING TEAM.
  7. Gemlin

    Congrats. on the Faroe Islands map

    Map felt small to me for a t10 map
  8. Its basically randoms with a twist. Ive been on teams that pushed and targeted enemy transports when sighted. Been on teams where no one would shoot at a transport. In that game a player complained that he did 170k and could not carry (but all transports were still alive)
  9. Gemlin

    Next Steel Ship?

    Shiki was made obsolete with the Satsuma.... And you can get Satsuma with credits not steel. I'd pick Mecklenburg between the two.
  10. Gemlin

    average tier V

    I've seen worst.
  11. Gemlin


    Detonations are kind of fun from time to time. Hit this Bismarck with two drops prior to this detonation (7 Torps). On Last Pass, dropped and launched another set. As I was taking off from CV, two torps hit, and detonated the BB.
  12. Gemlin

    First Look: "1776" Camo for San Diego

    I personally rock ANY Free Perm camo I can get on a boat. If its something I can equip on the boat and forget about it, I'm in...
  13. If you think two Conde's are bad... Wait till you run into a Double Zorky with Double Ragnars (or similar DD). Let the wolf pack howl.
  14. Gemlin

    Not Happy With Ragnar

    I have a dedicated captain just for Ragnar and another for Halland For Smaland, I share a captain between Smaland & Friesland. (I've sent you a PM)