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  1. Gemlin

    WG can you Nerf Torp damage in coop?

    How about we nerf Torpedos while nerfing battship damage also? Make it impossible for them to get citadels and only 1/10 damage to cruisers while we are at it. Na, leave it alone.
  2. Start playing Ranked, you'll get steel.
  3. Gemlin

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    My Jean Bart Game in Coop. 1287 Base.
  4. Gemlin

    What's up with Twitch drops?

    If you are using ad blocker, you have to disable it now for it to "start progressing" for your free drop now. They gonna force you to watch ads now. (at least the ad blocker I was using. When I disabled it, it started counting)
  5. You want me to run that diagnostic, when I look at the bottom, it states it will take over an hour? really?
  6. Gemlin

    Game Log in

    I just ran the check and repair, nothing was found. sitting on the screen with the "Loggin In..." .. circle spinning and nothing.
  7. I've had this happen to me twice today. In middle of match, game kicks me out to connection screen. When I try to log on, it sits saying connecting, and sits there. Can not get back on until the match is over. This never happened before on any prior patch.
  8. They changed Ranked (Bronze) which was T8, is now T8/T9. Now you'll be facing T9's in Ranked.
  9. Gemlin

    Operation Killer Whale

    Welcome to World of Warships. My opinion, most the players in the game, do not come to the forums, hence your message will fall upon deaf ears.
  10. Gemlin

    What Tier 10 games have Devolved into

    Yup! They need to do something about cruisers. Give them Survivability back, maybe better skills that don't have such a negative on them. Like Heavy HE or SAP with those huge negatives to their concealment (Take the negative off of it)
  11. Gemlin

    What Tier 10 games have Devolved into

    This is my perspective: Since the patch, BB's are now perma camped in the rear in T10 games. Doesn't matter if its Thunderer's or Montana's. They are all spamming HE at each other. I recall back in the day, all BB's were complaining about people spamming HE at them. Funny how things now change and they are the HE spammers. I've had games where we lost, yet we had 7 ships to their 3 left. Why did we lose? Our BB's refused to move up and take caps, while the winning team just did that. Is the game more toxic at T10 since the captain skill rework (Deadeye). In my opinion yes. The perception is now all the BB's sit in the rear and will not move up at all. There really isn't any mid play or short ranged play anymore. Cruisers no longer can build for survivability, which I think wargames needs to revisit that and allow it. Especially with the meta changed to long range sniping. The BB's can build for survivability but no one else? The Patch did the following: Nerfed Cruisers Nerfed Battleships Secondary Builds Killed off Mid/Close fighting Again just *MY* Perception.
  12. Gemlin

    Player Stats.

    Ignore your stats, put them public. Do you play this game for stats or do you play this game for fun? Trust me, I like you, played the game at the beginning and didn't know what I was doing. Over time, I improved my stats to 50%. Took a while but I did it. I've run match maker monitor and it greatly changed my outlook on the game. There are just some games you won't win no matter what you do. IN those games I try to get as much damage as I can get before going down swinging. If you use WOWS Numbers, don't look at your overall stats, just look at your stats charts. Are they improving? If yes, then you are on the right track. Who cares what your stats are or what my stats are. This is just a game.
  13. Gemlin

    Something Good About Captain Skill Rework

    You know the captain rework encourages you to spend money on premium boats so you can freely move that one special captain around. I admit, I'm moving the special captains around on my premium boats. And as of right now, thats all I play, my premium ships. Until I get enough Elite Commander EXP to get all my previous 19pt captains to 21 points. So far I've got 9 out of the 28 captains to 21 points.
  14. Gemlin

    Grinding ships - COOP vs Randoms

    I find that grinding in COOP easy. While at working at home, I can play in coop and get some EXP per game while not really paying all that much attention. Yeah, I have to play 3-4 games of COOP to equal the same Base EXP as Randoms. In the Evening when I have the time to dedicate to Randoms, its a lot more rewarding. You just flat out get A LOT more EXP than COOP. In the same time period to do ONE Random game, you may get three COOP games in (Getting about the same BASE), but you won't get anywhere near the same Modified overall Experience. When it comes to grinding ships, (in COOP) you'll have to play like 6x more games than you would in Randoms (or More) to get the same amount of EXP (Not base).