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  1. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    Can we please ban CV from rank already

    Agree. Ban also cruisers, they have too much AA and are difficult to torp and bomb.
  2. The_Pig_of_PIGs


    Last time, when a battle was leaving a couple of subs on each side, we had to wait up to 20 minutes... I'm not sure it's that easy to solve that. And many other things... They are still developing.
  3. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    Brawl CVs

    Strange. You didn't see any plane?
  4. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    CV/No CV game modes

    One more anti CV post.
  5. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    Where are the Submarines?

    Can't wait for Soviet CVs! Subs later!
  6. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    this game is perfect

    This is masochism. Happens.
  7. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    How would you fix CV's?

    CVs are not the problem but squadrons. Look... My rocket squadrons attack a DD and most of the time, DD wins, survives while my squadron is destroyed. Ships and squadrons should be balanced... Close to 50/50% chances to win. For ex rocket squadron vs DD, toro or bomb squadron Vs cruiser or BB. Also, I think there should be no CV hull, only squadrons. A single surface ship sinking a CV is ridiculous. Let's call the game, World of Aircraft Carriers... ... I'm playing this game since a couple of years, started after the CV rework, I read, read and read players complaining about CVs... I learned that CVs were part of the game since day 0... In fact, WoWs without CVs would not be WoWs.
  8. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Do not agree. The rework makes sense, it's much more interesting to have skills for each type of ships rather than skills for all ships. But as all WG reworks, it is released without proper testing. You have to wait 2 or 3 months they fix it. The game is a permanent test, it makes sense as these are 0.something releases... ... Maybe by 2040-50, we will have the 1.0 release?
  9. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    POLL: Is game play better or worse in 10.0 ?

    I voted "better", because it's better... Here, as soon as something changes, it's "worse". If this doesn't change, I will quit forever.
  10. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    It is just me or are 2 CV games getting more common...

    CVs are being nerfed and nerfed again. Soon, you'll have 5 CVs and you'll hardly notice there are planes attacking your DD. This should stop. Max 1 CV with deadly rockets, torps and bombs.
  11. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    Tier VIII CV mayhem

    Never saw a team with 4 CVs! Max 2. Goltz.
  12. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    Did The USS Enterprise Carry 125 Planes?

    ... And 100% of plane stock from time 0. Can't wait!
  13. DDs are not the primary targets, cruisers are. Try, you'll see... You must drop your rockets 90 degrees, the effect on the cruiser is pretty cool then... For DDs use the torpedoes, it's not very efficient but at least the DD driver will have to dodge, eventually exposing his hull. This said, the rockets aiming is poorly designed, some additional development is required. Forget using islands with it.
  14. The_Pig_of_PIGs

    So the new Ranked system...

    Why limited hours? A nonsense...