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  1. franz_von_goltz

    Carrier observations of a new CV player.

    About AA. Game changes a lot if you are "overtiered", in this case AA is far too intense. You will have to concentrate on spotting and ill lonely ships retreating. Sometimes, particularly if you are overtiered and reds are quite close to each other so their AA overlaps, you'll find it frustrating but doesn't happens that often with the match making.
  2. I found this forum very useful, always had answers to questions... A subforum would be a good idea because new players get confused with this general discussions... People complain about MM, CVs, some OP boat, etc new players have no idea about that.
  3. franz_von_goltz

    Why I say sticking together defeats CV's.

    The problem is not CV balance, but rocket bombers vs DD balance at the moment. When spotted DDs tend to smoke and wait quietly planes are gone... Trying to dodge being permaspotted under fire is dead. WG has been trying to fix it by increasing concealment, rocket dispersion, etc... But still DD players are frustrated. The game play is much more fun in a non CV battle...
  4. I agree with you and think loosers should simply have far little reward. I saw videos in YT claiming, ship 250k, watched, indeed, impressive damage but the team looses... Just proving you are right. But win rate is still a criteria.
  5. Why not but CV AA and patrol fighters make them almost immune to air attacks. The first 10 minutes, while the sea is still full of red ships, it's not that easy to reach the red CV. On top, first priority for CVs is spotting the enemy fleet (as in reality) and protect zones (caps or other), repel red DDs, ev destroy them. Your proposal is interesting but to make it work, CV needs a drastic AA and patrol fighter nerf, and even like that, the first 10 minutes, it would make no sense to go chase the red CV as it means fly among AA bursts. In fact, WoWs maps are too small... Don't forget that the highest reward is to win the battle. Spend 10 minutes chasing the red CV, even if reward is high, will not help winning a battle, at the contrary.
  6. franz_von_goltz


    It's a nice map, but keep in mind it favors some tech trees with some characteristics. If rotated too often, the game is then "unbalanced".
  7. franz_von_goltz

    Enough with the ridiculous 3 cv matches

    But looks more like CVs will be in ranked and clan battles too...
  8. franz_von_goltz

    Tickets for player misconduct

    Yes, but that you don't care... I wouldn't open a ticket for misconduct because someone wrote I am a noob!!!
  9. franz_von_goltz

    Enough with the ridiculous 3 cv matches

    Wargaming? Prothall has decided that from now on, CV limit will be ONE from now on.
  10. franz_von_goltz

    Friesland 40mm/70 1948: The Ultimate AA Gun?

    Well... Of course, if Friesland is half dead, no more no fly zone. But you know that CV hangars aren't that large that you can afford to spend all your rocket planes to damage a DD camo. I prefer to type in the chat, "Friesland, no air cover". Better target other ships... It's a like full health Minotaur or Smolensk. Unless you have some island, you loose your time.
  11. franz_von_goltz

    Friesland 40mm/70 1948: The Ultimate AA Gun?

    Don't know so much about the details, but Friesland is a no fly zone. In terms of game play, it's interesting to have a few ships that are plane immune. It simply makes some areas on the map are not reachable by planes, so no permaspotting in the area. It might be not very realistic but a Friesland in a CV battle makes it different, where Friesland is, there are no planes.
  12. franz_von_goltz

    Indomitable the CV killer

    Excellent. I'll try and feedback. To hit enemy carrier, you need, 1/ non RN carriers with unarmored decks, 2/ fast planes, 3/ strong planes, Indomitable vs non Royal Navy except Hakuryu and Midway (makes sense TVIII can't sink TX). I think Indomitable is an experimental ship. We should see new CV tech trees, and why not CVs that are specialized in targeting other CVs but less lethal to the other types. I would love to see a CV with great torps and bombs but no rockets, anti BB and CA. Currently, the ones we have are not specialists, they can hit any target.
  13. This is an MM post... You can't complain about players doing all they can to stay alive... I'm not a cruiser player, but I know Smolensk is made of paper, so seeing a Smolensk run to some spot, smoke and start firing a limit range makes sense... What's difficult is to choose the right spot. DDs... Mmmhhhh... Many rush to cap and die. One detected by radars or planes within a few enemies range, they die. Etc Most of the time, if teams are well balanced, meaning there is no unicum player who has played more than 10000 battles, all captains 19 and so on, all is about movement. Ex, I see cases where 3 ships try to cap facing 6 ships beginning of battle, instead of leaving and regroup somewhere else or position themselves to deny the cap, they try hard and die. Game often lacks of a commander... No need to appoint anyone but experienced players can type in the chat instructions. I am a CV player and in battles where team communicates with CV, things are better, "cv spot that Shima" and so on.
  14. franz_von_goltz

    DDs aren't played anymore.....

    DDs are played by real players???? I always thought there were bots.
  15. You will never have an income tax of 50%... Most of Western European, you have extremely high social charges. Let's say, you have a budget of 100, the state will collect more or less 50% of that... You are then left with 50, on which you will pay tax on income but never 50% unless you are "sky high"... Let's say a little 20%, you are left with 40... But then VAT is 20% approx, you have countless taxes on petrol, electricity, tolls, boose, dog, tolls, etc Anything that can be taxed is taxed and a tax is a solution to any problem. I guess that yes, you can say the state keeps 70%. After, lots of stuff are "free". Problem is that less and less stuff is "free" and that 70% is looking more and more like an 80%.