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  1. Oink Goltz! Playing Hashidate and Umikaze T1 and 2 with all my friends. Amazing, I love it. Fantastic gaming experience for those who love winning. Terrific. Wonderful. No frills. No gimmicks. No CVs. Only smart playing for smart people like me and a few others. My friends who hate CVs love play T1 and 2, it's fantastic. Thanks WG for the very great job you have done for those great people. Triple Bacon!
  2. franz_von_goltz

    What is WG afraid of?

    OK, who cares about paper or not paper!!! I suggested a TX premium CV at $1000, the "Graf Franz von Goltz" or simply, "The Goltz", a double hulled GE with paper planes. That was my idea and WG transformed it into a German CV line!!! Unbelievable!!???!!!!
  3. franz_von_goltz

    Tier 4 - SIX CV's???

    Oink Goltz! Each tier is different, that's Tier IV. If you don't like CVs, I suggest you play Tier I and II. Almost all "anti CV" players play since years those tiers. Bacon !!!
  4. franz_von_goltz

    DDs are NOT dead!

    Oink Goltz! Doesn't matter, Franz wanted to tell you that if you can do it, anyone else can do it. Unless you consider yourself "special". And believe me, I saw you playing, as well as some of the [PIG]s, everybody confirms your playstyle is noobish. I suggest we do a poll. Your opinion? Bacon!
  5. franz_von_goltz

    DDs are NOT dead!

    Oink! @Col_Nasty is potato noob, I've seen him playing. No need of any stats here. If he can do this with a DD, everybody can. I can even say DDs are OP. Sausages!!!
  6. franz_von_goltz

    King of the Sea Lessons...

    Boring... There will be CVs in the coming clan battles and later in KOTS. Then, lots of the best players aren't there, as, for ex franz_von_goltz.
  7. franz_von_goltz

    I smell BACON!

    Oink! [PIG] year. Goltz' year. Waiting for the TX Premium CV, Gran von Goltz or simply, "The Goltz". Triple baked bacon. Oink Goltz.
  8. franz_von_goltz

    One Simple CV Question

    Oink! CVs are not damage OP, they are spotting OP. If you have 2 CVs in battle, ships can't play concealment that is an important part of the game. In a non CV battle, high concealment ships as DDs are OP, in a 1 x CV, they still can play concealment... If the first minutes, CVs do spotting only, later they are busy, ships can play concealment. Concealment matters also when a wounded ship is retiring... In a non CV battle, the ship can escape and at least avoid to be killed. In a CV battle, that is more difficult, 2 x CVs, no chance. But I think it is mostly the fact that CVs ruin concealment... ... Best is MM does it differently all the time. Double bacon!!!
  9. franz_von_goltz

    Best CV's for Competetive Play

    Oink! No, but looks the USN line is easier to play than IJN, RN or KM's Graf Zeppelin (and soon others). Bacon!
  10. franz_von_goltz

    Mini map location

    Oink! Think I read this suggestion several times already, nothing happened. Should not be that difficult to fix. WG developers, please answer, it's a couple of lines. Bacon!
  11. franz_von_goltz

    Super, Extra, Double Secret Probation CV Tips and Tricks?

    Oink, Completely agree, and #4 CV is the only ship that can add punch any place where it is needed. Spending 15 minutes chasing DDs is just boring by the way. Double Bacon Burger!
  12. franz_von_goltz

    German CV's inbound

    Oink??? Think would be better they named it "Graf Franz von Goltz", or simply, "The Goltz". Sounds cool. Bacon!
  13. franz_von_goltz

    German CV's inbound

    Oink Goltz! Can't wait. This is an "augmented Kriegsmarine", imagine Admiral Raeder and Hitler seeing this! It's also a sign that sooner or later other WoWs navies will have their own CV tech trees. Next? Stalin"s dreams? Maybe take some time to develop the real Regia Marina RN Aquila. Subs? New CVs? And subs? Somebody leaked the same team working on CVs was working on subs. Was that true? When do we see the subs? I am however disappointed as I expected also WG to provide details about the new TX German Premium CV, the Grosseschweinkreuzerflugzeugeboot, "Graf Franz von Goltz" or simply, "The Goltz". First premium paper ship named after a player, probably the best player here,priced $1000. Triple bacon cheese!
  14. franz_von_goltz

    Rocket Proposal

    Oink Goltz! Mmmhh... Don't know. When I rocket a DD or any other ship with my CVs, I always have the impression that there are not enough rockets. Strange. Are you really sure there are that many rockets? They nerfed them so much, now it can take up to 4 runs to kill a single DD. Very strange. Triple bacon cheese and one vodka!
  15. franz_von_goltz

    More CVs on the way

    @Estimated_Prophet, Oink Goltz. Correct spelling is Béarn. They do those 3 paper German CVs because they have to release later the first TX premium CV, the "Graf Franz von Goltz", the first ship named after a player. It will be priced $1000, only 500 players will be given the opportunity to buy it. Simply nicknamed, "the Goltz", it will be a double hulled Graf Zeppelin with jet engines ; Me 462, Ho 993 and Ar 703, paper planes designed by Franz. Double bacon cheese!