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  1. franz_von_goltz

    The New Autopilot is Great!

    Careful because it manages course and speed. You might find yourself in a tricky situation because your CV speed is slow. But guess that once used to it, we'll be able to fly and kill only.
  2. franz_von_goltz

    AA of american cruisers got serious nerf

    It is accepted that AA will never be totally manual, i.e. players actually aiming at planes like they aim at other ships. The current mechanics are fine, all ships now have to deal one way or the other with air attacks including super AA ones, 1/ Adjust AA with the control, 2/ change course, helps with rocket and dive bombers, 3/ change speed or course with torpedoes, 4/ Ship might prefer swallow the air attack if change course of speed will expose him to fire, 5/ stay grouped being the best way to deal with plane attacks or 6/ partnering with CV who can drop fighters, 7/ Partner with DDs using smoke screens. Last is 8/ Choose ship, captain skills, etc if you are uncomfortable with CVs use super AA configuration, great but useless if there are no CV's in the game. There are no more fully air attack immune ships and that's good for the game mechanics. Seven ways to deal with the Sky Cancer and all suppose team playing. CVs can't now kill a ship whose player manages AA, course, speed, smoke, etc Stop whining, team play, learn how to play... Takes a lot of time and the more I play this game, the more I see every game is different. Probably that CV rework was mismanaged as the live servers became tests servers.
  3. franz_von_goltz

    I Take Back What I Said Earlier About Massive AA Fire

    I have noticed that now, asap there are more than 3 ships together, planes are automatically exterminated. However, AA seems less intense when there are 1 or 2 ships isolated. In case the reds are grouped, I guess best is to spot, try to fix some DDs and later in the game, take care of BBs and CLs. It's quite uncommon teams manage stay grouped. I found it less frustrating than with 8.6. Maybe I am wrong but now, no single ship can obliterate a squadron in a couple of microseconds. New autopilot works well, but careful, it manages the speed of the ship too... The "aura" mechanism is different, so once squadron manages to dodge the bursts, there are plenty bullets flying around, looks great. Also noticed some new noises when planes are damaged. I hope now everybody will stop complaining about AA and CVs. One thing should still be fixed, AA and islands... Still see lots of AA while there is an Everest between the squadron and the ship. I particularly like DDs AA still working when my squadrons are flying over the Two Brothers... Would be nice they fix this too. Now that SSs are coming, people will start to complain about magnetic torpedoes, depth charges, oxygen, underwater speed, etc... WG, please release asap the subs even in random battles!!!
  4. franz_von_goltz

    Rockets on CVs

    I'm a CV player, I got gunned, torped and sunk by an Atago. Please nerf Atago's guns and torps... Atagos should not be able to sink CVs.
  5. franz_von_goltz

    issues with new update ?

    Had 2 crashes on one game only.
  6. They did, it's not perfect but you can see now the path of the ship... Your personal Midway is going to do what you ask him to do and you will be able to fly and kill without having to check your mini map every 30 seconds... Still, check, DD can pop up...
  7. franz_von_goltz

    Yet more AA changes.....sigh

    Probably you were hiding behind a rock:). My planes are attracted like magnets by those ships behind rocks.
  8. franz_von_goltz

    Yet more AA changes.....sigh

    And when there are tunnel visioned on something else, they will be torped and sunk:).
  9. franz_von_goltz

    Yet more AA changes.....sigh

    Ok. I'm more a CV player now, all I can say is that the game mechanics are fine now. As a CV player, I find that the game mechanics are quite fine now... I would just nerf a bit some of the ships, buff some others. Or at least, if so powerful, some "human action" required to target the planes. Otherwise, there will be "plane immune" ships, that is not good for the game in general. I have the feeling that now, the CVs are not "farm damaging machines", but more key contributors to victory. Spotting ennemies so friends can fire, protecting friends from enemy planes, hassling destroyers and not necessary killing them, supporting attacks when needed, terminating ill ships, CV can also "unlock" situations when BBs or CLs are hiding behind rocks. Seems that 8.7 is fixing this including autopilot. Still... the islands. It seems radars see through the islands... As does AA. Using islands is the best way to protect the planes from intense AA before a run or after a run. If BBs and CLs can play islands, so should the CVs.
  10. franz_von_goltz

    Yet more AA changes.....sigh

    Wait we see how it works with 8.7, as far as I understood players have to aim at the planes and click... Normally, this is the way it should work, players in ships aim and fire at enemies... The only thing that changes with planes is that damage is "automated", I would add some random factor so the outcome is not systematically the same % of planes... I don't get why people complain about micro management excess, that's probably what happens at war. For CV AA, all this stays automated, CV player is not a CV captain but a squadron leader, I understand that was the idea of the rework, from captain to pilot.
  11. franz_von_goltz

    CV & AA Argument

    Intense AA over a group of ships makes sense, so avoid flying too close... Don't even think about attacking, it's a suicide mission. Issue is when a full squadron is vaporized by a single ship, even if her health is low = BBs like Kremlin, CLs like Minotaur and even DDs like Kidd!!! Players don't even care anymore about planes... Single ship AA should be less intense. Even TX squadrons (I have a Hakuryu) are blown in a few seconds. Frustration isn't the problem. Game fluidity is : A CL behind a rock can pound a whole fleet 5 minutes, the only ship that can do it is the CV. At higher tiers lots of players know too well the maps and play that kind of tactics. This is naval warfare, not trenches! Another issue are the islands... They are "transparent" to AA... After a run, fly over an island should protect the squadrons, same when attacking. In 8.7, AA is supposed to be as intense but more "manual". At least that... If a player fails to start his AA, he will be attacked. At least, it's what I understood. Tier mix will be more reasonable... Some squadrons and CV's that get deplaned too fast will have more planes. Auto pilot will be fixed. I can imagine that AA balance will be reached soon. Ship players should stop complaining, no CV can sink a BB, a CL or a DD in 2 or 3 runs...in fact, most of full health ships are unsinkable. No CV OP, just AA of some ships is OP, and others, IJN is underpowered.
  12. franz_von_goltz

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    I know, by the way playing the fighters, I found different things they can do, Protect friendly ships, spot enemies so friends fire at them, drop on top of target to destroy ship fighters, drop fighters where enemy CV has dropped fighters. Anyone found something else? No idea how these fighters will behave with 8.7.
  13. franz_von_goltz

    USN vs IJN CVs

    That is not true. If CV stays far, planes need a lot of time to reach their targets... and do damage. There are BBs that can snipe from very long distance, CLs that hide behind rocks moving forward to shoot, backwards to hide, etc... Planes do fit in the game. Players who do not agree are the ones who hide behind rocks with their CLs or try to sneak into the other side with their DDs... Of course, those tactics are negated by CVs. That is good because it makes the game fluid. SSs will add even more fluidity torping any Yamato kind sitting behind a rock and sniping.
  14. franz_von_goltz

    USN vs IJN CVs

    CVs, the planes are different... Rocket planes, IJN, RN, "reticle" is round, they can attack from any side. Japanese are faster but less accurate. USN, "reticle" is an ellipse, better attack broadside to concentrate the rockets. KM (Graf Zeppelin) round. Torpedoes They are all different, USN 3 torps, IJN 2 torps Except some of the Premiums, 4 torps (Kaga) Bombers, Some are AP bombs (IJN), some HE (USN) The RN use a kind of "carpet bombing". Reticle is always an "ellipse" better attack bow or stern KM Graf Zeppelin kind of "Stuka", very nice. ... Ships are more or less fast, it matters, the slower, the best is to stay away from enemies... I get sunk often as I don't like spend my time bringing planes to the combat area. Sometimes the "auto pilot" doesn't do what I want and the ship is an easy target. Vs DDs, USN the best. Vs BBs, IJN the best. RN, well... A bit in between, torps are not powerful but easy... carpet bombing, well... I have Implacable, seems Audacious, the carpet bombers are better. KM, Graf Zeppelin... as Saipan, both premium are very different. You'll get "deplaned" faster with RN, KM Graf Zeppelin and USN Saipan. In general, you should start with the USN, they are the easiest (my opinion). TIV are kind of boring, planes are slow, ships weak and slow, etc TVI, TVIII and TX are similar. Note they are "expensive" to maintain, no choice, buy the "permanent" camouflage... Free to play doesn't exist. And if you pay, Wargaming does business and develop the game.
  15. franz_von_goltz

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    Rocket planes are NOT fighters... -> Well, they look like fighters, Hellcats, Wildcats, Bearcats, even Buffalos, etc... with rockets:).