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  1. Qmiras

    About that meaningless Karma...

    That much ship XP on a t6 cv? You sure like to hit ships with no aa...
  2. Spotting is key, ive been spotted on A with a plane attacking B ...I don't think that's fair game.
  3. I don't think WG will miss an opportunity to sell something
  4. Let's put more planes in the warship gane...that sure will be loved by everyone
  5. Qmiras

    My ranked experience this past week

    But but..."win rate depends on you alone "...and other lies
  6. Qmiras

    Chat box and friends list

    I've been having this issue since new patch came. Contacts, guild, división....everything goes blank
  7. on a game that rewards damage more than objectives...you dont want to reward farming even more. You now get spamming on a 15km away bb instead of the enemy dd capping...this will just encourage it even more
  8. superships were a mistake...specially super cvs, no need to bring game mode into the discussion
  9. Qmiras

    New 1v1 Brawls / T 9 and T 10

    Awful format when there are so many ships with gimmicks. It will heavily reward low detection high damage (destroyers). 1v1 effectively leaves 90 % of cruisers and battleships out of the game. Why did they abandon the idea of 3v3? It was so much fun...
  10. perma camos for Fxp would be nice...actually anything for fxp would be nice...
  11. as a BB main, im all for overpens causing small overlapping floodings, like 0.1% hp/s. Because of randomness of AP you can get a perfect shoot at a citadel and cruiser go BRRRR and get just 1 over pen, it will turn some of the HE game into more optional gameplay. Right now if you shoot AP at anything else than a handful of ships on some situations you are in a world of RNG.
  12. Qmiras

    POLL: Dockyard Ships You Missed

    I started playing around when Puerto Rico disaster came out..since then I got every dockyard except if because I don't like DD gameplay. Hizen is a beast and Odin is fun...rest are kinda meh to me
  13. Qmiras

    NA server down?

    this worked to resolve it for me
  14. Qmiras

    Cant enter game

    yes, i tried...all day...since i was watching the tournament wouldnt let me in.... 6 hours later magically it logged on
  15. Qmiras

    Cant enter game

    aparently after all day of being unable to login it took for me to make this post so the game let me in...