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  1. Qmiras

    NA server down?

    this worked to resolve it for me
  2. Qmiras

    Cant enter game

    yes, i tried...all day...since i was watching the tournament wouldnt let me in.... 6 hours later magically it logged on
  3. Qmiras

    Cant enter game

    aparently after all day of being unable to login it took for me to make this post so the game let me in...
  4. I'm getting the "cant login" message. Already followed the step for conections issues, restarted everything and still cant login. On another matter even forums are slow to load. Already checked with other games (world of warcraft, warframe) and other webforums and only WG products have this problem. I'm playing on Steam and from Buenos aires, Argentina. WoWS_report.wgc
  5. Same for me. Last week problem was lag spikes...but now its this stuttering that i think is related to the patch.
  6. Qmiras

    Wg server or ISP?

    having lag for second day in a row...always have a very avg ping of 100ms....yesterday and today having spikes off 700-800, not fun at all
  7. Qmiras

    Triángulos del objetivo, que son?

    Si son blancos...creo que te referís al indicador de línea de vista, osea tenés una montaña en medio y algunas de tus torretas pueden estar bloqueadas. Si es así, ojo que la línea de vista se calcula desde el centro de la nave y no implica que TODAS las torretas estén bloqueadas. Si son rojos... Son torpedos que detectaste y vienen o van en la dirección en que estás mirando. Otra no se me ocurre
  8. Qmiras

    Discusión Portaaviones "INDEPENDENCIA"

    Ojalá hubiera desarrollo en la línea pan American, pero dudo...las ramas históricas europeas tienen mucha más fruta para agregar y además muchos más adeptos que pagan el juego... Igual tanto Brazil como argentina tenían naves de esa época en sus filas y podrían ser agregadas sin violar el estilo "histórico" que parece mantener WG. Aunque sea creo que para una línea light cruisers da para que completen. Yo por mi parte compre el 9 de julio pero el T7 es una mentira en su bracket 7-8-9.
  9. Qmiras

    Noob question about stats

    interesting approach, thanks.
  10. Qmiras

    Noob question about stats

    Gracias, pruebo de verlos.
  11. Qmiras

    Noob question about stats

    thanks for your point of view. ive had people whisper me what i did wrong or didnt do...and thats fine, but the character in question did so in open chat. Potential recruiting downside doesnt really affect me right now as i cant be dedicated enough to be in a clan. I was in one a couple of days but they told me that i needed to participate more and i just couldnt... so i left. I raided 9 years in world of warcraft to know better when can or cant commit to a group.
  12. Qmiras

    Noob question about stats

    Thanks I'll look for those videos too.
  13. Qmiras

    Noob question about stats

    Thanks, I didn't know stat shaming was a thing...I don't care about rankings but if I'm trying to play objectives and get called on this I though "well maybe there's something there" but win rate depends on the whole team why would anyone use that as measure? If I encountered only great players on my team I'd have a big winrate but I would be a hard carry don't knowing which way is up...
  14. Qmiras

    Noob question about stats

    yeah i think so too, but i only bought that coal ship because i read it was easy and going away. the few games i played with it were not enjoyable...really really boring gameplay and not really playing objectives. Most people were jut wondering around and i got instagibbed more times that i could care for...so t10 is not fun to play for me in any way at this time.
  15. Qmiras

    Noob question about stats

    thanks guys, great advice