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  1. vallonzek

    1,000,000 xp on shimakaze

    yeesh! gotta hate getting a nerf to the UU!
  2. vallonzek

    1,000,000 xp on shimakaze

    tiny dolphins or jaws would be awesome! somehow i dunno tho lol a perma camo isn't even asking that much really. im sure by the time someone gets to a million xp on a ship, they already have a perma camo for it, right?
  3. vallonzek

    1,000,000 xp on shimakaze

    converting it is a silly idea. i'm going by the $200 price someone quoted. a million free xp buys the alaska, which is only $77. (even if my numbers are slightly off, the point is still there)
  4. vallonzek

    1,000,000 xp on shimakaze

    because it would be cool
  5. https://gyazo.com/7d992f477d1d0a43a87a9ba800bc51c2 i should be able to spend that xp on a special perma camo or something.
  6. the game was freezing for me since the update. i tried verifying and it kept telling me it was replacing one file but it was 0kb. finally i reinstalled the game from scratch and it fixed it
  7. vallonzek

    How to win in Ranked

    my strategy is simple... i stick to randoms every time i get to rank 10 i just stop winning, and frankly, im tired of it
  8. vallonzek

    What is ur fav ship?

  9. vallonzek

    Container Tokens a good laugh

    yes, just not a funny one
  10. vallonzek

    the mighty jingles lies!

    would be cool to get akizuki's voice over! gorgeous kitty :)
  11. vallonzek

    the mighty jingles lies!

    lol well ok then, i guess i'll just have to get used to it
  12. not the video guy, the captain in wows he keeps telling me a sub is spotted or a cv when there are no cv's in the match while this has been so far amusing, its going to get annoying pretty quick once subs are introduced, if its calling everything by the wrong ship name. i hope this gets fixed soon
  13. i'll say it first: math is hard
  14. vallonzek

    premiium ship question

    i don't have any of them but i've only ever heard good things about tirpitz
  15. vallonzek

    Why is the client so big

    i remember when my sister built her first computer that had a 1gb hard drive, and we couldn't imagine what she could possibly fill it with