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  1. dieselhead_1

    Streamers or CC for CVs?

    Correction, they have a spreadsheet that says CV's are balance and are performing ok. There is no "data" to say whether a person enjoys playing them or against them. Spreadsheet cannot give you an in game experience.
  2. dieselhead_1

    Daring Heal Is Useless

    Really? You have to be kidding right? You get theoretically more DPM than a Harugumo, a tiny ship thats hard to hit, unlimited short reload smokes and now you want a better heal? Dreaming mate! Daring and Jutland are both borderline OP and IMO dont deserve a heal at all when you consider Gearing and others that dont get it but probably deserve it a LOT more!
  3. dieselhead_1

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    nope and nope, cv will drop them if he wants to. he will just lose planes.
  4. So the answer is he should group up with some team mates? You realize that essentially this means you use 3-4 ships to counter 1 ship right? Surely you can see how retarded that is right? In what world does that EVER make sense?
  5. dieselhead_1

    The iChase Case

    Now you are doing the same as him, you're whining about his whining hahah
  6. dieselhead_1

    The iChase Case

    Fair enough, remember there are plenty of other guys saying cv is fine and pushing their point of view as well. The dudes just expressing his frustration at the game's current state, getting offended at it is, tbh, a bit ridiculous.
  7. dieselhead_1

    The iChase Case

    Yeah and? Not like he is alone now is it? Have a look around mate! Any forum, or social media that has a WOWS element is spammed constantly with CV rework hate, they cant all be wrong dude!
  8. dieselhead_1

    The iChase Case

    Thats a different topic entirely. I commented on the topic at hand, not some other topic.
  9. dieselhead_1

    The iChase Case

    Except they all missed his point, which is the new cv meta isnt enjoyable to him. He also said at the start that he has been feeling that way for a while over numerous games. Do you people even listen or just see and hear what you want??
  10. dieselhead_1

    Can We Talk About YueYang?

    Yeah it was fun, I did miss normal torps when contesting a cap though!
  11. In your opinion you mean? Just because you say something doesnt make it a fact mate, same as anyone else. I dont care because ive read or heard it all before. This whole CV thing is old news and just [edited] anyway. WG should just remove them and be done with it. Make a seperate game or something for them.
  12. dieselhead_1

    Can We Talk About YueYang?

    I would agree with you on that, I used to have more fun in Fletch than I did in Gearing for the exact reason you state in her size as a target! Funny thing is before YY got nerfed the Chung Mu wasnt considered a good DD by many!
  13. Yeah sorry, I dont care that much tbh. IF a CV player who sucks in every other ship class can avg 100k dmg I would say thats easy to play. AA is garbage now and you said it yourself since a decent cv player will bypass most of it anyway. The rest of your AA is rng based crap. CV's rarely get sniped, waste of time even bringing it up tbh. Its not like CV's 1v1 anyone now is it? They are VS AI based AA and the odd occasion they have to run when spotted at the end of the match. I dont like the new meta play style due to the concealment meta being non existent. Thats all im going to say apart from to point out I hated CV's in battles prior to the rework. Thought they didnt fit then either. lol
  14. Maybe you miss read, only the second last one made me laugh. xD "protect your carrier from air attack" Really? You get dropped by CV's a lot while playing CV do you? Take it easy junior! Dont blow a gasket or something! lol Ill admit CV players probably arent brainless, I WILL say that the amount of 40-something% WR players I see in CV's with over 100k avg dmg tell me that perhaps they are easier to play and farm with than some other classes? Especially when you check said players stats and all their other ships are sub par stats... Just an observation I made recently.
  15. Cant agree with you there, its not like RN BB are immune to other BB's AP and playing any BB from the back line isnt the way to play to win. Spamming HE on the right targets is just as important in these ships as it is in a CV tbh. Keep the same target on fire he will soon sink. Half this stuff you would do "on the fly" so to speak, and some of it most CV players dont bother with as its just wasting time you could be farming. That 2nd last one made me laugh, maybe RTS days you had to worry about this one lol!