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  1. Lion's heal means nothing when Musashi pens it all over. Even Lion's heal can't heal back 100% of AP pen damage. Fighting a Lion is a Musashi's actual wet dream because Musashi can 20k it every salvo and can just heal back all of the damage a Lion inflicts on it. Alaska is straight up better than Buffalo. I don't understand why you think that Buffalo is better. Alaska can obliterate Buffalo with AP if a Buffalo tries to use all 4 turrets. Black is literally a radar Chung Mu but better because it just smokes 3 Mogadors and they obliterate any DD that tries to come near. Black is slow, but the Mogadors aren't. Black can absolutely use its torps??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I cannot tell you how many times GGWP's USS Blacks have landed clutch torps in games recently. Mogador can win a 1v2 against a Z46 and a Chung Mu, I don't know what you're talking about. Like what? Also both Z46 and Chung Mu have >200k more battles played than Mogador, so I would assume that almost everyone has them.....the reason you don't see them in clan battles is because they're literally trash tier picks for the game mode as the meta currently stands. Georgia is literally faster than Alsace so therefore wouldn't Georgia therefore be better DD support? A Musashi is extremely difficult to citadel at the ranges that it should be playing at. And for the record, the less superstructure and deck clutter on a BB, the less HE damage and stray AP damage it takes. Especially on a ship like Musashi, which has strong deck plating. Literally only BBs can pen Musashi's deck with HE, but Musashi just dumpsters Lions with AP.
  2. Personally I'm not a big fan of people insulting my clanmates. It has gotten me in trouble with my clan leaders before, but I try to defend them if people start saying bullcrap like "you're in a good clan but you're not a good player" or crap like that, if that makes sense.
  3. lmbo do you really think I'm a reroll? My stats are pretty trash for a reroll. You said not to respond on here but I dunno how else to accept the 1v1. How does tonight after clan battles work?
  4. No, actually, he did not infer that "all removed ships are OP". He specified that there was a power imbalance at tier 9 between "ships that are available and ships that are unavailable." He then listed a handful of examples (all oh which were tier 9 ships) to prove his point. and he is correct, all of the removed ships (aside from maybe Missouri I guess) are too strong for their tier. He explained well enough that any player who has the ability to play the game at a high typhoon/hurricane level would understand. lmbo you aren't being serious are you? 1) Georgia: Georgia is leagues better than Alsace in competitive game modes. Georgia has better speed, better survivability, and Georgia's guns are on a whole other level compared to Alsace's guns. Georgia with speed boost can reach, what? 39.4 knots? that is actually faster than Neustrashimy (without speed boost) and Black, two of the meta DDs this season. Georgia's ability to rotate, out rotate, and respond to unexpected deployments is unparalleled among the t9 BBs, except perhaps for Iowa/Missouri. If you bring an Alsace instead of a Georgia to this clan battle season, you are actively throwing and are griefing your team. Alsace has junk dispersion, no form of overmatch, and does not have any sort of boosted heal to make up for how squishy it is. Quantity does not always trump quality, and despite Alsace having double the shells per salvo of Georgia, Georgia can consistently land as many shells per salvo as Alsace, while providing 30mm overmatch that Alsace lacks. 30mm overmatch is not 32mm overmatch, but the ability to dunk on Alaskas in a season where Alaska could become meta at any given time (depending on the bans WG chooses) is extremely valuable. 2) Alaska: You are delusional if you think Alaska got gutted by the commander rework. Alaska is still as strong as ever. In fact, many of the best players (including MalteseKnight, for example) actually did not run Fire Prevention on Alaska even before the commander rework. The reason Alaska is not currently meta in Typhoon/Hurricane this season is because a wolfpack of Mogadors running IFHE can melt an Alaska in 30 seconds. It has nothing to do with Alaska being unable to run Fire Prevention. Not having high DPM is not a weakness of Alaska, for the reason that an Alaska can beat almost any cruiser in a 1v1 situation with smart ammo usage and trigger discipline. Yeah yeah yeah tell one of the best BB players in a top 15 (probably top 10 tbh) clan on NA that he doesn't understand tech tree ships. Before I continue this, I would like to point out that this is not stat shaming, I am only bringing up both of your stats in tech tree ships to prove that Battleship_PrinceOfWales actually does understand tech tree ships. Your (Crokodone's) stats are fine and I do not mean to make fun of them in any way. If we look at the commonly played tech tree ships between both you and OP, both of you share a common interest in Des Moines. Your win rate and PR in Des Moines are 50.41% and 1235, respectively, over 849 games. OP'swin rate and PR are 54.36% and 1752, respectively, over 287 games. You also share a good chunk of games In Dmitri Donskoi. Your win rate and PR in that ship are 45.75% and 995, respectively, over 153 games. OP's win rate and PR in that same ship are 67.31% and 2074, respectively, over 52 games. Once again, the intent of this is not to stat shame or to poke fun, it is merely to point out that your statement about OP having a "lack of interest/understanding of tech tree ships" is false. OP has plenty of interest in tech tree ships, and he has the understanding to play many of them extremely well (ask him about 140k Yamato if you want more proof lol). Continuing on to your statement about Alaska being a Buffalo downgrade, that is false. Alaska has 30mm plating, higher hp, an underwater citadel, and the ability to hold island positions. Buffalo on the other hand, has none of what I just said about Alaska, and is made to be more of an open water(ish) cruiser. Trying to call one of the best tier 9 ships a downgrade compared to a very mediocre tier 9 ship is completely false. I don't feel like looking up both of your stat again to see if OP has a better understanding of the two ships (statistically speaking) than you, but I'm going to go out on a limb based on how well I know OP, also based on playing clan battles with him, and say that rhulk knows how to play Georgia and Alaska very well. You say that their disadvantages become "more obvious the more tech tree ships" one unlocks, and yet many of the best clans are either running Georgia or Musashi as their BBs (depending on player availability). I would assume that the best players in the world are fairly competent at the game, a lot of them are running Georgias if they don't have a Musashi player... Chung Mu only has slightly worse DPM than a Fletcher or a Black, you are correct in that regard. Unfortunately, Chung Mu is a dumpster ship for clan battles. trying to tag team it with another ship that has smoke is stupid because you are then requiring 2 ships to use the same gimmick that 1 ship has if you bring a Black. A Black can smoke 3 Mogadors and radar whatever DD comes near, which generally leads to a dead enemy destroyer. A Chung Mu + a smoke ship can radar and smoke, but then you either only have 2 Mogadors to shoot at it, or you have to sacrifice another ship in order to bring the 3rd Mogador. This is a 7v7 we're talking about, not 12v12 randoms :) If you think Black's torpedoes are bad, then I don't know what to tell you. You have no idea how many times GGWP's Black players (USS Black, not referring to skin tone) have landed clutch torps on destroyers or cruisers or the like. It happens more or less every other game on an average night. Black doesn't have very good DPM, but that's not the point of a Black. The point is partially the ability to smoke 3 Mogadors (who all have extremely high DPM when using their consumables) and radar the DD that bumped the Black, and partially to zone ships out with its torps and to zone DDs out by being an omnipresent radar threat. Jutland and Z-46 were more popular in randoms because they are better farmers than Black, but Black is still in the top 3 for tier 9 DDs in competitive play (Neustrashimy and Mogador are the other two for clan battles, and Neustra is the only one that rivals Black for ranked and such). Yeah yeah yeah, tell one of GGWP's best BB players that his credibility is bogus because...reasons? OP is a valuable member of GGWP and is definitely in the top half, maybe top quarter of the clan in terms of mechanical skill and understanding of the game. lmbo why does OP need to understand how other games work to understand how World of Warships works? Sure, I'll give you that point. There are probably people in GGWP who understand how football and basketball (neither of which should be capitalized by the way, they're not proper nouns) better than OP, but that has nothing to do with World of Warships. Warships is a different game than football, or basketball, or (believe it or not) even baseball. OP feelings on this matter are well reasoned and well thought out. They are not based on emotion, they are based of logical conclusions provided by the facts of the mechanics of the game and the designs of the ships. His buddies actually like playing French ships more, and we win with a majority non American ships. Our current optimal composition consists of 2 Musashis, 3 Mogadors, 1 Neustrashimy, and 1 Black. I spy only 1 American ship in that composition if I am not mistaken. You are partially correct in your statement of optimal ships. Neustrashimy is a very, very strong ship this season, Soyuz is a sub-optimal but not bad pick, and Musashi is the best BB pick. There is not a single German ship that is an optimal pick this season. I dare you to name me one so I can explain why it's an inferior choice compared to a handful of other ships. the optimal ships this season are Japanese or American (for BBs), French, Russian, and American for DDs, and (if you absolutely must bring a cruiser), Russian or American. I'm sorry what? I'm genuinely confused by what you mean. OP understand this game mode very, very well. I honestly don't know what you're trying to say here. Isn't this literally OP's point? That the game mod should be about which clan's players are better, not which clan has access to better ships? That's not what he's saying? He's asking a very valid question. If Buffalo is a better ship than Alaska, then why are teams playing Alaska rather than Buffalo? If Chung Mu fills the same role as Black (and has a captain which gives it more hp than Black), then why are good teams running Black instead of Chung Mu? If Iowa is better than Georgia, then why are the good teams running Georgia instead of Iowa? I don't think it can really be disputed that there's a tech tree ship better than Musashi but if you think there is, then why are the best teams in the world (Gaishu in particular) running double Musashi instead of whatever tech tree ship you think is better? I think you're misusing this verse. For starters, the verse is: "Give not that which is holy unto dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest the trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you." This verse is comparing the gospel of Jesus Christ to a pearl, and is saying that you shouldn't keep pursuing people and trying to teach them the gospel if they reject and scorn it, because they'll take that which is holy, and do unholy things with it. So either you're calling yourself a dog and calling yourself swine as you reject what the best players tell you is true, or you are not living by that which you preach, because you continue to "preach your gospel" to the people in this thread, even though they clearly don't agree with you. Take your pick :) Calling a member of the best clan in the world stupid by way of quoting a movie, but you don't even know how to correctly use your and you're. Seems legit. I don't really feel like going through your whole post to invaderzim because I assume he'll do it anyway so here's my essay for the day lol.
  5. Are you sure you're qualified to be talking about competitive wows? Musashi is definitely a broken BB for t9 clan battles and a Black smoking up 3 Mogadors can literally only be countered by another Black. afaik, OP LITERALLY DID NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT until after Musashi was available for purchase, so no he is not salty about him not being able to grind it lmbo.
  6. For starters, he's talking more about clan battles than ranked. But also, he's in a clan that consists of a lot of very new players (year and a half or newer), so most of the clan doesn't have Musashi or Missouri or the like
  7. It's literally a tier 9 clan battle season??????
  8. Because it's so fair to reward the veteran players and give them an advantage over newer players in a gamemode where skill should be the determining factor in placement....
  9. It's kind of difficult to spend the fxp on Musashi, for example, when you started playing after Musashi was removed.....
  10. Yeah you know, it's not like OP is a year old player who's in clan in the top 15 on the server, which also happens to be made up of primarily new players who weren't around when ships like Musashi and Missouri were available for sale.
  11. Vermont is currently the better ship. Montana has small caliber guns and floaty arcs at a time where long distance shots are necessary to make. Vermont has 30mm overmatch and enormous alpha strike with very fast shells. Montana is better at taking damage and repositioning, but that shouldn't be a concern with Vermont. If you can position well, then Vermont's squishiness isn't really a factor. 40 seconds is a long reload, but it is necessary due to the monstrous punishing capability that Vermont has. Giving a ship as powerful as Vermont a 30 second reload would be broken on a scale unimagined. side note, Kremlin is also not OP in any way, shape, or form, except for its ability to avoid punishment. that ship's guns are trash, having tiny range and poor accuracy, its AA is pitiful, it has a smaller HP pool than other BB, and it isn't fast in return. Kremlin is good at one thing: being in a bad position and not dying. It is a ship that has a low skill floor but a low(er) skill ceiling compared to any of the other BBs at t10.
  12. I wasn't advocating for those ships to be played in that way all the time; in fact I have never played those ships that way in randoms and rarely even in clan battles. I was only making the point that those ships dumpster Petros and he can try it if he doesn't believe me.
  13. Petro is such a junk ship that nerfing its guns in any way shape or form will make it go from back of the pack to literally the worst t10 cruiser. Petro has trash dispersion, trash HE DPM, just trash guns all around. The only thing that keeps Petro in the competitive meta is its armor. Very few cruisers can actually deal with a Petro effectively. If you really think Petro is OP, I suggest you either 1) play it, or 2) play Goliath, Hindenburg, or IFHE Henri IV and go Petro hunting.
  14. The global statistics of a ship's performance are not how it should be balanced, nor should they be used to determine whether a ship is good or bad. One possible way to judge a ship's capabilities is to compare it with the other ships at its tier. ie, Akizuki's DPM and HE pen vs. Lightning or Benson's DPM and HE pen
  15. As I said, WG has the tools to look at near every possible data value imaginable about a ship. The problem is that they either don't look at any other data, or they completely ignore it in favor of their own [edited] interpretation of the data.