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  1. WhiteCoatClubber

    Clan Brawls

    I have a couple of suggestions to go with your idea. 1) Have Clan Battles and Clan Brawls from tier 5 and up. Cycle through the tiers on a regular basis to switch things up. 2) Ban premium ships so everyone has the ability to access the same ships. This means whales and old timers who have access to broken Op ships (Belfast or Smolensk for example) won't have that unfair advantage. 3) Stop giving out rentals for the high tiers. Game play is bad when people don't know how to play the ships. 4) Like Naval Battles, switch up the scoring system or conditions for winning sometimes. What if the team with the most combined ribbons won? This would make teams have to try new strategies. WhiteCoatClubber
  2. WhiteCoatClubber

    What would you do?

    I was on the public test server last week during the outage and when I tried to quit a COOP match it gave me a warning that the reds were ahead and that leaving would result in a loss.
  3. WhiteCoatClubber

    CVs in Killer Whale

    I like running down to I 1 in the lower left corner of the map. Nothing spots you down there so you only have to worry about operating your aircraft. You are not as close to the enemy ships so cycle time can be a bit of an issue but I still regularly break 200k damage with the ryujo. If the exit is on the north side you are kind of stuck but I have only lost one game because of that. Usually the exit is in the east and you are ideally situated for that one. Regards Whitecoatclubber
  4. WhiteCoatClubber

    Paper Warships

    I believe that the hull form study for the Montana class was used for the USS Midway's hull. So you could say that at least some part of the original Montana was built.
  5. Challenge Accepted Raptor Rescue is the most infuriating OP. Too many people are lured away by the two CVs and leave Raptor completely exposed. Defense of New Port is harder by far but you know that going in. If you div up with people who know what they are doing Raptor Rescue should be an easy OP.
  6. WhiteCoatClubber

    doubloons disappearing

    There is a mod call "Stingy by default" in modstation
  7. WhiteCoatClubber

    PSA; 4 New Bonus Codes

    Still working for me
  8. WhiteCoatClubber

    Italian BB Event Part 1 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Give this man a prize
  9. WhiteCoatClubber

    Best ship for.....???

    Let's start a discussion. For each operation list your favorite ship of each type. Killer whale Destroyer = Icarus Light Cruiser = Budyonny Heavy Cruiser = Graf Spee Battleship = P.E. Friedrich Aircraft carrier = Ryujio
  10. WhiteCoatClubber

    Drop in the level of play in operations

    Hi All Has anyone noticed a drop in the general level of play in operations lately. Just had a game in Killer Whale with the north exit where the team just refused to get into the exit. I don't think it was malicious but a total lack of situational awareness and a basic understanding of the exit criteria. Just seems like a lot of people come into operations just to lose. WhiteCoatClubber
  11. WhiteCoatClubber

    12 premium journey to the west containers

    Just be warned., I bought 11 premium and got 8 days premium and all the rest were camos. YMMV Regards WhiteCoatClubber
  12. WhiteCoatClubber

    List of Free XP Ships

    Is there a list anywhere of all of the free AP that are available? I have 1m FXP built up so I'm trying to decide what to get next. Already have the Nelson and the Alaska. Regards WhiteCoatClubber
  13. How many slots do you normally get if you are not running a premium account?
  14. WhiteCoatClubber

    From the dead torpedos

    Anyone notice that the bots seem to be able to shoot torps after they are dead? I have run across several cases where it seams like the bots were able to launch a set of VERY well aimed torpedos well after they were dead.