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  1. WhiteCoatClubber

    Need Citadels? (PVE Thread)

    I generally go with Kirov for the citadel missions. You need to be accurate with your aim but you can do pretty well in her. I have citadeled angled Omahas with HE in her at at tier 5 there are a lot of squishy cruisers to shoot at. Citadel missions are kind of situational as you need the bots to line up the correct way to really have a good game no matter what you are in. I was having a hard time getting a really good game this time around and when I only needed one more to complete the mission I pull off a 21 citadel game. Figures.
  2. WhiteCoatClubber

    PSA: New Prime Loot

    I never received a visible notification (or I just never spotted it) but when I went into the notifications tab it was listed there.
  3. WhiteCoatClubber

    PTS 0.11.6 pt 1 - Bug Reports

    Description: The mini-map had a problem with the display of the range circles during a co-op battle. First it was the Radar range circle and then the detection circle after I fired. How to reproduce : Play a battle and turn on the radar range circle or shoot your Guns.
  4. I don't think that is how it works. Currently if you have a permanent camo you remove it to put on an expendable one that has better earnings. They do not currently stack. With the new system, the permanent bonus is part of the ship and you can add additional consumable bonus on top of it. Therefore the bonus potential stacks. Additionally, if you currently want to grind commander experience, you might have to put on a camo that also has a XP bonus as well. Therefore you may end up more XP on a ship than you want. In the new system you can add just a commander xp booster and leave the Xp booster off.
  5. WhiteCoatClubber

    Will expendable camo have ANY value whatsoever?

    I have seen streamers who have custom skins that they created (or had someone create) for their ships. So I wonder if expendable camos will become worthless and whole black market trade in ship skins will spring up.
  6. So bears can **** in the woods but people can't?
  7. WhiteCoatClubber

    Fastest Co-Op Game

    The Bots have been improved in the aim department. The CV used to be useless but now they can hit you with Rockets and Bombs reliably. BBs will spank a charging DD much more often than they could.
  8. WhiteCoatClubber

    PSA: Code (Flag)

    hukt on fonnix
  9. WhiteCoatClubber

    PSA: The Vote for Huron's Camo

    The Tribal class destroyers were named for various First Nation peoples of Canada. HMCS Huron was named for the Huron first nation that was originally located in the great lakes region of Lake Huron. HMCS Haida was named for the Haida First Nation located in the west coast of Canada so the Orca would be more appropriate for Haida.
  10. WhiteCoatClubber

    Sinking ships too soon in Aegis

    Replacing the Baltimore has definitely changed the dynamic of the first wave of red cruisers. Once the first wave gets locked onto the transports there seems to be little you can do to divert their attention. The only thing that seems to shoot at you are the objective three BBs. I had a recent game where my team Potatoed early leaving just me in a London and a Makarov escorting the Transports with a CV hiding in the islands to the south. The Makarov headed for the Kongo/Ishizuchi pair and was pretty quickly deleted and I was sitting in smoke hitting the cruisers and the Fuso. Once the smoke was done I figured I had better draw everyone's fire if the transports were to have any chance so I charged up the middle. Only the BBs were shooting at me and I was basically doing drive bys on the cruisers because they were ignoring me to shoot at the transports. I've a couple of games where the cruisers seemed to ignore me completely.
  11. WhiteCoatClubber

    PSA: The Vote for Huron's Camo

    My design was based on the traditional uniform used by the chiefs of the Huron (sometimes called Wyandot) first nation. They lived primarily in Ontario and Quebec but were spread over quite a range as a lot of first nations eventually were.
  12. WhiteCoatClubber

    PTS 0.11.5 pt 2 - Bug Reports

    Description: Destroyed a ship after I was destroyed but did not get "It's only a Flesh Wound" achievement Example: Replay Attached
  13. WhiteCoatClubber

    Public Test Server random battles are crazy as all get-out!

    Can you Seal Club a bot?
  14. WhiteCoatClubber

    A question about Sub detection

    What difference would having ships in the middle do? The sub goes to max depth, becomes undetectable and speeds right on past them into the back field. No DD could do that with any reasonable hope of succeeding unspotted.
  15. WhiteCoatClubber

    A question about Sub detection

    1) I was able to spot the ping indicator and used them to drop airstrikes. I was on the PTS for this game so after a couple of weeks I don't recall if I got any hits or not. I certainly didn't do enough damage to force the sub to break off the attack or for me to think I could actually win the engagement. 2) I was following the oil patches to "stalk" the sub, but it's difficult to determine the precise location of the sub from them to avoid a ram. The sub had me spotted so had a distinct advantage.