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  1. WhiteCoatClubber

    I cant claim my PTS rewards.

    I received my ship crate on Monday 22 June. Anshan (sigh). Regards WhiteCoatClubber
  2. WhiteCoatClubber

    Free Premium Ships: A Guide

    I didn't see this above so excuse me if I missed it. If you participate in all three public test server sessions for a season you get a tier 6 premium container as well. There are 4 seasons each year. Regards WhiteCoat
  3. What's the advantage to going over 75 fps??
  4. WhiteCoatClubber

    I cant claim my PTS rewards.

  5. WhiteCoatClubber

    ST, new ships.

    Nah. PT boats is where it's at.
  6. WhiteCoatClubber

    I cant claim my PTS rewards.

    On a similar note, If my understanding is correct, when you complete all three missions for the spring season (patches 9.3, 9.4 and 9.5) you're supposed to get a free tier 6 premium ship crate. When would that drop?
  7. WhiteCoatClubber

    Kirov question

    What was the answer?? EDIT: Looked at your attached post and it seams clear that if you have the Moskova researched that you will get her. But do you need to pay the credits? Do you get here for "free" if you have the ship researched?
  8. WhiteCoatClubber

    Can't Update Mod Station

    Tried again this morning and now it downloads but sticks on the configuration update download.
  9. WhiteCoatClubber

    Can't Update Mod Station

    Since the update I can't perform the corresponding Mod Station update. Sometimes it begins to download and sometimes not. Tried several times over the course of the afternoon and night. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks WhiteCoat
  10. WhiteCoatClubber

    Elite Ship Status

    Okay, now that makes sense. Looked at a few of my ships and sure enough, if they weren't fully researched then they were not Elite. Thank you.
  11. WhiteCoatClubber

    Elite Ship Status

    Quick question. Just researched the Daring and got the message "This ship has been given elite status" It says that "XP earned on this ship can be converted to free XP" but you can do that with any ship so I don't get the point of the message. So what does it actually mean? Thanks WhiteCoatClubber
  12. WhiteCoatClubber


    Honestly, I hate this ship. The torps are slowish at 65kts, only 10km range, easily spotted at 1.3km, slow to reload and have pathetic firing angles. The guns are only 113mm with no bite, IFHE is useless since the nerf, loading is slow (with BFT it's 3.8 seconds) and it has a HUGE blind spot to the rear. If you're trying to run away then you can't shoot behind you even if you have too (i.e. an enemy DD behind spotting that you just have to kill to go dark). The shell arcs are large and even hitting BBs at 10kms takes some careful aiming and almost clairvoyant predictions. If you run into ANY DDs and have to fight then you're dead. Even the Japanese torpedo boats beat the snot out of you in short order. Concealment is meh, I have CE and CM1 and it's only 5.7km. Speed is only 35.7kns so getting somewhere take a lot of patience. I've been chased by some of the newer CAs and they are almost as fast as the Jutland. The only role it seems to be able to reliably fulfil is running a screen for heavier allied units to spot torpedo's and keep the enemy DDs away. Unfortunately that doesn't lend itself to putting up any decent XP in a game so the grind to the Daring is unbelievably long. Time really hasn't been nice to the Jutland and it has been seriously power creeped.
  13. WhiteCoatClubber

    MM fixed? how

    I just played 4 in a row and I don't think my team did better then third place. Last game we only managed to sink 1 ship on the enemy team. MM is definitely broken.
  14. WhiteCoatClubber

    Cannot access Armory, Premium Shop or Clan panel

    I'm having the same issue (or at least something similar) and I have discovered that if I press the windows key then the screen immediately updates, I have to make a selection, hit the windows key twice and then I can proceed. Weird but works for me. Regards WhiteCoatClubber