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  1. I was actually going to make a post on this same topic. Many of the things you stated are similar to my ideas. One other thing I think needs to happen is nerfing the HE on battleships (especially Thunderer and Conqueror). Battleships have a pretty high fire chance and can penetrate very large amounts of armor. If the maximum penetration and the fire chance of battleship HE were nerfed I think that would also help because they would no longer be able to shoot HE at the back of the map and still be able to get pretty hefty salvos. I also think that Carriers need to have a nerf to their AA. I don't know why but it seems like they have way better AA than all of the surface vessels. I also think that DDs should have a nerf to their HE fire chance. Sure they only have about 8% (in Daring's case) per shell but it adds up when they can shower you with 128 shells in one minute. I've attached a file of notes that I have made. It's pretty messy because I haven't finalized it. Note that only I am not saying all of them should be in place (that would create a huge mess). I'm open to feedback if you're willing to give it. Rebalancing Between Ship Classes, Ideas Proposal.pdf
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    Rebalancing T7-10 Battleships

    Wow never knew that, thanks for the information.
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    Rebalancing T7-10 Battleships

    Here are the updated spreadsheets and the explanations: T7_BB-Rebalance Proposal - T7 BB.pdf T8_BB-Rebalance Proposal - T8 BB.pdf T9_BB-Rebalance Proposal - T9 BB.pdf T10_BB-Rebalance Proposal - T10 BB.pdf T7-10 BB-Rebalance Proposal Buff_Nerf Explanations.pdf
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    Rebalancing T7-10 Battleships

    Thank you for the feedback. I may not be able to get back with an updated version for a while.
  5. I decided that I wanted to attempt rebalancing the tier 7 through 10 battleships. I chose mostly tech tree ships but I did choose one premium (Hood). I looked at the statistics of each ship using the site https://ships.gg/compare. Attached are the pdfs of the spreadsheets I made. I didn't go into AA or secondary guns because of the upcoming commander rework. I also tried to keep each ship unique while still making sure they weren't under or overwhelming. Here are the links to the official stats of all the tech tree battleships compared at their tier: Tier 7 Battleship Comparison Tier 8 Battleship Comparison Tier 9 Battleship Comparison Tier 10 Battleship Comparison Please feel free to give me suggestions concerning the balance between these ships as well as if I could do better on my post in general (such as layout, etc.). Also, I know Wargaming will most likely not take this into consideration, much less actually use it. I just thought it would be nice to get my recommendations out in the forums. If you like how I balanced them, feel free to tell me. I can try and propose the balancing of other ships if you ask me. T7 BB-Rebalance Proposal - T7 BB.pdf T8 BB-Rebalance Proposal - T8 BB.pdf T9 BB-Rebalance Proposal - T9 BB.pdf T10 BB-Rebalance Proposal - T10 BB.pdf