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  1. Pliskenator

    Every. Freaking. Game.

    And this is the reason I find myself logging in just long enough to acquire the daily reward, looking at a ship in port, and saying, "naaaaah". That, and a certain viking-themed survival game.
  2. Pliskenator

    Winrate convergence

    I'd personally like to see the account win rate to only count the most recent 1000 battles or so in a moving average calculation. That way, people aren't weighted down by their early failures, AND long term players aren't propped up by their stats that were acquired years ago. Or, rather than win rate, some kind of performance number for where the player places in the scoreboard. Given the steamrolls that keep happening, there's very little a player can do when 6 ships on their team are sunk by the 5 minute mark.
  3. Pliskenator

    Torpedo Bug still not fixed

    Definitely not interested in playing my DD (or any ship with torps) in clan battles right now.
  4. T8 Destroyer Z-35. I now have premium KM destroyers for T6-9. I just barely got Gaede.
  5. And it's attitudes like this that makes the cynic in me believe that teammates wouldn't exactly mind seeing a CV take a bunch of torps up the hoop just out of spite. You guys already report CV players just for existing. Good game (reported by opponents), bad game (reported by own team)...doesn't matter. It's all part of the bigger problem in society of the "othering" of entire swaths of people.
  6. Well, I guess if I'm saying I can avoid CV attacks with as bad as I am in a DD... I've always looked at CV planes as mostly a mobile close-range radar. Most DDs have air-spotting ranges <3km with AA off. The AA is a blazing "come attack me!" announcement, and that "one simple trick" (tm), negates a LOT of CV pain for DDs. OTOH, once in range, a DD can harass a CV with torps and guns. And heaven help the CV if he's being attacked by a Halland.
  7. I'm in no way a great DD player...I'm quite bad in fact. I'll have the occasional excellent game, but a lot of "out in 7min" battles. As long as I remember to keep the AA turned off, I've never really struggled with CVs. Torps are not a threat, and bombs can be avoided, and rockets are a joke now. The real killer was "being spotted in range of 6 shell spamming ships".
  8. A good DD player can dodge -everything- the CV throws at it. Well, except for Graf Zepplin secondaries. Rockets telegraph from 9000 miles away, torpedoes are too slow, and dive/carpet bombs have battleship sized dispersion areas. I didn't say you can't hit them...but it's generally not enough to kill one outright. And most surface drivers can't be bothered to turn their guns towards the DD in the rear...because of the old meta of CVs being invincible.
  9. I've noticed a major increase in DDs sneaking past the front lines and hunting the CV. Once the DDs get in torp range, there's absolutely nothing the CV player can do.
  10. Pliskenator

    April fools and the bathtub mode

    I still think the World of Warcraft in-game Chinese take-out vendor, and the two headed ogre playable character were the best April Fools they ever did.
  11. Pliskenator

    What have you done to cruisers

    World of cautious ships.
  12. I bought Alaska when I hit the 1mil FXP mark because of the difficulty I'd had damaging it in battle. I've definitely enjoyed it, and there's a good video from the "Battleship New Jersey" channel describing the design of the Alaska-class. I've had some good games in her. But now...I guess due to the "going away factor", I've started encountering more Smalands when I play Harugumo and Halland. That thing is a DD killer. I'm not hopeful that I'll be able to climb the 2mil mountain before the shoe drops.
  13. Pliskenator

    Playing T8+ DD's isnt fun anymore

    And Smalland is a DD killer. I've gotten surprised a few times by her. But I agree with everything said above. I used to charge the cap straight out...now I kindof skirt the edge until the radar cruisers are spotted or until I'm sure I've got hard cover to hide behind. Radar can spot you behind islands, but if nobody can shoot you, you're golden.
  14. I think the client "short circuits" the Big Crate opening. When I entered the client, there was a super-container waiting, which contained a Warspite.
  15. Pliskenator

    After years I have finally achieved ZERO Karma!

    Karma is the most useless, abused system ever devised. If somebody is playing well, I'd rather give them a "B"-"well done" right then and there. As mentioned above, you get negative karma just for existing if you're in a CV. People have outsized expectations of what a CV can do, and will call you every name in the book for not using your mythical "God-hammer" and single-handedly smashing the enemy team. Had a red yesterday in a Hakaryu wish everybody luck at the start. He immediately got trashed and berated for having the temerity for playing a CV and ruining everybody's game before it started. I defended him, and I'm sure I was reported, but can't tell because my karma is already zero for daring to play CV. The hate is out of control.