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  1. ThRiLl_GmYr

    IFHE for KGV?

    Sorry, you are much better at math than I am..... but how is 1.02*70%=73.44%?
  2. ThRiLl_GmYr

    what tech tree tier 7s would people recommend?

    KGV is probably my favorite tier 7. I have also done the Helena, Yorck, Algerie and currently the New Orleans. They are all ok but nothing special. I enjoyed the tier 6 Nurnberg and La Galissionaire more than the tier 7s. But the two American cruisers are much better than their tier 6s.
  3. I don't know much about the console version, but PC is fairly generous about XP. You can normally keep a decent supply of 100% camos and 50% signals on hand for your grind. I would say I earn XP at least twice as fast on WOWS than I do on WoT. Even bad games net me around 3k and a really good game can net well over 5k. Earning credits isn't too bad either. IMO WoWS economy is pretty fair. Better then WoT console and a lot better than WoT PC.
  4. ThRiLl_GmYr

    Premium ship nerfs coming

    The huge problem with nerfing premiums is that it opens up the risk of abuse by developers creating a churning cycle of OP premium ships. Devs offer new OP premium, everyone lusts after it it and buys it. A year later devs "realize" the made a mistake, the ship is OP and must be nerfed. Then they sell a new OP premium. But video game companies would never do that, it is a super ethical industry. Kappa.
  5. Does this mean we can change commander skills as many times as we want during the time period, or just once during that time. It would be nice to be able to experiment with the different skills.
  6. ThRiLl_GmYr

    14 Days into playing, my $0.02....

    Yes, so mine will be much easier to increase. With 5000 games it is pretty clear you have plateaued. Listen, my point is not to bang on you for being a mediocre player. My point is that you telling me I am not fit to play high tiers is not fair. I am more than competent enough to play tier X with 500 games in. Last night I placed second on my team in my tier 8 Hipper (not a BB) in a tier X match.
  7. ThRiLl_GmYr

    14 Days into playing, my $0.02....

    I play BB and Cruiser. My stats are actually better in Cruisers. My top tier win rate is pretty much the same as yours. My average damage is the same as yours. My average XP is slightly better. My K/D is slightly worse. I will come back and talk to you at 14k. But by then we won't even be close.
  8. ThRiLl_GmYr

    14 Days into playing, my $0.02....

    Well, my stats are equal to yours with only 500 games. So if I am not ready, I guess you aren't either. Secondly, I clearly told the guy DD was a challenging choice, one that I would not have made so early into playing this game. But the fact remains that not everyone needs thousands of mid tier games to play high tiers. Maybe you did, but don't project your short comings onto others.
  9. ThRiLl_GmYr

    14 Days into playing, my $0.02....

    I play fine at high tiers.
  10. ThRiLl_GmYr

    14 Days into playing, my $0.02....

    I agree with those who tell you to ignore people saying you need to stay in low tiers. I agree that high tier gameplay is its own beast. Where I disagree with you is your arguments that the game needs to be changed to suit you. The game is what it is. If you are having a hard time 14 days in, keep playing and keep learning. But 14 days in it is pretty silly for you to demand changes because you are still learning. Also, you picked the toughest class. Personally, I have 500 games in and have a tier X BB , a tier 8 and a tier 7 Cruiser. I have no problem playing those ships competently in high tier games. But I would not dream of doing the same with a DD this early into the game. If you choose to do so then you just have to live with the reality what you are going to take a beating.
  11. ThRiLl_GmYr

    Does the Vanguard belong at tier 8?

    I am not saying the Vanguard doesn't need buffs, but there is no way it should be a tier 7. Tier 6 would be a joke. Fact is that most the prime WW2 battleships are tier 8 plus. Vanguard was a post WW2 BB.
  12. ThRiLl_GmYr

    Minotaur Research Price Issue

    Yes, the same is true in WoT. You don't have to buy but you must research all requisite modules.
  13. ThRiLl_GmYr

    Minotaur Research Price Issue

    As someone else explained, to go to the Mino you must research a module on the Neptune, probably the hull. You cannot research the Mino without doing that hull first. Since some people just free XP past a ship, I guess the game allows you to pay that module cost on the Mino instead. If you buy the Neptune, you probably have to unlock the B hull to advance to the Mino. That must cost 42k XP. You do that, and then the XP cost for Mino will drop to 238k. Or, you can just not buy the Neptune and pay 280k free XP to unlock Mino. 238k for Mino and 42k for the Neptune Hull. The game is not going to let you get a bargain on the Mino by skipping the Neptune.
  14. ThRiLl_GmYr

    Minotaur Research Price Issue

    You probably need a few thousand more before tier 10. Lol.
  15. ThRiLl_GmYr

    Minotaur Research Price Issue

    What an obnoxious response. I wouldn't be throwing stones if I were you.