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  1. Other than cosmetics, will the Type 1/II/V camos have any value after the upcoming conversion? The concealment/dispersion benefits they currently provide will be imbedded in all ships. Is it best to sell them now and take the credits?
  2. Prior to the most recent patch, the morning transfer between servers (Approx 6:15 AM) worked flawlessly. Currently, I must sign out and sign in again to continue play. This happens each time I am transferred for maintenance.
  3. chinabob


    Note that you can go back and earn rewards for the tasks you skipped as you progressed through the campaign
  4. chinabob

    Twitch drops, delayed?

    Same with me. I was able to enter a ticket but the reply was the standard "clear your cache..." response. I did it again to no result. It may take time but I expect they will make it right
  5. chinabob

    PSA: Exeter Flag Mission Code

    Still working - Thank you!
  6. chinabob

    Code for Free Stuff

    132 left - Thanks!
  7. I do not recall if Tech Tree ships are discounted during either the Black Friday Sale or in conjunction with the pending Snowflake event starting with 10.10. If any Old Salts can provide recollections of past events, it will be appreciated,
  8. chinabob

    New Redeem Code

    still working = thank you
  9. chinabob

    Code: SOVBB21

    Still active - Thank you
  10. After 5 months of focusing almost exclusively on promoting my previously top tier 19 point captains to the new 21 point tier, I am finished. 17 commanders are essentially back where they started with minor improvement in skills. They can once again collect XP for other commanders but, frankly, I am unmotivated to chase another 1.759MM XP to promote a 17 point commander. Anyone else trying to complete the task or have you finished weeks/months ago I have had time to puzzle out a proposal that may intrigue the community that has interest in commanders with top tier skills. Once each year, a player with at least one 21 point captain, can select a single ship which will be commanded by the "Imperial Admiral of the Fleet". For the arbitrary cost of 3MM SHIP XP, an additional 4 commander points are added for a total of 25. This rewards the effort to reach 21 skill points as well as provides the opportunity to use ship xp which almost everyone has in huge surplus. The selection once a year becomes important as there are so many unknowns regarding battles and missions planned for later in the year. Do you pick a specialty ship or a ship with multiple capabilities? I expect there would be a wide range of selections which may lead to interesting confrontations. In any event, good luck to you in your efforts to reach 21 points. I. for one, am glad to have it behind me.
  11. chinabob


    A CVS gift card worked for me a year ago and is still listed as an acceptable form of payment
  12. chinabob

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    NA starts at 11AM EDT and runs through the evening. The post is saying the slow, early morning hours will not be available for ranked
  13. I am at the other end of the RNG curve: 10K FXP 15 Hydra 5 Spring Sky Camos
  14. Several times I have been credited with a "Top 3" finish in spite of finishing fourth on fifth in team results.