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  1. This totally worked for me - new RX5700xt and it was crashing when game would load - uninstalled 19.9.2 - reinstalled 19.7.5 - works like a charm!! Thanks KinoMyu!!
  2. ATScuba

    Friesland Captain Skills

    I don't think that RL is as important on the Friesland as she is not so much a DD hunter - although she can pounce when given the opportunity - but between her detection and lack of high alpha strike capability, she is not as good on the front line AR is a good skill - but I am not sure if a 1.4s reload or 1.3s is that much of a deal with Fries.
  3. I play both Co-op and Random - and I know that it is somewhat challenging to clear the 300 base XP hurdle on most ships in Co-op - but anything higher is rather difficult (in Co-op) - So with clans that are heavier in Co-op players, there is a base level of stars that are possible, then it falls to the players who will run Randoms to try to clean up a couple more stars. I can usually clear the 900 bar in a Random - but the 1200 is tough unless you win the engagement - and anything higher is a crap shoot Damage based stars are cool - but then it is weighted very heavily to Co-op play - I can take a DD into Co-op and get 50-100k everytime, not so in Randoms I prefer either the base XP with smaller increments (300 - 500 - 700...) or Damage based with some kind of balancing for Co-op and Random (maybe a multiplier for Random?)
  4. ATScuba

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    I know that running deep water torps I have surprised a number of BBs that are on the other side of the map in blue water and think no one is around Thank you BTW for the decode info on the replay files - very cool!!
  5. I play coop because it is fun, and fast - 30sec queue time, bots almost always charge in - and a few potatoes on your side won't totally break the game for you, if you can hold up your end. Generally all the things that have been mentioned above. I will watch some live streams from shipcomrade - they are super fun - but I do not feel that I am that same level/caliber (pun intended) - I am also playing in the room next to my kids at 10pm, so I can't really be chatting and involved in a game that lasts for too long - If one of them falls out of bed or wanders in and needs help getting back to sleep I have to drop the game.
  6. ATScuba

    Exeter mission--really?

    I have Exeter - played a couple rounds so far - and find it pretty fun. I enjoy the 203s hitting power, but lament that the DPM is nerfed with 15s reload. I like the single fire torps personally, and they hit hard and have good range for tier 5. She is a little soft, requires a smart defense game to keep from getting melted. All in all, I play up to tier 7 mostly - and tier 5 is fun. For the cost in the premium shop I think it is a deal.
  7. ATScuba

    Premium Ship Review -- IJN Tachibana

    I just got the Tachi-Lima with a $.99 special - and I have to say, maybe it is just my play style, but it is a really fun ship to play - I have run half a dozen co-ops, and I am enjoying it so much that I don;t really want to play anything else at the moment - even though I can't earn but so much XP and such with her. I enjoy the maneuverability, the super quick torp reloads and the positioning of the guns that allows me to harass with at least 3 shells from most any direction.. I have been getting out front to spot initially, then trying to hide or work around land and or get close enough to a friendly cruiser to have some protection - and pop off torps at the CLs and DDs that show up
  8. ATScuba

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    20X Mega gift I had decent luck - feel like i got good value - lots of camo and signals - but also a T61 2k doubloons = $8 20x ny streamer camo = $6 30x ourobouros signal flags = $7 30x dragon signal flags = $7 30x basilisk signal flags = $7 30x scylla signal flags = $7 30x scylla signal flags = $7 30x ourobouros signal flags = $7 5x spring sky camo = $5 2k doubloons = $8 2k doubloons = $8 12.5k coal = $1.25 5x spring sky camo = $5 30x basilisk signal flags = $7 12.5k coal = $1.25 20x ny streamer camo = $6 30x leviathan signal = $7 2k doubloons = $8 5x spring sky camo = $5 T-61 with 10pt commander = $26 + $21 total value = $165 - paid $75 => 220% return