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  1. jones_farragut_nimitz

    Reaction to Thunderer

    Speaking of Thunderer, any guesses to how long it will remain in Armory for Coal? If Smol and JB are being removed because they are popular and appear in numbers in games, I wonder if maybe Thunderer could be next to be pulled? I have seen a lot of games lately with 4 Thunderers. I am thinking of getting Thunderer now myself, but would get Georgia instead if Thunderer will still be in Armory in June for next coupon. But I am not certain that Thunderer will still be in Armory by June. Not sure if Georgia will still be there in June either. Difficult to choose and guess.
  2. jones_farragut_nimitz

    Co-op battles ending abruptly

    I play a lot of coop and random games . . . but may I humbly suggest that coop needs fixing. Is not a 3 minute game just way too short? Getting a lot of 4 minute games as well. I recall 4 months ago the coop games were much longer - around 6 to 7 min on average I think.
  3. jones_farragut_nimitz

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    That I want more 1 v 1 ranked ! ( Most Fun I have ever had in this game )
  4. jones_farragut_nimitz

    Ranked 1v1 is a success.

    Loved 1 v 1 ranked sprint. They should do it again --> soon!! Keep the same rules. Pick any Tier, I don't care.
  5. jones_farragut_nimitz

    Ranked 1 v 1 and Tirpitz

    I really like the 1 v 1 ranked sprint. I hope it returns again before too long - with the exact same rules. I don't care which Tier - any will do. I mostly played my Tirpitz B. It was great fun! But the Tirpitz is not unbeatable - I had trouble with Massachusetts, Prinz Eugens, Hippers, and Smart DD play. Never once encountered a CV, lol. Edit: What I really like about the 1 v 1 ranked sprint is that I felt in control of my success in the game mode. ( Which I have not felt before )
  6. jones_farragut_nimitz

    Puerto Rico and YOU!

    ^^ well said
  7. jones_farragut_nimitz

    I Am Feeling Much Better, Now

    Sorry to hear about the "dental pain" you talked about. Wishing you well! Cheers!
  8. jones_farragut_nimitz

    Is the game going in a good direction?

    No. The game is going in the wrong direction as fast as a Kleber with speed boost. There were some nice events during the past 4 months, but the way that the PR event was done is seen by many people as being very deceptive and it is a slap in the face to the player base - on so many levels.
  9. jones_farragut_nimitz

    How do you plan to tackle the Puerto Rico grind?

    I will at my leisure knock off snowflakes and at a sane pace, I said sane pace, See if I can get the Glorizia done before mid January. Not even going to bother with Puerto Rico. Would have tried to get PR if it was reasonably and humanly possible to do so - which it is not. I probably would have even bought a booster, if the grind was possible - which it is not. As things stand now, I will not spend any money on WOWs until I see things going in a better direction. For example, I want to see everyone who is asking for booster refunds to get their money or doubloons back. So WG just lost money from me ( and many others ) with what many Community Contributors are saying is basically a big "sunk cost fallacy addiction" and a "bait and switch false advertising stunt."
  10. jones_farragut_nimitz

    PSA: PR Harassment Needs to Stop

    My Karma got down voted earlier today just because I was nice to someone in a Puerto Rico, lol. lol, I will most likely never get a PR for myself unless it ends up in the Armory someday. I understand it. It is the entirely the fault of way the holiday event was designed. I have posted several comments on other threads saying how bad the PR event is. But I was just asking the PR player if it was much better than an AK. ( I do have an AK ) He said that the AK was in fact better than a PR. And I thanked him for his comparison. After the battle I noticed that someone down voted my Karma, lol funny. The PR player was getting some grief. It was not too bad, but he was being called "whale" a lot in a demeaning manner. But he was throwing it right back at them, lol.
  11. Absolutely correct. And yes the vast majority of players see it for what it is. And it is done during the Holidays no less. And contrary to what has been said by WG, this was not marketed just to the top 1% of the player base. This was marketed to everyone in order to get all players to as you say, "put effort into it, fall short, and then spend cash to complete it." I would have had a lot more respect for WG if they had just put the ship on sale with an upfront price. And may-be had a contest and random drawing to determine who would get it for free - like they did with other contests for premiums in the past.
  12. jones_farragut_nimitz

    7th directive for the super unicum possible?

    This is usually true - but Directive 7 needs different ships for the XP than for the Free XP - so you will not be able to earn them at the same time. You will need a different huge number of battles played for each. A Huge number of games played for the XP and then another huge number of games played for the Free XP.
  13. Yep, very good points raised. Not enough time in real life hours to do the gameplay required in time - even for the best players in the game. For me, being just an average player, I am not going to even bother. May try to do the first 3 and see if I can get the Gorizia. Maybe not though.
  14. This is what I see for Directive 7 too - - not enough time even if the best player in the game played 24/7 -in order to get it done in time for when boost is needed. ( maybe also the case for Directive 6 too )
  15. jones_farragut_nimitz

    WG didn't think the directive requirements through...

    very true, it will be different for each player. But even if you assume it is one of the top players in the game, it will still take many many games to do some of the later directives ( 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th) 350K free XP ones for examples. Or even 20 mil credit on a T10 ( no Missouri ) Those will take many many games for even the top players. It will take a while to do. And each game could take up to 20 min. Since there is a time crunch deadline for the boost, this is a critical factor. And even top players do not have unlimited flags to mount. ( unless your a CC getting them for free )