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  1. Ranked Sprints tends to be more accessible. A lot of skilled people play in the regular ranked, but a great part of the players who participate in Ranked usually bouncing between ranks 10-8. The first time that I played in the regular ranked (two seasons ago) finished in rank 10, but I was learning along the way until I made to the premier league. Over time (and the advice of others) you'll progress and advance through the ranks.
  2. Megalodon_33

    Ranked Queue Exploit

    What you say is true, Admiral. Played last night a pair of battles and guess what, I lost in 4 battles in a row... of which I saved only one star. I know this is ordinary, but sometimes it's a bit hard to believe the decisions players make. Anyway now I'm recovering those stars to try to get to rank 4. And yeah, I think it's becoming common to lose karma points when saving a star.
  3. Nice collection! I have a question... Is Asahi a Mikasa-class ship?
  4. Megalodon_33

    My new favorite port

    You're right! The port lighting is very beautiful... I loved the dark sky and the Germany planes. This new port is definitely spectacular. Some screenshots: Konig in Hamburg.
  5. So far I have participated in 6 ranked sprints and almost every seasons I did well (I loved T8 ranked sprint 1vs1). This season seemed more accessible to me than the previous ones. It was very easy reach to Rank 5, but from there I had a couple of defeats before I got to Rank 3 and then Rank 1. I ranked out in 28 battles with Vladivostok. Observations: In this season, CVs played a relevant role in the battle. Some DD players are having difficulties time dealing with planes (and radar). The battles weren't as aggressive. Many BB players don't place well on the map. They unnecessarily push a flank or find themselves in a place where they can do little. This season was really nice and fun! Vladivostok is an excellent ship to rank out in and hit cruisers. As long as you don't expose your gigantic citadel...