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  1. x1L

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.5

    Cant Team kill
  2. The new AA system is bad if you are gonna continue with the +2/-2 for CVs. In Lexington there was more than one case of being down multiple planes before it even showed up that my planes were under AA attack. If its bad for T8 then its gonna be even worse for T6. In 3 games by 8 minutes in all carriers were not able to put up for squadrons and in most cases werent even able to put up a full attack wing. The focus on 1 plane is especially devastating to planes after they have made their attack run. If this system is gonna be kept then you have to move detection for cruisers out past their AA bubbles and leave enough of a cushion for a squadron moving at normal speed to completely turn around. The mini-map change is just bad and makes teh screen seem more cluttered. I didn't think it was possible but destroyer skins are actually uglier than Halloween ones. But unlike the Halloween ones that looked at least somewhat intimidating these look just silly. If you are going for a post apocalyptic scavenger look you failed miserably, Rogue wave is fun but I would make it where you have to have a 3 man division to get in. Similar to the system used for operations that are not operation of the week. That way you end up with teams and not dependent on some random player to help you succeed. UI seems to be a bit faster but loading in is still kinda slow.
  3. Having a lot of problems with freezing at the end of a battle. Game just freezes rather than going to the post battle screen. Also noticing that the fight drop for the opposing team is green.
  4. Almost exactly all of the ranked battle matches in gearing so far. Did have nearly 200k damage in 1 battle in gearing rental. Typically I'll have a ton of spotting ribbons and spotting damage and 40-60k damage most from torps.
  5. How does Daring compare to the Gearing. I completely stopped on the RN DD line. I have the Jervis but ive played it maybe 3 or 4 times in the last month. I'm loving the gearing in ranked battles (yes its a rental)but im only about to get the Fletcher.
  6. I think Definitely the Rosie the Riveter US-Dasha look. Its representative of the time when even though it wasn't expected of them due to social norms at the time. Women stepped up just like the men to put an end to the evil that was the German and Japaneses empires. And showed society at large that women were just as capable as men in contributing to the functioning of the war effort. Without the Rosie the Riveters, and Wendy the Welders of the era. Much of the equipment used by American, British, and Russian forces during the war might not have existed. Including some of the ships in this game.
  7. Not the best numbers but hey little fish in a little pond whole lot of sharks.
  8. x1L

    Don't torp behide your teammate!!!

    I wouldnt be surprised if how much money someone has spent on the games decides how much they will punish someone.
  9. x1L

    Balanced? Even?

    1 team (the ones with the smaller guns) has to do 74k worth of damage. Including trying to do damage against a BB with no ships with guns able to penetrate most of the BB side armor. vs 1 team having BB guns and having to do only 60k damage. With none of the ships being able to bounce or even angle against the BBs guns. My point is you have to be blind or mentally challenged to think that this is even remotely close to fair or balanced. Is it gonna happen yes but my point is WG is basicly taking a big dump on new players with MM like this.
  10. x1L

    Balanced? Even?

    This was about half an hour ago. And he said there was no wait. Its gonna be heavily favored towards the team with the BB though. Like i said that not even or balanced especially for a new player.
  11. x1L

    Balanced? Even?

    Then they should have to wait.
  12. x1L

    Balanced? Even?

    Yeah I pulled it up just now Mikasa is a 6000+ battle player. And had it happened to me it wouldn't have been a big deal had it happened to me. It happened to one of my new players with less than 100 battles.
  13. x1L

    Balanced? Even?

    So you think 1 DD 2 CA and 1 BB vs 1 DD and 3 CA is even? I get not being able to match it with another Div. But at least match ship type.
  14. x1L

    Balanced? Even?

    So I was sent this by a new guy in my clan. Can someone please explain to me how this was balanced or even remotely close to even MM.
  15. Their "historian" must pull his hair out every time he sees the high tier CVs and the aircraft they are using. Or he really isn't much of a historian, one of the two.