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  1. Sipsoup

    Tier 10 is so popular because....

    because then you'd have a huge advantage over the noobies or other players who are grinding lines
  2. Sipsoup

    Abused Reporting System

    ....reported for low effort post.
  3. Sipsoup

    They nerfed the twilight hunt ships

    As i said on another topic, in world of tanks you get a tier 9 tank plus a 3d style with a grind like this. This is a joke.
  4. this is absurd. In world of tanks you get a tier 9 tank with a 3d style doing a grind like this.
  5. Sipsoup

    Is this guy a Community Contributor?

    Gotcha, well, my best wishes! Keep it up, youre doing great
  6. ...cause if he is not, he should definitely be. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpiMT48SwzQtM4SIto7v1Wg/featured Video example: Just found his channel and the numbers doesn't add up considering the great content he is putting out there. WG, if he isn't a CC please help him out. He's been constant for a year and his content is steadily improving as far as i can see. Disclaimer: I don't know the guy nor have anything to do with him, i just found his channel searching for Marceau builds and tutorials. And i loved it.
  7. Sipsoup

    1,000,000 Coal - What to buy?

    easy, get the marceau and the commanders. Pommern if you dont want to buy it with real money.
  8. Sipsoup

    Clan Compensation

    they need to implement the same kind of clan wars event they have in WOT. Same kind of rewards. Those kinds of clanwars really draw players to the clans. It's great. Clan battles here are pretty boring and stale ...and you only get steel. No special ships that you can only get in CBs, no special commanders etc. Hence not very competitive. BORING.
  9. Sipsoup

    How to make subs even better.

    1- get rid of homing 2- get rid of homing and 3- get rid of homing. That's how you make them better.
  10. such a dumb game breaking decision.... just adjust tier 10 economics for Jupiter's beard!
  11. Friendly suggestion: Enforce the rules, don't discuss them ;) $.02 as for @Taylor3006 it is perfectly fine what boggzy is asking here. Low effort posts is a way to spam and degrade the forum. Copy pasting a WOWS news article without adding anything to it, just like the OP did, is a type of low effort post, and those get closed/deleted right away in many forums.
  12. Sipsoup

    Best (most OP) premiums currently available

    I just got the Atago.... its a very fun ship, gotta tell you. You will not be disappointed. As a wows noob i like it a lot. Guns shoot where you aim, torps are powerful and there's lots of them, it feels nimble, it is small and thin so if you go towards or away the enemy they will not be able to hit you. Feels like a very versatile, do-it-all, ship to me.
  13. how do you get super containers??? EDIT: Oh, with tier 10 ships.... well, sucks being a new player.
  14. Sipsoup

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Well.... when you burn bridges like you did, people get burned. Own it. And as of WG... bad move, very bad move.
  15. Sipsoup

    Important message for the community

    Just want to thank you for your work and dedication today. You're cool guy. It's sad to see the toxicity you guys have been getting lately from people that after they give you their flack they go have fun (or earn money) with the very game they get mad about. GG to you guys though.