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  1. Being an admin, could you change your title to something more decent, so you could at least pretend to be a bit more professional than you actually are? Thanks.
  2. What? That absolutely is not playstyle being targeted with airstrikes having sub 13km range, they will punish ships in frontlines, not the Yamatos you are talking about sitting 20km away from caps..
  3. There is next to zero chance for a DD to get into the position outflanking to launch those stealth torpedoes you are talking about. This once again is low effort counter with the only counterplay being one sided aka good old "don't be there, just hang back in a blob with other ships and hope he picks someone else" So you are saying there was nothing wrong with Alaska's gameplay , yet it got deleted couple of minutes into game because of gameplay addition which you think is a good one..? Showing broadside to torps or BB's is bad, not showing it, being close to objective and in cover to radar and support is all good, yet you still can get deleted and that is a good gameplay addition? How does this make sense? So yes, it apparently is bad gameplay, now you should just hang back in a blob moving around just to not get punished if trying to play more actively. You have plenty of battle experience to know the difference, this feels like arguing because of the sake of arguing..I already wrote above there is no next to no chance to catch broadside torps when so early in game in position like that, airstrikes don't give a crap about cover or general game mechanics, that's the problem.
  4. Alaska definitely didn't lose more HP to BB fire than from airstrikes, you might want to check the video again. Also, so that is supposed to be a bad play and "camping", being radar cruiser stationary behind island next to a cap supporting DD's? Why would you get punished like this when it is way more proactive gameplay than sailing around out of harms way somewhere on 10 line sniping and just dodging? How can you be mobile constantly as radar cruiser? Either you are mobile far in the back or you yolo into cap and get wrecked by enemy fire? Why would anyone defend this as good gameplay addition is beyond me..