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  1. I_Khamical_I

    I had a dream about this game...

    I don't know what to tell you. Deal with it? If a simple dream kills your drive for plays WOWs, then that shows just how you think about WOWs. It's the negatives of namelessness. You can do whatever you want when playing a game. There are no serious issues with doing bad in a game. If there was a real problem with doing poor in a game, like public humiliation or death threats then more people would tryhard. Of course what I am saying is completely absurd and that is how it should be.
  2. I_Khamical_I

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    A long time ago, or well a time that for the novice and veteran player, WOWs was considered enjoyable. Interesting updates, intriguing mechanics, stimulating visuals, and engaging gameplay. Of course that was before the time that is 2021. The game now is simply something that many people want to like but for varying reasons they cannot fully embrace the beauty of WOWs. I myself don't find the game too enjoyable. I only play it now to rack high damage numbers and lines of achievements so I get complimented. That doesn't imply I am lonely, but that it gives me hope for the strange landscape that is the player base. I liked and in a way still do have feelings for this game. Sadly they have been lessened due to the recent miscalculations and instances of avarice that WG have appeared to show. And the amalgamation of all the mistakes that WG have made, all the terrible choices that overshadow the "minor" convivences that WG have made to improve the game, they continue to haunt WG. And so WG cannot bring themselves to do something reasonable and morally correct. Merely because the only thing they are known for is negativity. Shame. So now lets bring this exaggerated alteration of a somewhat delusional company clinging onto fallacious beliefs. Bring Flamu into the equation. Is he a good player? Most certainly. It is well known about is, as in his twitch streams you can see his impressive skills in motion. Well aimed shots, remarkable predictions, incredible deflections, and a large understanding of the game. He is a super-unicum. And super-unicums are obviously rare; they are the best players in the game as the top percentage. And then his YouTube videos that show highlights of his streams, reviews, analyzations, and predictions. But Flamu has his negatives. Maybe he isn't a toxic person in reality and this is all just an act to gain publicity that can be positive or negative. But nonetheless Flamu and salt are synonymous. It is arguable that his rage has culminated into his stardom in the community. So unfortunately he cannot remove his defining traits. Deal with it. Some people aren't going to be interested with these things. But lets continue with Flamu. It isn't too easy to recall the exact moment Flamu became known. Most likely it was when he was showcased by PhlyDaly as a skilled destroyer player. Back then, it's hard to say what kind of person Flamu was. Devoted fans say that he was even more toxic back then. Others say not. And still different people argue he was the same as the current 2021 Flamu. But all in all the reason Flamu was kicked isn't easy to say. Stat-shaming, toxicity, lack of character, criticism, and other things. Unfortunate. But lets gloss over that reader and me so we can think about the corporation that is WG. The WG that has made debatable and questionable decisions but still is a company comprised of people. People that very few of us know directly. All that the majority of player base knows is that they made some games that they aren't too happy about. As expected, WG doesn't need to care about others. They produce games for one simple reason. Money. Well obviously it would be nice to have a positive reception. Negativity is powerful and dissuades people. But some companies are fine with it. Is WG one of those? But now being specifically about WG. Maybe at times there are more angelic reasons for pumping out more things, but in the end what can be said about them. Are they greedy or just reasonable. There will be some people that argue one or the other. I guess that is fine. Differing opinions can change minds for the better. But Flamu doesn't exactly help WG. A CC is effectively a yes-man that commends all actions that WG make and promote their games. In exchange for this, a CC can get the incredibly rewarding and fun status of COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTER. What does that name mean? I think the term has changed over the years. Some people confuse it for something that is completely unrelated. People don't want to be slaves. Maybe some have a fetish for it, but those types of people tend to be outcasts. I don't want to be biased. When you become a CC, you should expect that negative criticism cannot be handled. A CC is basically a normal WoWs player that WG has a hold of. A CC can attend events and play new ships earlier then normal. That sounds dope. And I don't know what else to say about that. The person that is Flamu acts toxically at times. He insults players. But at other times he does this sardonically. And others intentionally. It is difficult to discern when exactly something should be taken seriously. And people can't make the comparison. How hard is it to ask someone if your statement was a rant, quip, insult, and tip. Not too easy. This is common knowledge, but the fear of criticism is one powerful thing. It goes along with death, poverty, and illness. But he can say good things. Like I said earlier, he makes predictions at times that are correct and win minds. Of course other times his thoughts are incorrect and can be addressed as clickbait. That's the life of a streamer/youtuber. You aren't signing up an easy job. Take Nikocado Avocado. He ruins his life in front of a camera and does it in order to gain publicity and in effect money. Hopefully people won't act as irrationally as him but that is a delusional hope. Now lets think about Flamu's character. Is he as "WG shills" call him a narcissistic egotistical elitist? At times you can argue that he acts like one. But saying the obvious; if you don't like their personality, don't deal with that kind of person. It is extremely difficult to help someone that you view is a terrible person. As you try to help them, your only thoughts are of what iniquities did they do. He does stat-shame and yes it is wrong. It is akin to cyberbullying but instead of being personal about it, it is about something as randoms as statistics. Think about that for a moment. People and that is myself included call others fools, idiots, morons, and [edited] just because of percentages, charts, and graphs. That is mildly amusing but that's how it goes. Yes he is more toxic then the normal WOWs player. Yes is partly to blame for making the clean friendly game of a few years past the hellscape that it is in the current year. But many people do it. This can be attributed to cherry-picking certain moments that go against their character. You say one thing that is morally incorrect a long time ago and if some person randomly finds it and shows it to the internet world of 2021, hounds will draw blood and flamers will have their sadistic tendencies answered. Flamu being kicked by WG is not due to stat-shaming. That is either a mediocre attempt to try changing the game for the better or being lackadaisical and undercompensating the intelligence of the gamer. There is no way that stat-shaming is the reason why all of a sudden. After so many years of doing it, now he is finally punished? Strange. Therefore this is not the mediocre attempt for change. If it was then the walls of text that people are writing would not have been made in 2021 but several years earlier. I presume this is just anger at the harsh criticism that Flamu gives to almost all the departments of WG. Flamu is not promoting the game. Imagine you are scrolling through pages of text and see an advertisement for an interesting game. You decide to see some streams and videos about the game. But guess what. There are tons of words advocating not going into the rabbit hole that is the game you observe. That makes you think several things. Wow this game has ruined peoples' thoughts of things. The game is bad if all I see is hate. Jesus keep complaining, I want to hate this random game even more. I think is it possibly to compare WOWs with this hypothetical scenario. So putting yourself into WG's shoes, I guess this is not the worst idea. Don't make the game get a worse reputation. Just do it before the game is officially regarded as trash. There are some good arguments about what the CC will become. No matter what, Flamu has done something that is crazy. He has the courage to rebel against WG. Few people have done it with the outspokenness of Flamu. I will write some things about the impact of him: He has established the fact that the only way to at least have a chance in winning a fight against WG is to act like them. He may have lost but now we know you cannot act kind towards them and expect change. Or at least that is what I surmise. His departure makes the CC population less diverse. Being honest, CCs tend to do montages and uninformed statements. And others post replays and other gameplay where they can manage to be called a CC. There are few CCs that are truly skilled. He shows just how dependent WG is for part-time sycophants. Are people that always agree with WG's actions needed? Yes because even though most people would understand the curtain that they show, some fall into their bait and expose them into the game that is WOWs. He answered our sentiments. People followed him because of his opinion that resonated with so many people. He handled difficult subjects and tried to be as diverse as possible in his opinions. We need a person like Flamu. Even though his character might not be the best, his character allows him to resist. He isn't the best role-model but he is someone that you can listen to. WG needs a harsh critic because they will always complain about the smallest problem. And these small mistakes may be unnoticed by most. I hope Flamu says everything. He may not be the best person but terrible people have arguments that can surprise you.