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  1. Ferry_25

    Hey people

    Been AFK for a while and more or less restarted on the EU server. I'm glad to see my influence on NA made you great and managed you guys to ROFL stomp us in KOTS! I bought Smolensk but I don't dare to take it out because I find it too disgusting. Anyways. Just wanted to say hi to the new world.
  2. Ferry_25

    Noster seems to be happy with AA now.

    Glad he is. I am ripping my eyeballs out of "happiness" I am so glad I need to fully AA spec any blasted non CV in order to at least marginally participate in a match as it seems from 8.0.... Look at al PTS CV matches: they still totally resolve around them and nothing else. For me Im actually glad with the upcoming ranked season. I refuse to function as a XP/ credit pinata for that CV filth. I am fully planning on waiting out this sh*tstorm before entering a T3+ random match. Perhaps I'll try the real world of warplanes game in the mean time.
  3. Ferry_25

    Musashi Monday - The Last Call

    I took Musashi for coal (EU). Mostly because of "fear" of missing it. I really suck with Yamato: I just can't play static play. When I do so it's in my case one big fire/ citadel/ torpedo magnet regardless what ship. And Musashi indeed fit the despriction for me perfectly: a bad Yamato.... But that's all my personal experience. Not that KS is doing much better in my case....
  4. Ferry_25

    For USD$1.00, It Works for Me

    Then tell me what I'm doing wrong with both. The slightest hit will render me -50% HP, 4 modules broken. In the best case scenario... Somehow the reds seem to "smell" where I am and without speedboost I'm being the biggest XP pinata floating. That "mean" AP and IFHE HE doesn't seem to do shyte in my models of said ships. Last but not least: that 20 second duration of smoke doesn't help very much either. What's the "main" trick of those vessels??
  5. Ferry_25

    Coming to terms with my SC addiction

    Lol. I bought Impregnator when it came out (EU). Yes it's a very potent ship but IMO by far not OP. It's a sucker against CV's. Also against quick moving ships which can have a blast moving around you on close range while your turrets go through the red tape procedure to turn. Luckily most of that tier players don't know that. I was pathetic enough to actually buy the "Rasputin cammo" for N1.... Have fun seal clubbing.... eeerrrr... "educate" novice players to the dangers of BB's.
  6. Ferry_25

    Out of curiosity, what lines can we expect this year?

    Russian BB's are the highest on my expectation list so far. I am looking/ graving for a pan EU line the most. Being born from one of the main naval countries historically I think the absence of Dutch ships in this game is the largest travesty in wows. Yes in the time frame of wows an entire Dutch line is too much. But none at all?! Also there are plenty of European nations that played a significant role in the time frame yet are absent in wows. So a Pan European line would be in order as I see it. Let the RN line as it is. (Michiel says "hi" to those boats).
  7. Ferry_25

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    I totally love Helena... Won the special cammo after a exhausting grind. I don't care what mission: that IMO absolute dope cammo never comes off. I think it's the most beautiful cammo in this entire game. Kuddo's to the designer. Bought Dasha USN captain on the slave market and tied her down on it. And she's kicking @ss in it!!! (EU). Got a coupon which I used for Boise. And she's nearly as mean in it as in Helena!! Full rudder shift hybrid DD/ AA build. Dasha: ja tiebia luibliu!! Of course it isn't a surprise at all: Brooklyn class. Coming directly from the Dutch "Breukelen."
  8. Ferry_25

    For USD$1.00, It Works for Me

    I'm having a total love-hate relationship with the RN DD line. Indeed I find Cossack a blast to play. So did the other DD's uptill Jerkland. I totally hate that ship! Played only 1 match with Daring but the PTSS from Jutland is too big to try Daring more. (EU in case you look at my stats).
  9. Ferry_25

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    My POV: the CV should be deleted from this game. There is no way to balance this ship in this setting. IRL the CV completely changed the whole outline of naval warfare. AFAIK nowadays the entire fleet is designed around the carrier. Since wows has little to do with real life my vote is to remove CV's entirely. I'm here to duke it out with ships. And not being bugged with some ridiculous RTS type gameplay like it is now or with infinite plane spam in 0.8. The very small but dito vocal CV elitists can go to C&C or go to wowp to fulfill their needs for all I care. I mean: just look at the YT vids regarding the CV "rework." Can anybody explain me like I'm a retarded 4 year old what this plane thingy has got to do with world of warSHIPS??
  10. Ferry_25

    is alaska here?

    Yes it is. It's situated in between Canada and Russia.... On a serious note: I've heard rumors Alaska is final now in the testing. My best guess it'll be with 0.8.0. But that's only a guess. Mind that Musashi and Kron will be pulled then.
  11. Ferry_25

    Wonder how many more are out there

    Working my way to 250. As it is now I'll have to grind CV's to get there. (EU). Guess it'll be coop because I don't wan to ruin 23 players' fun in randoms.
  12. OP. IDK if I must be disapointed now... You, like me, coming from a historical very relevant and insulting absent present in wows, naval countries. How can a Dutch player ever get into credit despair?? I mean; on your main account I think it would be impossible to SELL a ahip ever? On my main (EU) I have all the non CV ships and still sitting on app .25B credtis. Those coop steel grinding is a formality for me. A absolute blast I might add...
  13. Ferry_25

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    240-ish ships in port (EU) in my case. Spamming coop like a lunatic. Absolute best chance to win. Almost finished the steel grind. For a few matches COOP is a blast. But it gets old pretty quick. As insane as it might sound I still like the utter frustration of randoms better. I think I'll commit to the 1000 coal ships after this but then call it a day.
  14. IDK Monaghan because I don't own it. What I do know is I got a sound beating from Monaghan while playing Shinonome in Ranked today (EU). Put my Shima 19 pointer in it but I didn't stand a chance. So perhaps for competitive that ship is awesome?
  15. I bought Boise. I won the special cammo on Helena and bought a Dasha captain for it on When I fell ravenously in love with both I got the same 30% coupon and couldn't resist Boise. I absolutely love the Brooklyn class cruisers! Which is of course the understatement of the year: Brooklyn coming from the Dutch word Breukelen.