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    I would agree that it's definitely very meh in its current state. The guns pack a punch but suffer from low DPM compared to the New Orleans. The 10km radar is nice but the short duration limits its effectiveness. One thing I would love to see (and I'm kind of baffled this hasn't already been added) is for the Indy to get the 25mm bow and stern armor buff that the Pensacola and New Orleans recently received.
  3. So a couple days ago I received the Tirpitz as a rental for 48 hours, along with a 50% off coupon to purchase (that expires 4 days from now). I've thoroughly been enjoying my time with the ship and wanted to purchase it from the premium store. However, I can't for some reason. The 50% off coupon shows up in the coupons tab, and shows that it still has 4 days remaining. However, when I click on the coupon, it just says this category is empty, implying that the coupon isn't valid for anything. Furthermore, when I click on the Tirpitz in the store, the option to use the coupon isn't there. It just wants me to pay full price. Am I doing something wrong? I've sent in a ticket but I'm worried that by the time they get back to me, the coupon will have expired. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!