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  1. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    GOOD BYE, world of warCAMPERs

    Good luck dalao
  2. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    World of Thunderers

    NA server
  3. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    PTS 0.10.0

    Deadeye skill on battleship has such a negative impact on the game. Every BB is kiting in the spawn in PTS even the GKs. The games are so passive and unfun to play. The games often developed into long range HP trade mid game. Tying up dispersion buff to concealment is absolutely a bad idea. This would do irreversible damage to the game as we could see on SEA server. Suggestion: Remove the concealment requirement on the deadeye skill and change the dispersion bonus to 5% or 7%.
  4. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    PTS Updates 0.10.0 Bugs

    1. Description Colbert speed boost has negative impact on the acceleration 2. How to reproduce I took acceleration upgrade in slot 4. I took engine boost time upgrade in slot 2. Press full speed in training room. Record the time needed to accelerate the ship. 3. Result 1. without speed boost: Colbert acceleration is buffed compared to live server (0.9.12). This is nice. 2. with speed boost: Colbert acceleration remained same compared to live server (0.9.12). This is bugged and origin of problem. 3. test result from PTS: Colbert acceleration becomes slower upon activation of speed boost. This is counter intuitive. I believe the developers may have "forgotten" to change its acceleration parameters under speed boost. Please see plotted acceleration curve below: Colbert buff with speed boost 1080p.mp4 Colbert buff without speed boost 1080p.mp4
  5. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    PTS 0.10.0

    Colbert buff under speed boost not implemented. (This could be viewed as a bug?) Colbert acceleration buff without speed boost looks nice on PTS. But the acceleration under speed boost remained unchanged. (see attached videos) This led to the situation on the PTS where the buffed colbert acceleration is actually slower when using speed boost. This is counter-intuitive and I think the developers may have "forgotten" to change its parameters under speed boost? I also attached the acceleration curve below: Colbert buff with speed boost 1080p.mp4 Colbert buff without speed boost 1080p.mp4
  6. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    PTS Updates 0.10.0 Bugs

    1. Description Change commander bug 2. How to reproduce I assigned a commander to Colbert. Clicked on Change Commanders. The game showed "no vacant places left in reserve" whilst the reserved showed 0/40 3. Result Unable to change the commander even with available reserve space.
  7. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    PTS Updates 0.10.0 Bugs

    1. Description Upon network disconnection in queue, the game wouldn't get back into game after reconnecting. The player would be kicked out of game client after the game ends. 2. How to reproduce Enter the battle in a division. Disconnect the network upon dropping into a game. Then try to reconnect. 3. Result After reconnection, the player would be sent to port instead of to the game he/she just queued into. The ship the player used in queue can be selected and dropped into a new game. The player would appear AFK for the entirety of the game he disconnected from. After that game ends, the player would be disconnected from the server and won't be able to reconnect for a while. After reconnection, there would be no xp change on that ship, meaning the data from that AFK game was not sent to the server. The division mate would see the player still in the division whilst from the player's perspective he/she is no longer in division, neither could he rejoin the division. Game passed integrity check
  8. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    PTS 0.10.0

    UI: 1. There is no UI indication on which skill is active. Many new skill activates on certain conditions. The players wouldn't even know if they're active or not. Captain skills: 1. Cruiser skills are effective nerfs to all battle cruisers. 2. For survivability BB build, the new system is simply a skill inflation (+1 SI, +1 AR). It brings no new gaming experience. For all BB players this is a straight up nerf for their 19pt captains. 3. Secondary accuracy nerf effectively killed full secondary build BBs. If a BB is shooting secondary from both sides, that BB, no matter a GK, Ohio, or Repub, would melt anyway within 1min under crossfire. I would anticipate a sharp decline in BB population if this goes live. Without BB to farm the player activity would go further down, as proven in May this year.
  9. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    World of Warships: Some 2020 EOY Stats

    Chart title added. Regarding to representativeness of the steam player stats. I did a rough overlay of the steam player numbers(blue curve) with WG's official data from last year. 1. The steam trend matches well with WG's official data from 3Q2017-4Q2019. 2. Steam player data (blue curve) y-axis is not drawn to scale for better presentation. 3. Compared to WG's official numbers. Steam player base constitutes ~15-20% total player base.
  10. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    World of Warships: Some 2020 EOY Stats

    2020 is a very special year. I believe many people here have experienced a lot this year, so did this game. We witnessed a lot changes to World of Warships. I plotted the chart below with key events time-stamped. Steam Monthly Average Players vs Time Disclaimer: 1. Each time stamp is extracted from the patch notes published either at the beginning of that month or at the end of the preceding month. These would likely impact player activity of that month. 2. Each bullet in the time stamps are what I consider significant to the meta, including changes to popular ships, key changes to game mechanisms and events that got heavily discussed. Trying to minimize subjectivity, I did not use descriptive words in those bullets. 3. December player activity data is accurate as of 17Dec2020. I do not anticipate Dec avg. player activity changing significantly upon the expected release of 0.9.12 on 23Dec2020. 4. Player activity data on the chart is solely from steam. It doesn't include stats from WGC. With WOWS steam launcher available in the past 3 years. The steam player activity data should be representative. Details in Post #5. -Which 2020 change do you like most? -Which 2020 change do you like least? Announced events for 2021: Captain rework, Italian BBs, More Submarines -Which upcoming changes do you look forward most? Thank you for reading this post. Stay safe and best wishes to all!
  11. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    PTS Updates 0.10.0 Bugs

    1. Description I couldn't open fires 2. How to reproduce Shoot the guns. I could seem to solve this problem by shaking my mouse vigorously or switching ammo type. 3. Result Replay attached. I couldn't shoot my guns at ~13min facing the CV. Similar issues happened to me multiple times on the live server in different patches since Oct2020. My game passed integrity check. 20201217_135339_PGSC110-Hindenburg_52_Britain.wowsreplay
  12. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    PTS 0.10.0

  13. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    19 to 21 point commander jump figure confirmed: 1.2 million

    I usually get ~10-15k commander skill points each game. Let's say my average commander XP gain per game is 12k, and I spend on average 15min per game. Each 1.2mil commander skill points would take me 100 games or 25hrs. That's provided I already have 19pt captains. I guess according to the spreadsheet there aren't many new/casual players left in this game.
  14. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    Update 0.9.5 - Bug Reports

    The hololive voiceover is not in game. is this a bug or would it be released later?
  15. Laoski_YourWaifuOnBoard

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    They should REFUND the 5000 doubloon to players who purchased the Moskva perma camo