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  1. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    ST, Luigi Sansonetti, Odin, Siliwangi

    AA looks far from weak. She gets 55mm guns at tier 8(!!) Even FDG doesnt get the 55s Secondaries look decent as well in terms of number, type, and range.
  2. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    ST, Luigi Sansonetti, Odin, Siliwangi

    The primary reason the Germans did not further pursue a gun caliber over 280mm at the time was that Hitler was involved in negotiations with Great Britain at the time and didn't want to upset them with a powerfully armed new battleship. Still, there are several napkin sketches of the German quadruple turret that they were considering around this time so it wouldn't surprise me if there were a few napkin sketches lying around of the 305mm gun and turret. I too, however, have been unable to find any actual design put on paper for Odin.
  3. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    ST, Luigi Sansonetti, Odin, Siliwangi

    WG's model Odin looks like a German copy of the Littorio class. Two funnels, a step down in the hull towards the aft, rear turret is in a superfiring position... And with... Yamato's 6" secondary layout. Yikes A very handsome ship, but not necessarily a very realistic one. I'll save further judgment until I can look at the full model.
  4. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    My captain is more majestic than yours

    He is no match for the Stalin-stache! Also, first names don't get much more epic than "Stanislaus"
  5. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    FEEDBACK for Wargaming on Yahagi and VU.

    Any person who gives half a darn about their team will only be playing VU in CoOp anyway where <8km brawling is the norm. I should have clarified. Sorry. Please, please do not play VU in random battles. You are only a weight around your team's neck.
  6. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    Underwater Easter Eggs?

    Don't know about the subs, but they did ride other ships when they were side-launched.
  7. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    Underwater Easter Eggs?

    Perhaps one-day WG will release the USS Kraken ;) As a fun fact, the USS Kraken was one of the 28 submarines built on the Great Lakes during the war at Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The subs built at this yard were highly praised and were considered the best-built subs in the navy. The Manitowoc yard was the only submarine builder during the war to receive 5 consecutive Navy E's for 'Excellence'. Because the Manitowoc river was so narrow, the subs were side-launched into the river which was the traditional launching method of most Great Lakes shipbuilders. Here is Kraken being launched...
  8. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    FEEDBACK for Wargaming on Yahagi and VU.

    A great comment! I'm forced to disagree on the armor, though. VU's armor is superb when angled and/or bow-on. Now, any battleship's armor is better when angled, I'm well aware, but VU's is crazy good. Her excellent bow armor, coupled with the fact that she hardly has any superstructure to shoot at, and being able to fire 6 guns directly ahead arguably makes her the best low-tier bow-tanker in the game. It's pretty easy to citadel her through the side, though, so you have to make sure you don't overextend, but even still, we're not talking Roma levels of easy citadel here. As far as AA is concerned, WG can just add more guns to her turrets, up to 3 on each turret for 12 total guns. Observe... Give her these extra guns and a zombie heal and I think we can call her 'playable' in Random battles.
  9. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    On the historical misconceptions behind Battleships VS. Aircraft Carriers

    The seaworthiness comment needs to come with an asterisk here. Low lying battlecruiser-esque type ships with narrow beams have traditionally been very wet ships (Hood was nicknamed the Navy's largest submarine, for example, and the Iowas were notably poor seaboats) so this problem is not especially unique to the Twins. More like par for the course. In either event, their seaworthiness was not poor enough to limit their operating theatre as was the case with 9-gun German light cruisers (save for Karlsruhe after her refit). And finally, their seaworthiness issues did not prevent them from becoming the most successful battleships in history in regards to enemy ships sunk/captured As far as Allied warships not being affected by the same storms is concerned, HMS Renown says "hi". Just my nitpick of the day. Carry on.
  10. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    And he said, "Let there be NO water!", and behold it was... not so great

    Right, that I know.
  11. Hello I did tried a thing... My initial concern was the possibility of it being harder to aim without any sky or water, but this did not prove any more difficult at all for me. What WAS difficult, however, was navigation as it turns out water is very useful for distinguishing just what island and what is just shallow water. Made for quite the headache. The Hamburg port looks pretty cool tho... Overall, though, I'll have to call this a failed experiment. I'll keep it on the Ocean map tho for training battles as its actually pretty cool when you don't have to worry about Islands and the whole map is black. It might be worth revisiting when submarines go live. Though, the legality of such a mod at that point comes into question.
  12. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    Another Viribus Unitis Post On AA

    Wonderful! Will edit my original statement
  13. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    Another Viribus Unitis Post On AA

    The down and dirty of it all is that, although the same guns, the deck guns were on a different mount than the turret guns (you see the slight differences if you look closely in-game) which allowed for greater elevation on the turret mounts for use against aircraft. Having said as much, if WG doesn't want to make the deck guns AA guns, there are 3 mounting positions on each of her main battery turrets for the 70mm AA mounts, so at the very least VU's AA can be buffed to 6x1 70mm and even as high as 12x1 70mm if WG places 3 guns on each turret. Now, I know the first question that is going to be asked... "Is there any historical evidence/proof that Viribus ever fully utilized this 12-gun arrangement?" Yes. Yes, there is... Behold!! 3 guns on each of her 4 turrets! Your move, Wargaming...
  14. WirFahrenGegenEngeland

    [ALL] Slayer's Skins 2.0 (Mostly Historical)

    Awesome! I'm loving the all Green skin! I was wondering if it would be possible for the hulls of the boats on deck to also be painted green? I would really appreciate it!
  15. Reasons to buy Viribus Unitis 1: First Austro-Hungarian hip in the game makes her 'cool' and 'collectible'. 2: History, History, History!! Viribus Unitis has some serious history under her belt, we're talking... - First Austro-Hungarian dreadnought to be built - First dreadnought to be completed with triple turrets - First dreadnought to be built with superfiring triple turrets - Named for the Emperor's personal motto - "Strength in Unity" - Carried the caskets of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife from the Naretva to Trieste, accompanied by the tolling of church-bells and with mourners paying their respects as the battleship, with flags at half-mast, slowly made her way along the coast. - Sailed with her sister Tegetthoff and a sizeable force of cruisers, destroyers, and torpedo boats to distract the Royal Navy while Goeben and Breslau made for Turkey. - Bombarded the Italian port of Ancona when the Italians, their formers allies, changed sides. Of note, one of her 12" shells penetrated 10 building before detonating in Ancona's cathedral, leading the Italian press to call the bombardment "barbaric" since, from their point of view, the Viribus Unitis had bombarded Ancona, which offered very little in the way of resistance, and, not having found any military targets to fire at, deliberately bombarded their cathedral instead and then sailed off, virtually unscathed. The reality (according to the Austro-Hungarians, anyway) is that, despite an attempt to avoid collateral damage, the fire and smoke caused by the bombardment obscured the port city and the battleship's gunners were, therefore, unable to target anything specific from that point onwards. - Was the only Austro-Hungarian warship to be personally inspected by German Emporer Wilhelm II - Continued her somber role as a floating hearse by delivering the body of Admiral Anton Haus to shore, but not before being boarded by Emporer Charles I who paid his respects on the quarterdeck. - Saw her crew mutiny... twice. First unsuccessfully in Jan/1918 and then successfully 10 months later on Oct/29/1918 - Was the first and last ever Yugoslavian battleship when she was taken over by, and manned-by an all Yugoslavian crew after the cession of the Austro-Hungarian Navy to the newly formed Yugoslav Sate of Slovenes, Croats, and Serbs. This also makes Yugoslavia the only land-locked nation to ever own a battleship, even if it was for less than 24-hours until the ship was destroyed. Because the Yugoslav State was brand-new and therefore did not have an official flag, the tri-colored Croatian flag was instead flown from the battleship during this time. - Was the first battleship ever to be sunk by a manned-torpedo when two men on an Italian manned-torpedo placed a limpet mine on her side. The battleship rolled over and sank in just 10-15 minutes after the detonation of the mine. It should be noted, however, that the ship at the time was manned by a skeleton-crew of drunk, poorly-trained, southern Slavs who had only just re-boarded the ship after the mine failed to detonate at the set time. In other words, there was no one to try to slow or prevent the sinking of the ship. 3: The ship, like any other Turdbote, is still reasonably enjoyable in CoOp. Reasons not to buy Viribus Unitis... 1: You don't have $20 to burn on a ship which is only enjoyable in CoOp 2: Your ego is too big to play CoOp anyway Seriously though, buy the ship if you want to, just don't take it into random battles. You are only a weight around your team's neck if you do.