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  1. ShortFingerIvankaFondler

    Impact of two-human coop change

    Two-human mode strikes me as a Hard difficulty setting. One-human as Extreme. Nine-human as Beginner difficulty. And so on until all the spaces in between are filled.
  2. ShortFingerIvankaFondler

    Impact of two-human coop change

    In a GK or Kremlin, I'm fine with two-human matches. In a lolibote or French DD...not so much.
  3. ShortFingerIvankaFondler

    Impact of two-human coop change

    It is pretty clear that coop Matchmaking was changed recently so that there are more two-human matches and more nine-human matches but fewer where there are 3, 4 or 5 humans. Not saying the change is good or bad. Or rather, it is good and bad. The bad is that win rates drop because the odds of a match going sideways are much higher if only two humans (especially if one of you is bad). The good is that the chances of getting more kills and XP increases. For myself, I'll call it a wash...
  4. ShortFingerIvankaFondler

    Question: Stats about aim assist banns

    I suspect this isn't entirely a cultural difference but also is shaped by different legal systems. Americans are notoriously litigious in part because our legal system allows and sometimes rewards this. If I were WG NA's General Counsel, I would try to convince HQ not to practice or allow naming and shaming because of the risk of litigation. Causes of action could be fraud, breach of contract and possibly defamation and I could dream up some more if I set my mind to it. Lawsuits over being named, shamed or banned are probably losers for the plaintiffs but would be needless expensive to win if they can be avoided at the outset.
  5. ShortFingerIvankaFondler

    Why even have game chat?

    Self-fixing problem.
  6. ShortFingerIvankaFondler

    Time to move captains around before rework?

    If I understand what I was told in a coop match (and if the source was right), this is a good time to move special captains around because we'll get free retraining once the captain skills rework commences on the 20th. So If I want to move Tsar Ovechkin from the T9 Iowa to the T10 Gearing, I can do that today and get the free retraining tomorrow--yes? Thx
  7. The challenge in coops isn't winning. The lowest win rate I've seen for a terrible coop player is above 90%. If you did 10,000 coop matches and went AFK for all of them, your win rate would still be above 90%. Where you see a sorting of skill levels and therefore a challenge is getting win rates over 95%, average damage scores over 4.0,000 and a PR rating over 1,600. If you are scoring over these numbers on a large number of matches, you are carrying the team. If less, you're being carried. By way of example, Blackbeard_714 has more than 17000 matches in coop, an average damage of over 58,000 and a PR of 3,412. That makes him one of the best coop mains in the game. I won't name a bad coop player because naming and shaming is against TOS but PlayerX has over 30,000 matches, an average damage of 27,000, a win rate of 91.14% and a PR of 761. Don't be PlayerX. One big caveat. Average damage is highly dependent on Tier. If you only do Tier 1 matches, your average damage may be under 20,000 even if your win rate is approaching 100% and your PR is above 3,000.
  8. ShortFingerIvankaFondler


    ^ ^ This. I'll add a hunch, though it is informed by >20,000 coop matches... A lot of the botting behavior in coops may well be leveling services. Leveling services are flatly against WG terms of service, as are bots. The difference in theory is that a leveling service has a paid human who is grinding through matches to accumulate XP. My hunch is that leveling services sometimes 'cheat' their customers by using bot programs instead of paid human cheaters.
  9. MeglaGnome is spot on about being a killer whale instead of dumb blue whale meat. You can distill his list to just #6. Before buying crates, buy up or obtain every lower level ship. Start with the lowest and crappiest. They're cheaper. I bought 8 crates this year and got Neustrashimy but that wasn't really luck. I have the other 106 ships on the list (and every tech tree ship). Last year, I got Missouri, Belfast, Musashi and a bunch of the other rares out of crates but only because I bought every other ship in the armory or premium shop first. Over the next year, I won't bother buying the new premiums that come out. If I wait until the end of the year, 8 or 16 crates should surface whatever new ones they release in the coming year and at a fraction of the cost of buying them new.
  10. ShortFingerIvankaFondler

    How Much would it cost for EVERYTHING

    Least expensive approach would be to buy all the low end premiums for cash/dubloons. Everything up to say Tier 6. Then buy Santa crates at Christmas to fill in the gaps with the more expensive high tier ships. The way those crates work, if you get a ship you've already bought, it re-rolls until it lands on one you don't have. Buy up all the Krispy Kremes and low-end trash and you force the re-rolls to yield high tier and rare ships.
  11. ShortFingerIvankaFondler

    Update 0.10.1 date?

    Wouldn't a release date of 25 Nov for 9.11 line up better with Black Friday and then four weeks later for the Snowflakes? 2 December is after Black Friday and 30 Dec. misses Christmas and a lot of the holiday time off folk will have between Christmas and New Year....
  12. ShortFingerIvankaFondler

    The scope of the grind in WoWS

    If someone wanted to get every ship, or at least every tech tree ship, in World of Warships AND put a max point captain in each ship, the road is long and grindy. If you are curious about how long and high the grind is, read on... As of Oct 2020, there are over 400 ships available in World of Warships, of which 231 are in the tech tree. The American BB split is currently in early release so there will be 234 once the current expansion finalizes. To get one captain to the current 19 point skill cap takes 1,708,000 Commander XP. Not that anyone sane would do this, but to put a 19 point captain on every tech tree ship would currently cost 394,548,000 CDR XP. If someone were to generate an average of 50,000 CDR XP per day, every day of the year, it would take over 21 years to max out. If the cost of the two extra skill points increase at the same rate as the first 19, that will add 739,000 XP to the grind. 345,000 to get to the 20th point and and 394,000 to get to the 21st. So a total of 739,000 across 231 tech tree ships would add 170,709,000 Commander XP. To max every commander out post CDR XP rework will likely cost 565,257,000 CDR XP. At a casual rate of 50,000 commander XP every day of the year, it will take over 30 years to complete the grind if no more ships were added to the tech tree. I currently have all 231 tech tree ships and have at least a ten pointer on each. I've got 17 nineteen pointers and have eleven pointers on 156 ships. The cumulative commander XP of all the captains in my fleet is 89,536,000 so less than 1/4th of the way to maxing out. Once the Commander XP rework is complete, I'll be at well under 20% of the max cap. This is an observation rather than a complaint: it is all but impossible to max out commander XP in WoWS.
  13. ShortFingerIvankaFondler

    Why are bots torping friendlies in Coop?

    Bots also do not take into account the range of their torps or distances to red bot targets. I've had green bots torp me at point blank within the first minute of the match. The only plausible red bots on any plausible line of bearing are two caps over.
  14. ShortFingerIvankaFondler

    Anyone know just how many new ships come out a year now?

    As of July 2020, there are 227 tech tree ships in the game. I have 225 and have not yet finished grinding the Tier 9 and 10 Soviet cruisers. It is possible to have three future tech tree ships in port if you have purchased enough German CV event containers but technically, Rhein, Weser and Parseval are still early release/premiums.Those will be tech tree ships 228-230. The Tier 10 CV Richtofen will be tech tree ship #231 but not even wallet warriors can have that yet.
  15. ShortFingerIvankaFondler


    Maybe just maybe...if you get chatbanned with any regularity YOU are the [edited](1) and should just change. PS, this isn't addressed to OP. Rather it is for all the folks who complain in forum about how unfair it is that they got chatbanned--again. (1) The censored word is a synonym for rectal crater.