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  1. Impotus45

    Rock, Paper, Scissors and bias

    The obvious flaw in your estimate is parochialism. Barnum asserted a fool born every minute but didn't limit the fools to the United States. The US may average .62 births per minute but the worldwide average is something like 243/minute. If you think that only one of the 243 people born per minute is a fool, then you are one of Barnum's fools. Oh, and Barnum was a starry eyed optimist.
  2. Complaints about bias dominate this forum, the WoWs subreddit and CC vids on Youtube. Some of the bias complaints are more valid than others but all seem beside the point. World of Warships is an arcade shooter on the surface but at base, it is a complicated version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. If the point of the game is to win, then as long as everyone has equal access to the various Rocks, Papers and Scissors, it does not matter which is overpowered. If Rock is overpowered, play Rock and avoid Scissors. Choose your weapon based on the current meta and adjust fire as and when the meta shifts.
  3. Impotus45

    PR event flushed out botters.

    Haze, I was the one who led the lynch mob to get the 'Missouri botter' purged. I won't use his name in this thread lest it get locked or deleted but back then, I was sailing under the username ReamNaval so might remember me under that name though few of the threads survived WG's deletions. It took a fair number of name and shame posts and replays and complaint tickets to get WG to finally purge him, but to our Wargaming overlord's credit, they did finally act. He's gone, as are several other botters I used to see frequently. Wargaming NA seems to be less tolerant of botters in coop now than it was a year ago. It's not an extremely high bar to pass, but they are passing it.
  4. Impotus45

    Is anyone else happy?

    Happy...hmmm. Well, it's a [edited] life but at least it will be over soon enough....
  5. Impotus45

    Need help from some of you Military man ?

    Looks like the first international agreement' on this seems to be the 1897 Brussels Comite Maritime International conference. The rules wouldn't have been mandatory but likely widely used because navies don't have an interest in accidentally ramming their ships into other ships. The current rules are the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea and were adopted as a convention of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 1972. A convention is a treaty signed by many countries and the IMO is a specialized United Nations organization for regulating shipping. Virtually every country on the planet is a member of the IMO except those which are landlocked.
  6. Will soon have enough Shipbuilding tokens to get another booster but I already completed PR after Directive IV. Just hold the tokens for credits or is there any reason to go ahead and get another booster? Thx
  7. Impotus45

    WG still giving FREE 3 port slots

    I don't write the dictionary, I just (mostly) comply with it.
  8. Impotus45

    WG still giving FREE 3 port slots

    This guy is trolling. And if he isn't trolling and really has no idea what was just said, he's too dense to be educable.
  9. Impotus45

    Snowflakes all dusted, bit of a slog

    Nicely done. I'll keep a screencap of Snowflakes 2019 so I can compare it next year. Comparing to last year would have been painfully easy--no Super Containers, no steel and precious little coal.
  10. Impotus45

    Coal Addition

    Clan coal bonus is 7%. I checked the notification and it was 14,959 coal added. 14,959 is 7% of 213,700. Does that mean I got 213,700 coal in Santa crates?
  11. Impotus45

    Coal Addition

    Just checked. Got 14,599 coal. Nice surprise.
  12. Impotus45

    What Tier Will I Need To Play, To Avoid Subs?

    Can safely avoid subs at any tier--in World of Tanks.
  13. Impotus45

    Wargaming why are you doing this??

    Boasting of publicly about doing secret squirrel stuff is, at a minimum, poor judgment and probably an OPSEC violation (if true). Maybe run that by your Security Officer for a second opinion....
  14. Impotus45

    Non Boost progress to PR, post the stage you at

    I got the three boosters and the Gorizia and finished the 2d Directive nearly 48 hours ago. Am on Stage 5 with 23,760,000 points complete and adding 756/minute. At the time I'm writing, there are 24 days, 19 hours left and my accumulation rate is 1,088,640. On the current trajectory, I'd finish with just 50,752,181. With 255 shipbuilding tokens and accumulating 25/day from logins and Daily Missions, will have 305 in two days third 'free' booster (Short Term Worker Training) which costs 300 SB tokens. By the time I get the next free boost, I should have about 26 million points. The next booster increases the accumulation rate to 926/minute as well as adding an instant boost of 1.6 million tokens. The instant boost will get me to 27,500,000 and a 926/minute accumulation rate is 1,333,440 per day for the last 22 days of the event. If I'm doing the math right, the next booster will put me on track for having over 56 million for the event which is more than enough. I could have done this event comfortably with just two boosters but I don't want the stress of worrying I'd come up short or having too grind too hard. Three gold boosters were overkill but there is no kill like overkill... In addition to the PR, the event will yield 2,000 steel which, combined with snowflake steel and the upcoming coupon, will be enough to get the Flint. If I've got the math right, I could log off in a couple of days and sleep through the rest of the event and still get PR. I won't do that, but neither will I need to grind and just with a relaxed rate of play, will have way more than I need to complete. As an aside, I'm a coop main and all of my grinding so far has been in coop.
  15. This is what makes the forums so discouraging to read. There are days when I think that WG's biggest fault is attracting such a whiny playerbase.