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  1. Interesting that WG has already reached the average 3-4 new full lines and its only August. I appreciate the need to keep those who have been here since the beginning (I only started somewhere in 2018) but I really think WG need to exploit some of the systems within the game to expand rather than just releasing new ships. Some of these are relatively easy: New Campaigns and Collectible containers are things they have really backed away from since I started playing. More missions are harder, but I love them (Probably why I still enjoy T6 & T7 so much) and I think they're better way to do PvE than just Co-op Some could change the way we play: If you have random battle, then why not have an option to play each type of battle and fill out numbers of random players (i.e. Specifically play Caps, Arms Race, Standard, Epicentre, heck even have one for no points just kills)? I think there's plenty of more ships to release (you could do a Commonwealth Cruiser line ya know? As anachronistic as it is, I would like a modern Australian Naval Ensign as an option!) but how many of the releases this year have had an impact more than five seconds after their release? Have British & Russian Heavy really done much to the game? Will German CVs really get a run against the US and IJN ones?
  2. Delicious_Soy

    Lion not causing many fires

    Agreed, I've tried AP on the Lion, found it worse than the Monarch. Actually the Monarch's AP was fairly effective, either that or it's AP is trash
  3. Delicious_Soy

    Best Cruiser in Each Tier

    Having got the Huang He from a crate I feel the mehness given this ship is a little overstated. Yes it's basically Perth with Russian guns but I find it a pretty good little harassment trouble maker. Noting that, it is a ship that if you have a bunch of cowardly players on your team you will end up in port very quickly, you can't lead from the front and the 14km range of the guns means that someone needs to spot for you while you do the whole creeping smoke thing before slinking off.