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  1. Toxie2725

    3 carriers on a team is to much

    Que dumps are a thing.
  2. Toxie2725

    My Issue with the CV Situation

    So much hyperbole that it boggles the mind lol. Sure, I'll trade you that for: flying turrets that cant attack groups of ships, that you need at least 50% of them up or they're useless, a ship you cant control and some ships that are effectively immune from your shells, then I'll be your clementine. Bottom line is that they planes aren't unlimited - and poor management of them can lead to effectively being unable to do damage. This doesn't happen to surface ships.
  3. Toxie2725

    My Issue with the CV Situation

    This is because NOW the CV has to twiddle his thumbs for the first 7-8 minutes of the battle now, until some of the ships have spread out and some of the AA has been damaged. Also, if you're alone in a CV battle, expect to be visited by the explosion fairies. They can't attack groups - so if you're solo you're inviting attack.
  4. Toxie2725

    So what's the USN gimmick-"flavor" now?

    No they're not IMMUNE. They're hard to kill - but NOT immune, which is a world of difference. You may want to check your attitude and try again. And this coming from someone who clearly doesn't even understand how the current AA mechanics work.
  5. Toxie2725

    Midway DBs and other CV issues

    1. Point of Fact - anything that you aren't directly experienced in is theory crafting. Driving a V6 Mustang doesn't give you automatic credibility in V8 mustangs. And I believe I already covered the rest of your statement. 2. Thanks for the effort :). Another point of fact: I haven't, at any point, asked to MAKE IT MORE POWERFUL. Status Quo isn't ADDING any power. I don't think we should be balancing the game around unicum play. And remember, there are usually MULTIPLE DD's in a single CV game. CV Quality of life matters too. 3. You have no way of knowing this, but I have repeatedly pointed this out in other CV posts. BB's are far more attractive targets, DD's are last (after AA boats, obviously).
  6. Toxie2725

    Midway OP Hakuryu Underpowered w/ Replay

    Probably stop claiming THE SKY IS FALLING every five minutes? Maybe use less hyperbole and hyper anxiety when making logical arguments? Perhaps CV players would BELIEVE you if your segment of players were making demands to have the ship removed from the game, making your demands seems disingenuous? DD's have no currency to spend with CV mains - CV's have already been nerfed heavily in your favor.
  7. Toxie2725

    Midway DBs and other CV issues

    1. That doesn't change that you're not speaking from experience, but theory crafting. If you do even better in the Midway, then you'll end up being one of the elite CV players out there. Good for you (seriously, thumbs up!). 2. That's exactly my point. You can claim not to be, but you're doing SIGNIFICANTLY better then nearly all other players with your play. You're in the top 10%, and you need to keep that in mind - that the class needs to be usable for EVERYONE, not just the very top players. grace And you should be cognizant of the fact that just because YOU can easily do something, that not everyone else can. The rest of us want to have fun TOO, and playing against DD's is already frustrating and unfun for a lot of CV's, and the attitudes of many of them leave much to be desired.
  8. Toxie2725

    CV - The Angel of Death

    You're not SUPPOSED to be able to dodge DB's.
  9. Toxie2725

    Midway OP Hakuryu Underpowered w/ Replay

    No one believes him either, He was playing rather poorly that game.
  10. Toxie2725

    Midway DBs and other CV issues

    1. You don't even HAVE a midway with with to have an opinion to weigh in on how the midway DB are, which is what the thread is about to be fair. And DD's are tough to play well. 2. Well, one thing I do have on you is more CV games played, especially at T10. If you look at my stats - my T10 stats are my BEST stats, and that's because being up-tiered is miserable. I never said I was GOOD, but I AM decent - I am usually the better CV and I do at least average damage. You're a VERY good player, so you're looking at it from your perspective. I'm telling you MINE. And for the average guy out there, It's not guaranteed to land DB's at will against a non-potato DD.
  11. Toxie2725

    Midway DBs and other CV issues

    1. Yeah...I could have sworn I said something about bad play being punished...could really have sworn I did.... 2. Oh well, you have the personality of a wood chipper, so there is that.
  12. I will say that is one WELL written post mouse. The not-too-subtle theme that perhaps there is a bit much of the wailing and gnashing of teeth over CV's by people ignorant of the mechanics is spot on. WG did drop the ball on details on HOW to play the new Cv's - no tutorials, information wa shard to find, etc. CC videos were where I got most o my info.
  13. Toxie2725

    CV class is being deleted

    TO be fair, these are YOUR opinions, not gospel and plenty of people are enjoying playing CV's.
  14. Toxie2725

    Midway DBs and other CV issues

    1. Some folks should be able to. A GOOD player should be dominant, and bad play should be punished - it is (severely) for CV's and AA. If a DD turns straight into a DB's path - that's like turning broadside to a BB. Such play SHOULD be painful. When I play as a DD, why should a DD who is better then me get to "delete" me with a set of torpedoes three minutes into a match because *I* made a mistake or played poorly? That's essentially how you're coming across with you're saying there. 2. I'm not great at CV, but I do decently I think - and *I* Can't just kill DD instantly. I can if they player is BAD, but to say there is NO counterplay is simply disingenuous. And really? You openly have DD's who call for the removal of Cv's from the game, DD's who propose ludicrous "fixes" to Cv's that would cripple their performance, and the like posted in nearly every CV related thread. Even this video is a poor example as his play wasn't really up-to-snuff for his usual level of play, yet he entirely blames the CV's. Would 1 CV be BEST for DD's? Sure - but hamstringing the Midway's BEST damage dealing tool isn't going to work either. DD's SHOULD NOT be immune to Cv play, and DD's have a LOT of tools to deal with CV's - if they use them.
  15. Toxie2725

    Midway DBs and other CV issues

    Fair enough, even though I disagree that CV's have too much influence, and that there are other reasons that too many CV's made the games suck (look at co-op, where the extra BB the computer fields usually makes it much harder on the players, as an example). And that's my thoughts in a crux - it's not usually as simple as many players think it is, and sometimes is an issue that they had not thought of and not the "easy" answer. CV's generally speaking, only influence the game via damage and spotting. Kind of like a DD for spotting, and an anti-DD for damage (zero alpha/good sustained damage). They don't cap and they aren't localized (the ship location doesn't deter a player from traveling there) so have much less direct influence on the battlespace.