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  1. _TexasHammer_

    Server crashed

    yep. exact time for us also. we were all in game and everyone just paused, then game crashed. I was able to get back into the game, but rest of division couldn't. When I returned to game, many of our team and opponents had same problem.
  2. _TexasHammer_

    Seriously I am not being ungrateful........

    World of Warships! The most expensive free game there is!
  3. _TexasHammer_

    WTH...I have to pay money to change my skills?

    Welcome to the most expensive, free game! Enjoy!
  4. _TexasHammer_

    A week that will live in infamy...

    Nice, Soshi!
  5. _TexasHammer_

    Twenty-six Inch Penetration

    Did anyone else say, "That's what she said" after reading the title?
  6. _TexasHammer_

    Massa Secondary Question

    ^^This. I couldn't explain it better.
  7. _TexasHammer_

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    This! We need steel.
  8. _TexasHammer_

    Matchup Monday - Daring vs. Gearing

    In randoms, gearing. In clan battles with cv, daring
  9. _TexasHammer_

    This is what it takes to win today.

    Thank you so much for the quick reply and help, BarneyStyle! Stay healthy, stay safe!
  10. _TexasHammer_

    This is what it takes to win today.

    Nice game, Brother! If you could post a replay, I would definitely watch it. I would also appreciate to see your Capt Build and Modules. Recently got the Des Moines and haven't even come close to that. Nice job!
  11. _TexasHammer_

    IFHE All Night Long

    Thank you for your time, knowledge and willingness to help out, LWM!
  12. _TexasHammer_

    Remove "Keep a Star"

  13. _TexasHammer_

    If you could buff just one ship...

    I only have a few tier 10's. Out of the ones I have, I would say the Z-52. I stopped my Russian DD line because of what I've heard about the Khab and the Groz. Non tier 10's, I would have to agree with a few others and say the Roma.
  14. _TexasHammer_

    redistributing commander skills

    I believe if you play in one clan battle, you can respect all ships for free? Correct me if I'm wrong, please. Good luck with support, they have helped me out in the past when I made a mistake. It may take a couple of hours for each response, but I was really impressed and thankful with the way the handled my problem. Good luck!
  15. _TexasHammer_

    Explosive lag on a $3,000 dollar computer

    I have had friends who have had the same problem. Believe it or not, this has fixed if for 90% of them. Before starting the game, right click on World of Warships and "run it as administrator." Not being sarcastic. I hope this helps.