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  1. P5YWAR

    Halland plus radio location = cap fun

    Are you interested in the Smaland? She's also much fun for getting cap control with the radar.
  2. one of the Jerzy main tasks gives 500 steel
  3. P5YWAR

    You've Been Smolensk'd!

    such a loser
  4. P5YWAR

    still not fun

    This DD messed up by not turning off his AA.
  5. I don't think Johnnyfreedom knew what he was talking about when he posted this message so bizarre. He hasn't even replied, clarified or added anything to the conversation perhaps too embarrassed who knows.
  6. Then the update should of happened tomorrow. There are going to be a lot of people getting off of work today anxious to try out the new British carrier, completing the new directives helps them accomplish that. I am not a CV player, but I feel bad for those who are.
  7. P5YWAR

    Premium Ship Review #117 - Irian

    I have to agree with you, Irian is very much underestimated. It was so much fun to light up every ship one by one almost at a moment's notice. When they got tired of my antics and rushed in to try and kill me, BOOM! torpedo to the face!