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  1. Fco_Miranda

    Show me the credits!

    My entry...
  2. Right now my tip is: play as much as you can twilight mode and so farming a lot of credits and commander elite xp, remember that the event ends on 27nov!! Captain: Mei
  3. Fco_Miranda

    Reporta los Errores

    Saludos @TheURLGuy @Gneisenau013 , quiero hacer saber que la siguiente información es confusa porque tiene fechas diferentes, dicha información se encuentra colocada en la website de WoWS, aqui dejo el enlace (https://worldofwarships.com/es-mx/news/general-news/cvc-7/) y el printscreen... A futuro esperamos que sea mas clara... Gracias!!
  4. Fco_Miranda

    Cruising for a Bruising - 4th - 11th

    Cruiser Victory, but kill me a CV...
  5. Congrats to US NAvy for the 244th anniversary
  6. My best memories playing WoWS was when I destroyed 8 ships with Hashidate and 7 ships with the Amagi in duels with many maneuvers, they were certainly very exciting moments !! Happy birthday to WoWS... My wish would be for a Missouri Battleship
  7. Fco_Miranda

    Revenge of Summer - Sept 9 - 16th

    Dracarys for all... 🔥 🔥 🔥
  8. OMG the room is flooding Another ribbons Flooding
  9. Fco_Miranda

    Going the distance - 26th - 2nd

    My entry for the distance:
  10. Fco_Miranda

    The Great 8 Ribbons - 12th - 19th

    My Furious in action Killer Whale ops... If I win I would like Captain Ovechkin #1
  11. Fco_Miranda

    A Blast from the Past - 5th - 12th

    My best moments were when I started playing WoWS, then when I could destroy 8 ships in ramdon battle and the 6 win streak in clan wars... Congrats to Wargaming for the new birthday!!
  12. Fco_Miranda

    Time to "baguette" a Win 29th - 5th

    Fire Le Belle France...
  13. Fco_Miranda

    Savage Sinking - 1st - 8th

    Savage Battle is on fire...
  14. My Victory Flag in Savage Battle...