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  1. Addendum: (if ever?). Been playing in the Fletcher a Kagero, and I almost never shoot AP. Generally if I ever use my guns, its pop smoke, and try to set that DD or CA on fire. My general assumption (and I am probably wrong on this) is that the AP shells on the DD are too small or penetrate BB armor. When should I, if ever, use AP while in a DD?
  2. ecparke

    CVs for Dummies

    In my experience, there are 3 main skills that you need to learn through trial and error, which are pretty obvious. Then there are a few tactics to keep in mind while you are getting better at your game. Skills 1) Targeting: this is obvious. Learning how to lead ships with your torpedoes. Learn how to remember where a DD was when it goes out of site, but starting your attack run anyway so when it comes back into view, you don't overshoot it. Learn how to time your dive bombers way ahead of slick little CAs so that they sail into the area you aimed to start your attack run. Using your boost after your attack run so you can put enough distance behind you and the target so when you turn around, you have the right amount of space to make a 2nd attack run. 2) Plane Management. Lots of new players fly full squadrons into a group of ships, and while they may get 1-2k damage on a DD, they lose 9-12 planes, and those take a while to restock. You dont want to be launching 1-2 planes at a time late game when there are only a few ships left. I never attack any ships with a full squadron of Torpedo bombers. Drop your first, sometimes your 2nd into the sea before you get to the target, and then make your attack run. You'll have a full deck of planes in the end game when it will be VERY important. Also, the "F" key is your best friend. There are times when it is OK to lose some planes to get an attack in, but when you are first learning, be as cautious with your planes as you can. 3) Moving your CV. While this should also seem obvious, it is very easy to get distracted dropping bombs and torpedos and forget that your CV is a sitting duck. Especially when you get to higher tiers with DDs that can shoot torpedoes across the map, movement is huge. I actually set my CV to do S curves or circles for the start of the map, so if I do get spotted by CV planes, it looks like Im moving somewhere. In the few seconds while your planes are taking off, you should always be moving your CV. Tactics 1) Dropping your fighters. Im telling you right now, you will always have teammates yelling for air cover, and it will almost always be at a time when it is way too late for you to react. Use your fighters more as a deterrent, rather than chasing enemy planes and trying to trick them into flying straight through your fighters. You can pull it off in T6 and T8 if the other guy isnt paying attention, but by T10 the red planes are just going to cut right or left, hit W and be gone way before your fighters show up. That being said, it is helpful to drop your planes to cover where your DDs are going, The enemy CV at this point will have two options: he can back off to find another target, or he will drop his fighters to counter yours, and then try to make his attack run once the skies are clear. What this does is buy your teammates time to make decisions (and hopefully they're paying attention). Also, if you are the one being targeted by enemy attack planes, it is a great idea to launch planes, drop fighters immediately over your CV, hit F, then launch another set of planes. The red planes are may land a hit or two, but they aint flying home. 2) Scouting: This is almost more important to your team than doing 80k damage. Keeping an eye on what the enemy is doing allows your team to make decisions and attack with more efficiency. Dropping your fighters over a wandering DD to keep an eye on him. Continuously circling an escaping ship while not attacking so your team doesn't lose vision. These are veteran level tactics that it takes time to master. Is it more important to drop 5 torpedoes into a lone BB on the far side of the map or to keep an eye on the 3 ships trying to capture A? That's all I got. Hope it helps.
  3. As a CV main, let me tell the exact 2 steps to counter me. 1) At the start of the match, remind your team to "Stay together to cover each other with AA". 2) Then, stay close to your teammates to cover each other with AA. If you go wandering off by yourself, I will locate your ship, and make attack runs on you and keep you visible to my team until you sink. There are always exceptions to this rule, and I'm sure there are a good 30-50 DD captains on this forum who have snuck around my team and given me a torpedo buffet, but the reality is I always avoid clumps of ships and spend most of my time scouting for lone rangers to immediately annihilate.
  4. ecparke

    Hermes and Furious

    Something a lot of people have missed is the speed of the Hermes. You can move it pretty close to the front, (less time spent flying = more time doing dmg), but its quick enough to get away if the tides turn. With the Langley, you're hosed. I've had battles where I've out damaged the other CV(s), strictly because my CV is way closer to the fight than theirs: by the time they've launched their attack and start having a second set of bombers take off, I'm on my 3rd flight out fromt he CV.
  5. ecparke

    Wargaming, You Owe Me

    "I bought your product, and I really loved it. Now I don't like your product, so you owe me". I'd love to see what this kid says when he calls General Mills to complain his Lucky Charms sat in milk too long and he wants his money back...
  6. ecparke

    I love CVs

    Im sorry I dont always agree with an online community? Calling someone a troll is lazy. It's arrogant. It's making the assumption your argument is so strong, there is no way someone would argue with you and so the only reason you can think of why they would disagree with you is to piss you off. "How dare someone disagree with me? I am always right! I can't be wrong! Anyone who disagrees with me MUST be trying to piss me off, because there is no way they could actually be disagreeing with me! Harumph harumph harumph!"
  7. ecparke

    I love CVs

    The skill is in plane management, rather than aiming like in a BB. 100% agree with the "CVs smack you because you are YOLO" In fact, I think Ill get my sister to crochet that, frame it and put it on my wall.
  8. ecparke

    I love CVs

    Cause I like to try new things. Im on of those idiots who never orders the same thing twice at a restaurant. And Im a US history nerd =)
  9. ecparke

    I love CVs

    Nope, started late. Just went ham on the US CV line. I got a 9 DD and BB, so Im working on it =)
  10. I actually don't mind having 4 CVs in a game. What I don't like is not being able to make a division with another CV player, because its impossible to coordinate. With 2 CVs coordinating in a game, one could play defensively at the start of the game, while the other scouted. So youd have one guy spending his time covering the DDs and BBs, dropping fighters and hitting F to "reload" his fighter count down. Then when he runs out, the CVs switch, and the first guy who spent all his time playing defensively now goes on the offensive, and the other CV just covers his teammates. I have yet to run into this coordination in a random battle.
  11. ecparke

    I love CVs

    Coming from a new player, who never played the RTS style, I love playing CVs. I totally understand how people complain about them, how they are overpowered, etc. I have to disagree. The main power of the CV is information. You fly out, and you can scout the enemy team to see which cap points they are rushing, and that allows your team to react accordingly. If you find a ship sailing out all by its lonesome, punish it. Everyone says WOWS is a team game and everyone seems to know that except for rare occasions, being off by yourself gets you sunk. I LOVE when I find a little DD off by himself, the smoke on cooldown, and I get 3-4 (Enterprise baby!) passes to make his life miserable. You want to counter a CV? Stick together. Flying through walls of flack, even if I have ditched my first 1-2 attacks, is a nightmare. Even in my Midway, I avoid cruisers unless they are off by themselves. Worst thing in the world is 2-3 BBs sticking together because I have to keep real far away from them, I have to ditch 1-2 torp attacks before I even get there, and then I have to fly through a wall of flack to drop my torps, before flying all the way back out again. You want to make my game easy? Split up. Your team basically turns into a buffet. Cheers XD UPDATE: to answer questions below; not a troll, yes a new player, no not cancerous (that I know of), 1 of 3 CV players in my clan (and they give me crapfor it).