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  1. SackChamp

    Treasure Map

    I am missing the J in the top right corner. Anyone know wherer to find this one?
  2. SackChamp

    Festive Tokens

    I took the 3 Million credits...
  3. As mentioned during the stream by @Boggzy and @Ahskance, I would like to raise support to a free Captain Skills Re-Spec following the new changes. This was the thread they had said to bring it up in, so that it can be passed higher up the WG ladder.
  4. SackChamp

    PSA: New Bonus Code

    Thank you!!
  5. SackChamp

    Any Good DD Black players, I need input.

    Black is good in ranked. I found DDs would just run scared from you in a cap. The Key is to not push untill your radar is up again and you have support, because a good oponent would come back to cap when your radar is over. One of the reasons I got Black was also to learn her weakness. She is slow, torps are slow.
  6. I just used my coupon for 50% off Doubloons, and then got Cossack for 30% off in Amroy during the Black Friday sale. Always wise to stack savings! I really like her. Better main guns than lightning and added speed boost. Looking forward to a future ranked season where i can use her.
  7. SackChamp

    GK and Khabarovsk replacements

    I am still playing the Tashkent to get XP, getting closer to being able to research Khabarovsk. I currently have enough FXP to research Khaba but I would rather not use it. Has WG given us a specific date that the switch will occur? All I have heard is "early 2022".
  8. SackChamp

    Birthday Coupon Question

    Well it is technically my WOWS birthday, so thank you!
  9. I received my birthday coupon (100% doubloom refund on purchases in the Premium Shop) this morning, and I noticed that I can use it on doubloom purchases. Has anyone used it for this? I can essentially buy 5000 doublooms and get another 5000 doublooms for free? I never really looked into this birthday coupon before so I'm a little leary. With all the BF discounts on right now I think it would make more sense to use doublooms in the Armory, or am I missing something?
  10. SackChamp

    Something Rotten in Naval Battles?

    Last night I was having a good night gaining stars and moved my clan ahead into 3rd place, and then out of nowhere I noticed our Clan points went from 189 down to 176 right in front of my eyes! We were back in 4th again. Something wierd...
  11. SackChamp

    New skull camo

    Ouch! That sucks for me...
  12. SackChamp

    New skull camo

    I had received enough KOTS crates to finish the collection but waited to open them till after KOTS tournie had ended. I wanted to maximize my Premium time (24 hours premium rewarded for each section) to when I was available to play. Now that I finished opening all the crates and finished the collection, will I get this NC mission??
  13. Ok, that makes sense. But once I expend the FDG XP to research the GK, do I need to purchase her with credits? The way I read it is I don't, the GK with magically appear in my port.
  14. I am still grinding the German BB's, currently at the Bismarck. To clarify, I would just have to finish grinding FDG XP to research GK, and after future update (early 2022) the GK will appear in my port for free(ie, no credits spent on her)?? If so, what happens after update? I assume FDG gets reset to 0XP.
  15. SackChamp


    Thanks, worked for me