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  1. If they change the rules now, having told us what the rules were, I'll be pissed. Many people adjusted and did things based on their ruleset. I reset my Russian line because I was going to get moskva back for free. If they change it, I'll be mad.
  2. Slumlord_Dasboot


    MIKOYAN is not bad
  3. Slumlord_Dasboot

    Do people even know what 'GG' means?

    It means "Git gud" Which is a nice way of saying get good, L2P, do better.... GG...Git gud...
  4. Subs in their current form don't bring much to the game. They're boring, they break DD play even further by removing concealment. Both subs and CVs should have been introduced to work similar to battle stations midway.
  5. Slumlord_Dasboot

    What can WG do to make the sub experience better?

    I agree with this, subs are going to really cause pain to DDs. As it stands right now, a smart sub will stay with his team, support them. A sub sticking near support ships will never be sank by a DD because the DD will never get close without sinkning the support first. Going into caps now is extremely dangerous. Not only do you have to worry about radar, CVs, the enemy DD, now you have to worry about a sub that you can only spot with hydro. The meta will change, and cruisers, battleships, dds will have to be taken out before you can think about a sub.
  6. This went down the tube really fast, everyone is responding is a vet. I for one, want subs in the game.
  7. Slumlord_Dasboot

    Pst.. hidden gem of ranked.

    The time I played it in ranked it did well because half of the playerbase don't know what each ship can and cant do and thus you get the stupid DDs pretty good. But the Z-39 does it so much better.
  8. Slumlord_Dasboot

    Subs do bring about a change

    They will sometime to adjust to and the meta to adapt.
  9. Slumlord_Dasboot

    Submarine Live Testing: Day 1 "First Impressions"

    I don't understand why they must allow every ship type to spot for the entire team. Its beyond stupid. Get rid of subs ability to spot DDs submerged, they should be under radio silence. While your at it get rid of cvs spotting to for the team.
  10. Slumlord_Dasboot

    5 years and no new game modes

    I just wish we had a nation vs nation mode, or a world war mode.
  11. Slumlord_Dasboot

    When WG hates you and wants to punish you for ranked sins

    It was a joke because Z-39 is a good ranked ship right now due to its long range hydro. I have been playing it in ranked and mistakenly clicked a random battle and got loaded into this hot mess of a match.
  12. Seriously WG, do you think this is fun and engaging? This is punishment, I wonder what that Minsk did to deserve this?
  13. Slumlord_Dasboot

    CVs have ruined DDs

    CVs are not nearly as bad as people make them out to be. Sure you will have the games where you are very unlucky and get spotted out the gate and lose half of your HP, but that is rare unless your a bad DD player. If you play CVs some you will have a better understanding of them and know how to counter them. Most CVs are not willing to invest their time chasing you around not doing any damage. If you make it hard for them they will go away.
  14. Slumlord_Dasboot

    Future Rank suggestion, Stars

    I will never understand WHY, you save a star when your on the losing yet by earning the most EXP but you get nothing for earning the most EXP on the winning team. I suggest add the ability to earn an extra star when earning the most EXP on the winning team. This would help make rank less annoying and make progress better. Thoughts?